Process and intention

Consider the creative stage of man when he was in front of a idol like a common thing. For all the work of the angels was based on only one process that was ordered by God. This whole work of the people was not yet to work, because it was not included in their intent and intended. It was in the state of Allah. When Allaah has spread the soul in the idol and the interaction of his intention and the intention of the anger, what happened to the work of any work. Honor readers who will be done without intention is unhappy and unbelievers, but whenever any action or work inheritates intention, then the process becomes a sensitive and living creature. Three types of rectangular recycled is prepared for two types of diameter. They are two metroles. The preparation of the first recycled preparation of the intention is prepared with a good custom task. The recycled recycled preparation is developed and the new recycled both the Metherles is prepared by mixing. The same type of action is to be named and its name. And if the intention is with the process. If it is added, there are many types of types. The type of action you have to do is to know that the type of intention will have to be in this place of all kinds of intention. In the beginning of the constitutional structure, it has been ordered to keep their good deeds in their heart and mind, but the man is working on all the moment, because of humor, for the humans, or for animals, for humans, or for animals, so that it is for you soil, then he has become unconsciously, and if he has decided to be eternal, and if he has decided to be a man or a man.

Written by

Asghar ali


مقصود کائنات.The purpose of the universe

What you have tried to do as a human being is to cover the purpose of the universe. If you consider the attributes of Allah, then you will understand the purpose of creating this universe. When there was nothing, only Allah was Allah and while living in the same condition Allah Almighty declares that I am one then who would accept and who would deny. If it is mine, then there should have been some demarcation and area for it. The name of that area and demarcation is universe. Then Allah wanted to announce that I am worthy of worship. The one who understands the command of God, the one who speaks with one tongue and the one who worships by speaking and acknowledging should have been created. Unlimited but different. The confessors and worshipers are not the same. They are also different. Somewhere there is an angel, somewhere there is a jinn and somewhere there is a human being. And there must be intellect and consciousness and worshiping creatures that are compatible with the nature. God must have conveyed the message of being His God and acknowledging His kingdom to all the worshiping creatures in the universe. My dear brother Engineer Jahangir Badar expressed his desire to write something on the subject of The purpose of the universAnd tried to explain in short words.

Thanks. From asghar ali

مقصود کائنات کوبحیثیت انسان مختصر احاطۂ قلم کرنے کی جو کوشش کی ہے،وہ آپ کی زیر نظر ہے۔ اللہ تعالی کی صفات پر غور کریں تو اس کائنات کو بنانے کا مقصد آپ بخوبی سمجھ جائیں گے۔ جب کچھ نہ تھا،صرف اللہ ہی اللہ تھا اور اسی حالت میں رہتے ہوۓ اللہ تعالی اعلان فرماتا کہو میں ایک ہوں تو کون تسلیم کرتا اور کون انکار کرتا۔تسلیم کرنے کے لۓ بھی تو کوئ نہ کوئ ہونا چاہیے۔پھر اللہ فرماتا بادشاہت صرف میری ہے تو اس کے لۓ کوئ حد بندی اور علاقہ تو چاہیے تھا،اسی علاقے اور حد بندی کا نام کائنات ہے۔۔ پھر اللہ نے اعلان فرمانا چاہا کہ میں عبادت کے لائق ہوں۔یہ فرمان کہاں کہاں لاگو ہو گا جہاں جہاں اللہ کی حکمرانی ہے اللی کی حکمرانی تو اس کی بنائ ہوئ ساری کائنات پر ہے۔پھر اس کائنات میں بھی تو کوئ عقل و شعور رکھنے والا اللہ کے فرمان کو سمجھنے والا،کوئ زبان والا بول کر اور تسلیم کر کے عبادت کرنے والا بھی تو کوئ چاہیے تھا اس کو پیدا کیا گیا اور وہ اقرار کرنے والی خوش قسمت مخلوق حضرت انسان یعنی آپ ، میں اور تمام انسان ہیں۔کائنات لا محدود لیکن مختلف قسم کی ہے۔اقرار وتسلیم اور عبادت کرنے والے بھی ایک جیسے نہیں ہیں وہ بھی مختلف قسم کے ہیں۔کوئ کہیں پر فرشتہ ہے تو کوئ کہیں پر جن ہے اور کوئ کہیں پر انسان ہے ۔ساری کائنات میں اس کے موسم اور خدوخال کے حساب سے مطابقت رکھنے والی عقل و شعور اور عبادت کرنے والی مخلوق ضرور ہو گی۔ساری کائنات میں موجود عبادت کرنے والی تمام مخلوقات تک اللہ نے اپنا خدا ہونے اور اپنی بادشاہت کو تسلیم کرنے کا پیغام ضرور پہنچایا ہو گا۔ میرے پیارے بھائ انجینئر جہانگیر بدر نے مقصود کائنات کے موضوع پر کچھ لکھنے کی خواہش کا اظہار کیا۔ویسے تو یہ موضوع بہت بڑا ہے وہ اس لۓ کہ جو اس کو سمجھ گیا وہی اللہ کے ہاں کامیاب و کامران ہو گا میں نے ایک ادنی سی اور مختصر الفاظ میں وضاحت کی کوشش کی ہے۔شکریہ

از قلم

اصغر علی حافظآباد

what will people say ?

We consider the acceptance of people in small pleasures, dreams, emotions, living, education, even from job to marriage and every personal decision as proof. Tan always comes here and breaks what people will say?

There are often very interesting examples of how this thinking has a profound effect on our society. For example, in almost every home, regardless of social class, the drawing room (guest room) is kept the cleanest, including the most expensive and comfortable furniture in the whole house. The idea behind this is that guests will assess your financial status and what will people say if they do not meet the criteria set by them?

Similarly, the most expensive, beautiful and delicate utensils are always decorated in a glass cupboard and no householder is allowed to use them. However, housewives can happily use old plastic utensils. Whether you call it hospitality or miserliness, guests have the right to use something rare.

Clothing, shoes, jewelry, makeup are all examples of this behavior. From living conditions to children’s education, decisions are made according to social credentials beyond one’s means. The idea is that there should be expensive and private schools and what would people say if they don’t wear branded clothes?

Even pretense is probably somewhat harmless. Problems arise when the fear of what people say seems to be an obstacle to the progress of our loved ones. Such as how much is the education of the daughter and from which institution should it be obtained? The co-educational system is a source of controversy in many households because of the social pressure exerted by the daughter’s role and her ability to do what she says, what would people say if she studied with boys?

This pressure has different significance in different classes but it is found anyway. Fearing the ridicule of the people that they got married immediately after completing their education, why did they waste their parents’ money? Didn’t get married right away? Why not age? Who will look after the job at home after marriage? What good is an education if it doesn’t work? The interesting thing is that people will say what has been done, a significant increase in it is only by being a woman.

