Dead body

After death, the human body undergoes many biological changes, which in common parlance is called the decomposition of the human body. In this regard, two important changes take place, the first is that the biological functions in the body begin to disappear, that is, the body begins to disappear internally.
The other important change is that the germs in the body begin to grow and then spread. That is, the human body, which he considers to be very beautiful and clean, becomes such after death, that everyone insists on burying it as soon as possible.
According to science, there are 4 stages of change in the human body after death. This phase is called hypostasis. The most important change that takes place in this phase is that from one hour to a few hours after death, the human body
The arteries in the blood begin to deteriorate, these arteries play an important role in the flow of blood throughout the body.
According to science, the second phase can depend on Newton’s law, that is, the cooling of the dead body after death depends on the temperature around the body. This phase is very important, because if the optimum temperature is available, the human body can be frozen for several hours. As is usually the case in the form of a cold storage. This phase is called Algor Mortis. The next stage frightens the living person, this phase is called Rigor Mortis. Because in it the human body begins to harden and the dead become arrogant.
The dead soften up to three hours after death, and there is heat in the body. But after 3 to 8 hours, the body begins to harden, which is also felt by loved ones and relatives. And then within the next 8 to 36 hours, along with the hardness, the body temperature of the dead also drops and the dead become cold.
This is because chemical changes are taking place in the muscles of death in the human body. But then, after 36 hours, the chemical bonds formed by the chemical changes in the dead body break down and the hardness also ends, that is, the dead body begins to decompose.
The next stage is inside the tomb which is called Putrefaction. At this stage, germs grow in human tissues within 2 to 3 weeks of death.
While the skin of the dead man’s back begins to change color, the superficial veins of the skin begin to appear, dangerous gases build up, causing the abdomen to swell. Another symptom is that blood begins to flow from different parts of the body.

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