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  • Meet the Nigerian Activist Using Technology as a Powerful Tool to Fight Poverty in Africa
    Oladiwura Oladepo, executive director of Tech4Dev, is a 2022 Waislitz Global Citizen Award winner. Oladiwura Oladepo (centre) and some of the team at Tech4Dev. Image supplied with permission. | Oladiwura Oladepo By Akindare Okunola August 4, 2022 Through the past decade, as Nigeria has faced various challenges including several recessions, insecurity, and extreme poverty, its entertainment and technologyContinue reading “Meet the Nigerian Activist Using Technology as a Powerful Tool to Fight Poverty in Africa”
  • How to become more productive
    Where you start to be a more productive person well setting rules for yourself promises, deadlines, to dos even will you start with one simple thing and that is nothing except your mental energy to get work and other important business stuff done but it requires discipline and energy. So how do you stay consistentContinue reading “How to become more productive”
  • Reality
    When a boy steals a girl’s respect, the girl’s mother immediately gets to know, but she tolerates it silently. But after the marriage, when the husband comes to know that my wife has done something before the marriage, then the end reaches divorce. Where the girl consents, she places her honor at the boy’s feet,Continue reading “Reality”
  • Did you know
    1- Monkeys do not go near firefly because they think they are flames. 2- Dogs have sweating their tongues instead of their bodies.  Dogs do not digest ghee. 3- Elephants and horse can sleep during stand in up 4- A fish’s eyes remain open because it has no eyelids. 5- The teeth of the crabContinue reading “Did you know”
  • How to improve your social-media platform
    Social media has become the most convenient way to reach customers and showcase your talent to the world. Getting an audience, on the other hand, has not been easy. Here are a few pointers to help you improve your presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Check trends inContinue reading “How to improve your social-media platform”
  • Value and place
    This is a coke bottle.If you buy it from a shop,So this will get you $1.If you buy from a hotel, you will get 1.5.If you buy this bottle at the airport. So probably you1.75 or 2 will be available.The bottle is the same, the liquid is also the same, but the place and priceContinue reading “Value and place”
  • King and story
    A long  ago, king oriacle invited the citizens of his kingdom who ould tell good stories to come offered to tell stories and they all appeared before him. I want you to tell me  good stories . The story must not only be  interested , they must teach moral lesson , Ten me and womenContinue reading “King and story”
  • Tips for boosting self-esteem and self-confidence
    Whenever one is beset by a situation that he or she is unsure of – facing someone admired, having to perform in front of an audience, or simply talking to others – he or she is facing a goodly amount of stress. Confident people are usually able to face these situations without blinking; but theContinue reading “Tips for boosting self-esteem and self-confidence”
  • Effects of wrong blame
    To blame means to accuse someone of doing something wrong. It is very easy to put blame on a person when things begin going wrong and hammer that person left and right for being responsible for all the mess. Let us look at this further. Sometimes, in our personal relationships, when we say that thingsContinue reading “Effects of wrong blame”
  • Education
    Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world. People without education are like animals. Education develops the concept that everyone can think better in any subject. Education means not only literacy, but also character, character, respect for the country, the elderly, etc. Education as assets Education is the only good that noContinue reading “Education”