Similarly, when it comes to establishing a relationship, marriage in the family, marriage with the consent of the parents, marriage for the sake of seeing the grandson, marriage to celebrate an angry relative, etc. All this is done keeping in mind the fear of people saying something. No matter how many aspirations, priorities, thoughts and hobbies are crushed during this time, no one cares. All that matters is what people say
People’s opinions also have a profound effect on their personal lives. For example, different titles are assigned to men who are responsible for some of their own children’s affairs, from helping with household chores.

These are just some of the superficial examples, but the deeper you go, the more you realize that people’s opinions have become ingrained in our lives and that we consider the opinions of others to be a very important part of our lives. has taken.

We need to know who these people are, who keep saying something. Aren’t we the same people? Maybe our unwarranted criticism and intrusion into the personal lives of others is hurting someone and putting a young person’s dreams of moving forward to sleep forever?

Or aren’t we the ones who value the opinions of others so much that they become enemies of their own peace of mind? Aren’t we the ones who are busy seeking acceptance in the society by ignoring the happiness of their children? Just think! How much convenience can we share and achieve without interfering unnecessarily in the lives of others?

Dangerous woman

I heard that the woman you were married to was a very dangerous woman, and you divorced her out of fear, “said one of the silent old men sitting on a chair under a banyan tree.
“God bless her, she was a very good woman,” he said angrily
Without getting angry, a satisfactory answer came from Babaji.
A young man said in a slightly louder voice, “But people say Baba ji was a very dangerous woman. Baba ji remained silent for a while and then said.
“She is OK. She was really dangerous and I divorced her out of fear.”
“It’s against masculinity, where’s the bravery to be afraid of a woman?” The young man said enthusiastically …
“I wasn’t afraid of the woman, I was afraid of ‘her’ as far as she had access” was the calm answer …
The young men looked at each other in amazement.
Such women should be in hell … La Houl Wala Qawa .. Where is a decent man like you? Where is that woman? Well, what did she leave? The curiosity was gone, now everyone began to disperse in turn. Those who left had read the title, had to make up the story themselves.
“I thought he should be in hell, that’s when I gave him a hell of a life.”
This is when I was employed by the government for one rupee a month, my mother wanted me to get married. Relationship was found, the daughter of a peanut seller, my mother liked, polite, beautiful and a quiet nature. I objected to the relationship that she was the daughter of a peanut seller. The child of the laborer is worried about the stomach, not the training, the training is done in large families where poverty is unable to snatch the light from the eyes. What will she train my children? But my mother liked that girl so much that she didn’t want to hear anyone else’s name.
Then she got married and came to my house. At the time of departure, her father said to me, “My daughter is straightforward, she has no special knowledge of worldliness. If there is any mistake, forgive me. Will keep you happy “, she was exactly like my mother told me. Polite, strong and obedient. “

My company with friends outside was not good. During working hours, he ate out of the house, sat among friends, played games till late at night and then went home. I didn’t care what she ate or drank. In those days my mother also passed away.
One day, after losing a lot of money in gambling, when she came home tired, she said, “You eat out, I feel hungry. If possible, give me a ration once a month. I don’t have to go to the market every day.” Will “- what? This peanut seller’s daughter has demanded so many times from me – I got angry.
“Are you the daughter of a very big father that you need rations and expenses for the whole month, have you seen your times?” I couldn’t imagine that he needed bread in any case to survive!
She was physically weak, could not stand the beating, regretted it or was lying in bed for two days. I didn’t even care.
Then he started Sina Prona at home, his handicrafts came in handy, so his bread was arranged and I became even more indifferent to this thought.
One day a neighbor stopped me and said, “During the day, when you are not at home, there are voices coming from your house.” Anger was out of control, I just didn’t want to kill him, but I was just in the throes of an opportunity.
One night last night my eyes were opened to the sound of someone speaking, everything lying in the courtyard in the silver night was clearly visible, I got up and came to the door. Now the voice was more clear. She was saying:
Owner! There is flour in the house for a loaf of bread in the morning, he will eat a loaf of bread and go away, thinking that I will be hungry all day long. When you gave me your hand, you started getting disgrace and pain along with the bread. Now give me the bread only … Your deputy turned out to be a traitor. “She was complaining to me? But to whom?

I came out and saw her sitting on a bed in the middle of the courtyard talking to herself. There was no one. The earth came out from under my feet, she was complaining to me about God, at that moment I felt like another creature. She spoke very little but with whom she spoke so much, today I understood. She was the daughter of a very big father. Casey was a woman who knew God in spite of poverty, my body was trembling with fear.
As soon as the day dawned, I packed my things and left him at his house. When my father-in-law asked me the reason for the divorce, I said in fear.
“She is a very dangerous woman, she complains to me in the big court. I am afraid that the king will not kill me one day if he gets angry” – the fact was that I could not do justice to her.
Her father was standing on the doorstep. When I turned around, he said, “I told you that he doesn’t know worldliness, he just knows how to keep the ‘owner’ happy”, he meant God and I understood myself.
When I returned home, it was revealed to me that this was what he had asked for at night.
I cried uncontrollably, his shadow was very big, as far as he could reach, he was the Lord of the two worlds. The one whose bread was heavy on me could not do for him. I was really scared. I am still afraid that he may have insulted me.
People are right !! Where am I ?? There was moisture in the old man’s eyes.
“I could not recognize her with my naked eyes. I was not afraid, although I should have been afraid. Her owner had already told me to fear God in the matter of women.

The wisdom of the woman

A woman said to the devil: Do you see the man who works as a tailor?
Can you pray for his wife’s divorce?
The devil said yes and it is simple!
… So the devil went to the tailor and was seduced from different directions,
But the tailor loved his wife so much, not even thinking, the devil came back and gave up.
The woman said: Now look what happens!
The woman went to the tailor and told him that I want a beautiful piece of cloth. My son wants to give a gift to his girlfriend, so the tailor gave him this piece.
Then she went to the tailor’s house and knocked on the door. The tailor’s wife opened it. She said to him, “I want to come to your house for help.”
So the tailor’s wife said to him, come.
The tailor’s wife will pick up things in the kitchen
The woman put the piece of cloth behind the door and came out!
When the tailor came home, when he saw the cloth, he immediately remembered and remembered the woman’s story about his son’s mistress.
(So he immediately kicked his wife out of the house)
Satan said: What kind of woman are you?
A woman is innocent. You have a more evil mind than me
The woman said: Wait and see my good deeds
The devil said: How ?!
The next day the woman returned to the tailor
And she told him that she wanted the same clothes as yesterday
Because she went to a poor woman’s house to pray and she forgot
And ashamed to go back!
After hearing all this, the tailor became angry with himself
And then the tailor immediately called his wife back.
The devil is in the mental hospital now
Intensive Care Unit
Room 1
Visiting is prohibited due to his mental condition.

Dead body

After death, the human body undergoes many biological changes, which in common parlance is called the decomposition of the human body. In this regard, two important changes take place, the first is that the biological functions in the body begin to disappear, that is, the body begins to disappear internally.
The other important change is that the germs in the body begin to grow and then spread. That is, the human body, which he considers to be very beautiful and clean, becomes such after death, that everyone insists on burying it as soon as possible.
According to science, there are 4 stages of change in the human body after death. This phase is called hypostasis. The most important change that takes place in this phase is that from one hour to a few hours after death, the human body
The arteries in the blood begin to deteriorate, these arteries play an important role in the flow of blood throughout the body.
According to science, the second phase can depend on Newton’s law, that is, the cooling of the dead body after death depends on the temperature around the body. This phase is very important, because if the optimum temperature is available, the human body can be frozen for several hours. As is usually the case in the form of a cold storage. This phase is called Algor Mortis. The next stage frightens the living person, this phase is called Rigor Mortis. Because in it the human body begins to harden and the dead become arrogant.
The dead soften up to three hours after death, and there is heat in the body. But after 3 to 8 hours, the body begins to harden, which is also felt by loved ones and relatives. And then within the next 8 to 36 hours, along with the hardness, the body temperature of the dead also drops and the dead become cold.
This is because chemical changes are taking place in the muscles of death in the human body. But then, after 36 hours, the chemical bonds formed by the chemical changes in the dead body break down and the hardness also ends, that is, the dead body begins to decompose.
The next stage is inside the tomb which is called Putrefaction. At this stage, germs grow in human tissues within 2 to 3 weeks of death.
While the skin of the dead man’s back begins to change color, the superficial veins of the skin begin to appear, dangerous gases build up, causing the abdomen to swell. Another symptom is that blood begins to flow from different parts of the body.

Love humanity.

We have always considered that the taste increases the taste that is too highly torn. Just life is a rotation to increase the characteristics of some people, such as round goats are necessary to eat as long as possible and get full of the whole goal, because the goat-round goat loses his half-taste, it is necessary to benefit from some people in the life of the entire people, including the goods. Trying to change them and break them and do not ruin them. Ever seen that all the accessories of a single drug is presented in its bread and it is like eating food, even though it can be eaten even like bread years. Some people in the world are like a look. There are no hidden sites inside them, but they do not come openly openly, they benefit them, and they know them to benefit from love, who knows food. It is necessary to make good meat as well as to eat meat and it is to get rid of bones, just some people in the world have to get their bones to make their lives and others’ life. The way the flavor of flavor in the brown is mixed with rice riches and bowl them with them. Simply useful and rich people in the world, if the remaining shoulders mind should be unblocked and poor people with their features, even if they move their features to them, this world will also become a branch of the bride. As a passenger pasta and other fast foods do not like most of the people, but all those people eat their favorite foods, they are not able to leave them in the world, they should not leave them, but they should not leave them, but they should give them time, one day, “Be one day,” Be one day.

Best family

Those who express unfamiliar desires without knowing their situation are called children.
A father is a person who is always thinking of increasing his income to fulfill the desires of his children.
The mother is the entity who strives to fulfill every desire of the children within the limited income of the father.
The elder brother is also the one who hides his legitimate desire by seeing the parents disturbed by the insatiable desires of the younger siblings and intends to become the support of the father as soon as possible.
The older sister who understands the compulsions of the parents and leaves home early to go home and take care of all the work of the younger siblings. The family says.
A middle class considers the beauty of a family to be what it has been or has ever been. This is why I like this class of society the most. Because every relationship plays a strong role for the survival of the family here. Sacrifices, but does not allow the family to disintegrate. Therefore, the value of relationships in this class is much higher than the rest of the society.
In contrast, the lower class is mostly made selfish by hunger and poverty. While in the upper class the abundance of money and modernity is promoted, the concept of privacy separates their blood ties from each other and their families. Is being hollowed out. And the middle class is the class that upholds religion. And the people belonging to the upper class, despite having an understanding of religion, put the principles of religion behind them in order to display their unjust wealth. At least by adopting simplicity, all human beings are equal. The upper class lags far behind in terms of understanding and respect for women. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me,

How to avoid inflation

How to deal with the current situation? Employment is on the rise. Living on a limited income is becoming increasingly difficult. In such a situation, a middle class family should formulate a strategy to meet the expenses within the existing income.
You know that inflation is everywhere now a days
For this, all the big and small of the house should sit and decide.
First of all, according to the income, allocate the amount that can be spent in the kitchen. Then you have to buy lentils and vegetables for the same amount. If you have to remove meat from the menu, you have to do it.
Similarly, according to the current rate, set aside money for electricity and gas bills in advance. Try to double the number of three fans in the house routinely. Light the lamps only when needed. Use less water motor. In order to save both water and electricity. Also pay special attention to the minimum use of gas. At the end of the month you will definitely see the effect of your attention and hard work.
Abandon the construction and repair of the house, paint and varnish, entertainment, purchase of new shoes and clothes, purchase of utensils, purchase of jewelery, make-up and mobile, etc. And one or two pairs of shoes will suffice. Enough. Even if you have money to spend on these things, don’t spend it now. Save that money because things will get worse in the future. It is just as important for you to save as it is to breathe or it may be difficult to survive in the future.
Instead of going to the doctor for minor health problems like seasonal cough, cold, headache, body aches, etc., spend a day or two on medicines lying at home. Go to the doctor. Don’t even go near the clinics of private doctors who charge 200,400 rupees.
Believe me, he and the MBBS doctor sitting in the neighborhood who charges 50 fees have the same qualifications.
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.
Buy Soap Surf Shampoo in smaller quantities than before. And make it strictly obligatory for everyone to live in it. From children to adults, give less pocket money to everyone than before. If you have to close it, close it. Encourage them to buy their own personal expenses like copy pencils etc. Favorite Cream Shampoo Mobile Balance etc. at their own expense in addition to food and drink.
Advise the children to listen to the lectures of the school and college teachers regularly and complete the syllabus at the same time. In order to avoid the extra cost of tuition. Keep tuition. Not even for the whole year but for the completion of syllabus. It is fashionable to teach tuition. Avoid it as much as you can.

Avoid unnecessary visits and invitations. When someone comes to your house in happiness or sorrow, be humble according to your status and not according to the person in front of you. For example, your guest often eats goat meat in his house but If you are in a position to cook chicken, then you should cook only chicken meat. The goat will go home and eat it. You can be left at home. Don’t be a burden on those who are ahead. Only as many people as you can get on a personal ride.
Avoid gift transactions as much as you can. If you have to go to someone’s wedding, give proper cash salute. Avoid giving gifts like clothes and utensils etc. Abstain from worrying about what people will say. Run according to your understanding and budget. Because nowadays the conditions of all the middle class people are enough to meet their personal expenses. No one is in a position to help or lend money to anyone. Ignoring people’s talk is the only solution. Because they can only make things up, they can’t help you run your house.
The lower your income, the more you can save for the future. And pay special attention to increasing your income.

Hidden attraction

Dr molan is a famous cardiac surgeon in this city. He works in a Government hospital. He has a happy family with wife and only son, Arjun he is also a medical student. Dr molan is very popular for open-heart surgery. Till now he has done lots of operations successfully. Tomorrow he has to operate on two patients. So in the evening before leaving the hospital he was reading the medical history of those patients. The junior doctors look after the patients before the operation, he only does the surgery. Suddenly one name looked very familiar to him. nelam, the name took him to his teenage memory.

molan was a student of A. K . Memorial school. It was a co-education higher secondary school. He was very naughty and not good in Mathematics but always scored the highest marks in biology. In class ten they got a new Mathematics teacher nelam, a very beautiful young lady in a serious mood. All the students were afraid of her as she didn’t like any inattentive students in her class. She was very strict about maths. In her class, every student must have finished homework, otherwise, they got punishment. She always praised those who tried to do good in her subject. After every exam, she always gave some gifts to those who scored above 80% and encouraged them for doing better. Her teaching technique was very unique. So the students always remained aware of her toughness and tried to do their best. She was a very good teacher for those who were good at maths. molan didn’t like her for the first few months because she always scolded him very rudely. He thought she was heartless as she punished the naughty students without thinking about their prestige in front of others. He called her ‘ One day it was a cricket tournament on the school ground between class ten and eleven students. One of the students hit the ball so hard that it stuck fielder molan’s forehead and injured him, blood started flowing then nelam mam came running and did the first aid and took him to the nearest hospital with some other school staff. She waited there till his parents came. During that time she didn’t leave his hands for a moment and continuously said to him,” Don’t worry , you are my brave student, nothing will happen, you are going to fit in again within a few days”. He was crying in pain but his scary mam’s touch gave teenage Arya an unknown feeling of happiness in his heart. After that incident, Arya became one of her good students and he also tried to do his best in maths for his ragi mam. She became his first crush, and ragi mam became loving mam. After passing ten he took science and he knew Lata mam will take maths for class eleven and twelve also. Only for her he took mathematics as an additional subject. Those beautiful three years molan passed by seeing and thinking about his beautiful mam. He kept his first love secretly in his heart. He didn’t say anyone about his feelings. After passing twelve he went to a different city to study medical.

Dr molan goes to see the patients and becomes surprised to see it was really his Lata mam with white hair and looking old and tired. But her face is still beautiful like earlier. She was sleeping, when he touches her hands she gets up. He tells her that, he is molan and she recognises her student, molan. Her tears start rolling down from her cheeks. molan takes her hands into his hands and says, ” Mam don’t worry you are going to be fit again”. nelam says, “molan, I am feeling proud to get you as my student. I heard your name as one of the topmost cardiologists ‘Dr. molan’ but never thought you are that, naughty molan whom I once missed a lot after you left school”. Hearing that Arya’s eyes fill with tears. He also missed his mam at that time. He thought those feelings were only his personal, but he didn’t realise his mam also had the same. Sometimes Some unknown attractions work between two human hearts which we call in the name of ‘love’, that sometimes make us insane or crazy.

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Opinion and decision

Sidra covered a distance of 08 km in 1 hour.
Hatem covered the same distance one and half hour.
Which of the two happened faster and healthier?
Of course our answer will be Sidra
If we say that Sedrah covered this distance on a prepared track while Harris covered this distance by walking on a sandy road.
Then our answer will be Hatim.
But we found out that Sidra is 50 years old while Hatim is 25 years old then?
We will say again that Sidra.
But we also found out that Hatim weighs 130 kg while Sidra weighs 55 kg.
Then we will say Hatim.
As we learn more about Sidrah and Hatim, which of them is better. Our opinion and decision regarding them will also change.
We form opinions in a very superficial way and in such a hurry that we cannot do justice to ourselves and others.
Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.
Everyone’s environment is different.
Opportunities vary.
Life is different.
Resources vary.
Problems vary.
You are behind your peers in some work. So it does not mean that they are successful and you are unsuccessful.
They are better and you are inferior.
You may be better off if you look at the opportunities, the circumstances, and the circumstances.
Never underestimate yourself in the race of life, feeling inferior is the first step to defeat.

سیاست،ڈرامہ اور شعبدہ بازی

اداکاری کرنے والا کوئ اور ہوتا ہے۔دیکھنے والا کوئ اور ہوتا ہے اور اس تمام سیٹ اپ کو ترتیب دینے والا کوئ اور ہوتا ہے۔اس فرضی اکھاڑے کے تمام کھلاڑی تو اصلی ہوتے ہیں لیکن انکی بیان کی جانے والی کہانی مفروضے پر مبنی ہوتی ہے۔مقصد صرف یہ ہے کہ کہانی سننے والوں کو خوش کر کے پیسہ کمایا جاۓ۔مزکورہ بالا فلمی اکھاڑے سے مشابہت رکھتا ہوا ایک اور اکھاڑہ ہے جو آج کل سیاسی اکھاڑے کے نام سے معروف ہے۔سیاسی اکھاڑہ شعبدہ بازی کی قریب ترین شکل ہے۔شعبدہ بازی میں ہاتھوں کا زیادہ استعمال ہوتا ہے جس سے لوگوں کا نقصان تو نہیں ہوتا کیونکہ وہ سب فرضی ہوتا ہے۔ بس ان کو رومال سے کبوتر بنا کر خوش کر کے عاجزی کے ساتھ تھوڑے بہت معاوضے کی درخواست کی جاتی ہے لیکن سیاسی شعبدہ بازی میں زبان کا فرضی استعمال کر کے لوگوں کو امید سے نا امیدی بنانے کا تماشہ دکھا  کر خوش کیا جاتا ہے،اور اس تماشے کا معاوضہ پوری بدمعاشی کے ساتھ پانچ سال تک ہر خاص و عام کا خون چوس کر وصول کیا جاتا ہے۔سیاسی شعبدہ بازی کے میدان میں بڑے بڑے چند کھلاڑیوں کا قبضہ ہے۔ ان تمام شعبدہ بازوں کی خوبی یہ ہے کہ ان کا شعبدہ بازی کا نصاب ایک جیسا ہے۔جب یہ کھلاڑی شعبدہ بازی کے میدان میں اترتے ہیں تو عوام بیچارے اپنے آپ کو خوش رکھنے کی امید میں تماشہ دیکھنے جاتے ہیں۔لیکن یہ فیصلہ کرنے میں پریشانی کا شکار ہو جاتے ہیں کہ کس کے اکھاڑے پر جائیں،کیونکہ تماشہ سب کا ایک جیسا ہے بس شکلیں مختلف ہوتی ہیں۔اس صورت میں عوام جائیں تو کدھر جائیں۔عوام کی اس کشمکش سے وہ شعبدہ باز جم غفیر کو اکٹھا کرنے میں کامیاب ہو جاتا جو اپنے پر امید،فریبی اور جھوٹے تماشے کو لفظوں کی ہیر پھیر سے کچھ نیا کرنے کی شعبدہ بازی کرتا ہے۔مجھے افسوس سے کہنا پڑتا ہے کہ عوام بھی یہ شعبدے بازیاں دیکھ دیکھ ایک عادی تماش بین بن چکی ہے۔تماش بین اکثر چسکا پوائنٹس کا رخ کرتے ہیں جو ایل س ڈی کی صورت میں ہر گھر میں موجود ہے
،جس پر چوبیس گھنٹے مسالےدار سیاسی گفتگو کی دیگییں اور سیخیں پک رہی ہوتی ہیں جہاں پر چٹخارے دار سیاسی فاسٹ فوڈ کے بھوکے اپنی بھوک اینکری کباب اور تجزیاتی پلاؤ سے مٹاتے ہیں ۔لمحہ فکریہ کا وقت تو ہے لیکن پیدا ہونے کا نام نہی لیتا جس کی پیدائش رک جاۓ اس کا آپریشن ضروری ہے وگرنہ زچہ و بچہ دونوں کی جان کو خطرہ لاحق ہے ۔ان اموات کا ذمےدار کون ہو گا سیاسی شعبدہ باز یا سیاسی تماش بین۔ہمارا ضمیر یہ کام کر سکتا تھا لیکن فوت شدہ پر افسوس نہی کیا جا سکتا. ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

Driving rules and religions

All religions have the principle that walking on public roads and riding a vehicle is permissible on condition that the pedestrian guarantees the safety of others. ۔
Consider! If a person breaks the signal and drives the vehicle forward, or he leans against the vehicle in front where it is forbidden to do so. Apparently this is a minor irregularity but in reality there are four major sins in this minor act.
1- Breaking the law 2- Breaking the promise 3- Harassing someone 4- Misuse of road
We are committing this sin day and night without any difficulty and we never think that any sin is being committed against us.
Apparently driving is a job about which the common man does not even think about what religion instructs us about this job. The principle in this regard is that it is permissible to walk on public roads and ride a vehicle with the guarantee of others to avoid any work which may cause inconvenience or danger to another person.
It is also important to take care of these issues while driving so that we can save others from harm.

  1. Walk comfortably on the road where water etc. accumulates so that unclean water does not fly and fall on the clothes of pedestrians or cyclists, motorcyclists. In this way they will suffer and sometimes their clothes will become unclean.
  2. Check things like gasoline, brakes, clutches, indicators before putting your car on the road so that you or others do not get in trouble. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. …

Pomegranate and Brest cancer

Pomegranate is one of the healthiest fruits available in the world. It is also called the fruit of heaven. This fruit contains a large number of plant compounds that are not present in other foods. Various research reports prove that

The habit of eating pomegranate has many benefits for the body. Due to which the risk of various diseases can also be reduced. Pomegranate has medicinal benefits that you will be forced to eat.
Pomegranate is also useful for breast cancer.

Breast cancer is becoming more common in women nowadays and pomegranate extract helps in the reproduction of breast cancer cells. Therefore, women should use pomegranate as much as possible. So that healthy women can be protected from breast cancer and those who are suffering from breast cancer. They can also control their disease through pomegranate.

Pomegranate lowers high blood pressure.
Elevated blood pressure greatly increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. A medical study has shown that drinking 150 ml of pomegranate juice daily for 2 weeks significantly lowers the blood pressure of hypertensive patients.
Pomegranate also helps in fighting joint pain.
There are different types of arthritis.

Most of these ailments are the result of inflammation in the joints. The plant compounds present in pomegranate are equipped with anti-inflammatory properties. Medical research reports have shown that pomegranate extract can block enzymes that can damage joints.
Pomegranate reduces the risk of heart disease.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world. Punicic acid in pomegranate is the main fatty acid of this fruit which provides possible protection against heart disease. A study of 51 people with high triglycerides found that daily consumption of 800 mg of pomegranate seed oil significantly reduced triglycerides. Triglycerides are a type of fat in our blood. Increasing the amount also increases the risk of heart disease.
Pomegranate is also useful for diabetics.
Drinking pomegranate juice lowers harmful cholesterol levels, according to a medical study of people with type 2 diabetes. Pomegranate juice protects against harmful cholesterol particles. Cholesterol particles increase the risk of heart disease.


European politics, philosophy, science, and communication were fundamentally reconstructed as part of the 18th century (1685-1815), with participants calling it the Age of Enlightenment, or simply the Enlightenment. Had given Enlightenment thinkers in Britain, France, and throughout Europe questioned the traditional authority and accepted the idea that humanity could be improved through rational change. Enlightenment produced numerous books, articles, inventions, scientific discoveries, laws, wars and revolutions. The American and French revolutions were directly influenced by the Enlightenment and pointed to its influence and the beginning of its decline, respectively. Enlightenment finally paved the way for 19th century romance

Early Enlightenment: 1685-1730

Leading 17th-century Enlightenment pioneers included the Englishmen Francis Bacon and Thomas Hobbes, the French Rene Descartes, and key natural philosophers of the scientific revolution, including Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler, and Gottfried William Leibniz. Its roots are usually found in England in the 1680s, where Isaac Newton published his Principia Mathematics (1686) over a period of three years and John Locke published his Essay on Human Understanding (1689). Published Philosophical toolkit for significant Enlightenment advances.
do you know? In their article and apos, what is enlightenment? In & apos (1784), the German philosopher Emmanuel Kant summed up this covenant and applied the slogan of Aposus in the following terms: And dare to know! Dare to use your own reason!

Lok argued that human nature is variable and that this knowledge has been acquired through accumulated experience rather than access to some kind of external reality. Newton’s calculations and theoretical theories provided powerful enlightening metaphors for precise measurement change and light.

There was not a single, unified Enlightenment. Instead, it is possible to talk about the French Enlightenment, the Scottish Enlightenment, and the English, German, Swiss or American Enlightenment. Individual Enlightenment thinkers often had very different perspectives. Lok was different from David Hume, Jean-Jacques Rousseau from Voltaire, Frederick the Great from Thomas Jefferson. Their differences and differences, however, emerge from the general enlightened topics of rational question and answer of progressivism through dialogue.

High Enlightenment: 1730-1780

Focusing on the dialogues and publications of the French ‘philosophers’ (Voltaire, Rousseau, Montesquieu, Buffon and Denis DeDrout) Anarchy The most important of these was the idea that everything in the universe could be rationally disabled and catalyzed. The signature publication of the period was DeDroot’s Encyclopedia (1751-77), which brought together well-known authors to compile a passionate compilation of human knowledge.

What did two scientists discover about the structure of DNA?

It was an era of enlightened tyranny like Friedrich the Great, which united, rationalized and modernized Persia in the midst of brutal multi-year wars with Austria, and an era of revolutionaries like the Enlightenment. Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson, whose ‘Declaration of Independence’ (1776) adapted the American Revolution to Lucky’s essays.

It was also a time of religious (and anti-religious) heresy, when Christians tried to change their beliefs on the basis of faith, and the position of the immoral and materialistic was that the universe goes its own way without God’s intervention. Locke, along with the French philosopher Pierre Bailey, supported the idea of ​​the separation of church and state. Secret societies such as Freemasons, Bavarian Illuminati and Rosicrucians – developed, offering European men (and some women) new ways of companionship, esotericism and mutual help. Coffee houses, newspapers and literary salons as new places to circulate ideas

The late Enlightenment and beyond: 1780-1815

The French Revolution of 1789 was the culmination of an enlightened vision of expelling old officials to rationalize society, but it turned into a bloody terrorism that exposed the limits of its ideology and a decade later. , Reached its peak. Of Napoleon. Nevertheless, this goal of equality attracted the admiration of the early feminist Mary Wolston Craft (mother of the author of ‘Franken Stein’, Marie Marie Shelley) and the foundation of Haiti’s War of Independence and Paraguay’s first post-independence government. Racial racism affected both.

Enlightenment gave way to the horrors of Romanticism, but 19th-century liberalism and classicalism – not to mention the 20th century – weigh heavily on modern Enlightenment thinkers

Written by

Asghar ali.

Smart phone and brain. As the use of smartphones grows, so do the negative effects of everything from human morality to physical health. A new study warns that excessive and constant use of smartphones is destroying the capabilities of the human brain. Every third person using a smartphone uses it 25 times a day, while one in 10 people use a smartphone immediately after falling asleep, which is destroying our minds and attention and Depleting the ability to think deeply. Nicholas Kerka, founder of “How the Internet is Changing Our Brains,” says that Internet devices are wreaking havoc in the future by changing the way we think. Scientists and psychologists have warned that changing the pattern of thinking changes the angle of our thinking and greatly reduces the process of focusing on something and thinking deeply for a while. When some material is coming, then the thinking is not fixed on one thing and the focus keeps changing. Explaining the further negative effects of the Internet on the brain, he said that the negative effects of being permanently connected to the Internet are far greater than people think and it is getting deeper with time. If you are constantly connected to the internet and keep getting new information, initially you put that information in your mind and consciousness but the brain cannot handle it as it should in a normal way. He said that if this trend continues then the time will come when people will use smartphones 200 times a day.


ووٹ ایک ایسا جانور ہے جس کی عمر پانچ سال ہو جاۓ تو وہ قربانی کے قابل ہو جاتا ہے۔لیکن اس کی قربانی ہم خود نہیں دے سکتے۔کیونکہ اس کی قربانی چڑہاوے کی صورت میں قبول ہوتی ہے اور اس درگاہ کی قربانگاہ تک جانے کی اجازت قربانی کا جانور پالنے والے کو نہیں ہوتی۔لہذہ قصابوں اور دلالوں کے ذریعے قربانی کا جانور انسانوں کی منڈی سے بہت اچھی قیمت دینے کی امید دلا کر ادھار خریدا جاتا ہے۔ہم ادھار دینا نہیں چاہتے لیکن جو دلال اپنے دلالی کے فن میں ماہر ہوتا ہے وہ ہمارا جانور لے جا کر اس بدمزہب قصائ کو دیتا ہے جو ہماری نیت کے برعکس کسی غیر مزہبی چبوترے پر اس کو غیر مزہبی طریقے سے قربان کر دیتا ہے۔چار سال تک وہ دلال اور قصاب ہمیں نظر نہیں آتے۔پانچویں سال ہمیں اپنے جانور کی قیمت کی پہلی قسط ہمیں وصول ہو جاتی ہے اور پانچ سال بھی مکمل ہو جاتے ہیں۔پھر ووٹ جیسے جانوروں کی منڈی انسان لگاتے ہیں پھر وہی دلال اور قصاب اس منڈی کا رخ کرتے ہیں ہم تھوڑا ناک منہ چڑھاتے ہیں لیکن وہ چونکہ دلالی اور ذبح کرنے کے فن سے ماہر ہوتے ہیں اور ہمیں کہتے ہیں کہ پچھلی قربانی کا گوشت کتے کھا گۓ تھے اس لۓ قربانی کی بوٹیاں اور پیسے نہیں بھیج سکے لیکن اس دفع ہم آپ کو زیادہ قیمت دیں گے اور کھانا کھلا کر پھر ہم سے وہ جانور لے جاتے ہیں۔اور ہم پھر پانچ سال تک رونا رونے اور نۓ جانور کی پرورش کرنے اور اس پر امید میں گزار دیتے ہیں۔مجھے سمجھ نہیں آتی ہمیں کیا ہو گیا ہے جو قوم اپنا ووٹ اپنی مرضی سے استعمال نہی کر سکتی وہ جغرافیائ لحاظ سے آزاد تو ہو سکتی ہے لیکن ذہن سے آزاد نہیں ہو سکتی۔تماشہ کرنے والے ہر دفع نۓ سے نیا تماشہ دکھا کر ہم سے ووٹ بٹور کر لے جاتے ہیں اور ہم اگلے تماشے کے انتظار میں کھڑے نظر آتے ہیں


Process and intention

Consider the creative stage of man when he was in front of God as an idol like a common thing. For all the work of the angels was based on only one process that was ordered by God. This whole work of the angels was not yet to work, because it was not included in their intent and intended. It was in the state of Allah. When Allaah has spread the soul in the idol and the interaction of his intention and the intention of the angels, what happened to the work of any work. Honor readers who will be done without intention is unhappy and unbelievers, but whenever any action or work inheritates intention, then the process becomes a sensitive and living creature. Three types of rectangular recycled is prepared for two types of diameter. They are two metroles. The preparation of the first recycled preparation of the intention is prepared with a good custom task. The recycled recycled preparation is developed and the new recycled both the Metherles is prepared by mixing. The same type of action is to be named and its name. And if the intention is with the process. If it is added, there are many types of types. The type of action you have to do is to know that the type of intention will have to be in this place of all kinds of intention. In the beginning of the constitutional structure, it has been ordered to keep their good deeds in their heart and mind, but the man is working on all the moment, because of humor, for the humans, or for animals, for humans, or for animals, so that it is for you soil, then he has become unconsciously, and if he has decided to be eternal, and if he has decided to be a man or a man

عمل اور نیت

:انسان کے تخلیقی مرحلے پر غور کریں جب وہ ایک بت کی صورت میں بے حس و حرکت ایک عام چیز کی طرح  سامنے پڑا تھا۔ کیونکہ فرشتوں کا یہ سارا کام صرف ایک عمل پر مبنی تھا جو  انہیں خدا کی طرف سے کرنے کا حکم دیا گیاتھا۔فرشتوں کا یہ سارا کام ابھی تک کسی کام کا نہیں تھا،کیونکہ اس میں ان کی نیت اور ارادہ شامل نہیں تھا۔نیت اور ارادہ تو اللہ تعالی کے پاس تھا۔جب اللہ تعالی نے اس بت  میں روح پھونک کر اپنی نیت اور ارادے کی تکمیل فرمائ تب فرشتوں کا کیا ہوا عمل کسی کام کا ہوا۔
                                                      معزز قارئین کوئ بھی کام جو نیت کے بغیر کیا جاۓ گا وہ لاوارث  بے حس اور بے جان ہوتا ہے،لیکن جب کسی بھی عمل یا کام کو نیت کی وراثت ملتی ہے  تب وہ عمل  ایک حساس اور جاندار بن جاتا ہے۔نیت کی ریسیپی دو قسم کےمیٹیریلز سے تین قسم کی تیار کی جاتی ہے۔وہ دو میٹیریلز ہیں اچھائ اور برائ کے۔ نیت کی پہلی ریسیپی کی تیاری اچھائ حسب ذائقہ سے تیار ہوتی ہے۔دوسری ریسیپی برائ حسب ذائقہ سے تیار ہوتی ہے اور تیسری ریسیپی دونوں میٹیریلز کو مکس کر کے تیار کی جاتی ہے۔
عمل کی ایک ہی قسم ہے اور اس کا نام ہے کرنا۔اور اگر عمل کے ساتھ نیت. کو شامل کر لیا جاۓ تو اس کی کئی اقسام بن جاتی ہیں۔کس قسم کا عمل آپ کرنا چاہتے ہیں اسی قسم کی نیت سے اس میں جان ڈالنا پڑے گی۔انسان کے ابتدائ ڈھانچے میں نیت کی تمام اقسام ڈال دی گئیں۔نبی علیہ السلام اور قرآن کے ذریعے سے ان میں سے صرف ایک اچھی نیت کو اپنے دل اور دماغ میں سجا کر رکھنے حکم دیا گیاہے ،لیکن انسان سبھی پر کام کیوں کر رہا ہے
لمحہ فکریہ کس کے لۓ ہے، انسانوں کے لۓ یا جانوروں کے لۓ یا مٹی کے لۓ۔اگر مٹی کے لۓ ہےتو پھر وہ تو بے زبان ہو کرفیصلہ کر چکی ہے ہمارے وجود کو مٹانے کا اور اگر انسان کے لۓ ہے تو اس نے کیا فیصلہ کیا ہے یا پھر کسی شش و پنج میں ہے


1 صدقہ کیا ہے
2 صدقے کا انعام اتنا بڑا کیوں ہے

اللہ تعالی کی خوشنودی کے لۓ کسی دوسرے انسان کے لۓ کسی بھی قسم کا جائز کام اور ہر قسم کی وہ مدد جو آپ پر فرض تو نہیں لیکن پھر بھی آپ اپنے ہاتھ ،زبان اوراپنی جیب سے کرتے ہیں 
صدقہ کہلاتی ہے

یہ جو صدقے کا مطلب میں نے بیان کیا ہے اس کو پڑھ کر پڑھنے والے کے ذہن میں پہلا سوال ہی یہ ہو گا کہ صدقہ لینا تو ہر کسی کے لۓ جائز نہی ہے لیکن اوپر جو صدقے کا مطلب بیان کیا گیا ہے یہاں تو ہر امیر ،غریب صدقہ لیتا ہوا نظر آتا ہے۔کبھی کبھی کسی امیر ترین شخص کو بھی گاڑی کو دھکا لگوانے کی ضرورت پڑھ جاتی ہے
تو کیا دھکا لگوا کر اس نے صدقہ لے لیا ہے جو کہ اس کو جائز نہی تھا
اس طرح کے کئ سوالات آپ کے ذہن میں آ سکتے ہیں وہ مجھے ضرور ارسال کرنا

صدقے کا انعام
ہم اچھی طرح جانتے ہیں کہ جب ہم کسی ادارے میں ڈیوٹی جوائن کرتے ہیں تو اس کی ٹرمز اور   کنڈیشن پر عمل کرنا بھی ضروری ہوتا ہے اور کسی  بھی قسم کی کوتاہی پر سرزنش کا سامنا کرنا پڑتا ہے اور پورا مہینہ کام کرنے کےبعد ہمیں طےشدہ تنخواہ ملتی ہے۔
اگر ادارہ اسی طےشدہ تنخواہ میں دو گھنٹے ہر روز زیادہ کام لینا شروع کر دے تو تمام ملازمین  احتجاج کرنے کی تیاری میں لگ جائینگے ، لیکن اگر ادارہ  اضافی دو گھنٹے کی تنخواہ چار گنا زیادہ کر دے تو پھر ہر ملازم تھکاوٹ کے باوجود ان اضافی دو گھنٹوں کے انتظار میں نظر آۓ گا
یا جس کو زیادہ پیسوں کی ضرورت ہو گی وہ دو گھنٹے ضرور کام کرے گا
اسی طرح اللہ تعالی نے غرباء اورمساکین کے لۓ ہماری کمائ سے ایک مخصوص حصہ ٹرمز اور کنڈیشن کے ساتھ مقرر کر دیا۔لیکن پھر اللہ تعالی
نے مساکین کی حالت کو مزید اپ گریڈ کرنے کے لۓ
ایک اضافی آزادانہ پیکیج صدقہ کے نام سے متعارف کروایا
اگر کوئ زیادہ دینا چاہتا ہے تو اس کا انعام مقرر  شدہ سے کہیں زیادہ ملے گاجیسے کہ
اللہ کے غصے کو ٹھنڈا کرنا
بلاؤں کو ٹالنا
بری موت سے بجانا

Man and human

When we consider the structure of our earth, moon, sun, galactic system and the universe, it becomes clear that this whole system is working under one rule, regulation and law.  And this law and order is so strong and stable that no object in the universe can disconnect from its law and order even in a thousandth of an inch.  The earth rotates axially and longitudinally at its own speed.  It also needs a certain speed and rotation to move in its orbit.  And it doesn’t make the slightest difference.  The flow of water, the evaporation of fumes, the breaking of its molecules by violent collisions and the generation of electricity and illuminating the atmosphere, the formation of heat and the effect of everything on other things, all these are a fixed rule and  Under the rules.  In the same way, the birth and breeding of animals and plants is following a fixed law.  In the human world, too, the system of birth and development has been running the same.  He is born and grows and passes through the ages of boyhood and youth, enters the age of old age and then leaves this world.  The thing to note is that no one wants to be old.  But still he is forced to grow old.  No one likes death to come upon him, but there is not a single instance in the world where a person has been saved from death.  After careful consideration of all these things, the conclusion is that there is an entity that runs such an organized and cohesive system.
Some call it God, some call it the Eternal Being (GOD), in some religious scriptures it is called Yazdan.  This entity is also known by the names of El and Elijah.  Whatever the name, we are forced to believe and believe that a powerful and infinite being is in control of the universe.  Those who do not acknowledge this great being blame nature for the failure of life.  In fact, even in their denial, the aspect of confession is prominent.  Because as long as something does not exist, its denial and confession do not come under discussion.  When I don’t know anything, his mind becomes inclined towards denial.
The Creator of the universe has created this universe on the basis of truth. He has created everything with some program or other.  Nothing has been created for no purpose or as a game.  Now we have to see what is man?  Man generally thinks that his existence is merely a body composed of flesh, poppy and bones.  All his interests, all his attention is focused on this body and he uses all his energy to nurture this body and provide comfort.  Whereas all the prophets and chosen beings have told us that the real man is not the body of the flesh poppy but the real man is the one who keeps this body active and protects it.  This real man is called a soul.  The implication of this is stated by Hazrat Qalandar Baba Auliya in his book “Loh wa Qalam”.
“We make clothes to protect our material body.  Clothing, whether woolen, cotton, made of nylon wires or made of silk, moves as long as the flesh is on the poppy’s body.  It never happened that a man waved his hand and the sleeve of his shirt did not move.  It never happened that the shirt was put on the bed and he was asked to move the sleeve intentionally and the sleeve started to move.  This is to say that the movement of clothing is subject to the body.  There is no personal movement in clothing.  In the same way, when the soul becomes detached from man and man dies, like a garment made of cloth, there is no personal movement or resistance within him.  If a material body or garment made of flesh poppy and vein muscles is struck or it is cut with a sharp instrument, the body garment will not move.  As long as the soul was wearing this garment, there was movement and resistance in this garment.  So it turns out that the man we call flesh and blood is not the real man, but the real man, the real man’s clothing, and the real man is the soul. ”
Allaah says in the Qur’aan:
“Man was an indescribable thing.  We put our souls into it.  And he became a man who saw, heard and felt. “
In the Holy Qur’an, Allah Almighty said to the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him):
“These people ask you about the soul.  Say: The soul is by the command of my Lord.
Amr is defined in the last verses of Surah Ya-seen as follows:
“The thing is, when he intends something, he says, ‘Yes,’ and it happens.”
The formula from these verses is that man is physically indescribable.  When the soul was put inside him, he got senses.
The soul is God’s command, and God’s command is that when He intends something, He says, “Yes,” and it is done.
The world of modern science has come to know the galaxy and the solar system.  What is the relation of our earth to the light of galaxies and solar systems and what effect does this man have on animals, plants and inanimate objects?  This stage has also come to the forefront of science, but science is not yet fully aware of how and what the light of the solar system does in humans, plants and inanimate objects and how their conditions change.  Keeps doing  Science believes that everything on earth is based on a wave and only a wave.  A wave that cannot be called anything other than light, and the whole universe is a manifestation of the different forms of the same force.  In order to be unique in the universe, we have to think about what this wave and light is.
Jesus (pbuh) has said.
“God said light and there was light.”
That is, God said “light” and light came into being.  The Qur’an describes this as “Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth”, meaning “Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth.”  This means that the wave or the light and the planets of the heavens and the earth are created directly from the Absolute Being of Allah.  All beings are in fact manifestations of Allah’s light (wave).  This wave or light is called religion by religion.
Religions and all sciences invite us to find out who the real human being is, where he comes from to make physical clothes for himself and then take off his clothes and go where he goes.  Guides and leaders have set rules and regulations for  The Holy Qur’an has given very important and very short formulas for introducing man to the real man, so that the human race can get acquainted with the real man by gaining self-awareness.
If we look at history, we get nothing but sadness and sorrow to see that man has always been anxious, miserable, sad, scared and anxious.  Fear and insecurity sometimes become too much and sometimes too little.  As the human heart becomes more interested in material existence.  For this reason, he goes away from the lights.  The distance from the lights is called anxiety, restlessness and helplessness.  In this day and age, mental tension and nervous tension are at their peak.  The only way to be safe and to live in peace, if any, is to get acquainted with the real man.  When we become acquainted with human beings, we will find ourselves safe in the blissful coolness of the waves and lights.
God is not afraid of them, nor do they grieve
It is important to consider here what is the status of man among other creatures?  And if it is superior to all creatures, then why?  Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
We offered our trust in the heavens and the earth and the mountains.  He refused to take the trust and said that if we take the trust this time, we will be shattered.  Man picked it up.  Indeed, it is cruel and ignorant. “
This instruction of the Holy Qur’an shows that after the creation of the universe, Allah Almighty presented His trust and His special blessing to all creatures.  Everyone knew that they could not afford this great burden of trust.  But man agreed to be the trustee of this trust and he accepted the special blessing of Allah.  Despite the fact that he has the special blessing of Allah Almighty and this trust distinguishes him from all other creatures, it is noteworthy that Allah Almighty is calling him a tyrant and ignorant.
According to creative formulas, every creature of Allah is conscious and conscious and is established, alive and active by its God-given abilities.  The talk of the heavens, the earth, and the mountains draws our attention to the fact that, like man, all the particles within the heavens, the earth, and the earth, and all the creations and mountains above the earth, are conscious.  Just as the intellect works inside man, so do the mountains have intellect, because instead of confessing or denying something, it is a proof of self-understanding and consciousness.  Reflecting on the Holy Scriptures makes it clear that a life without insight is interpreted as cruelty and ignorance.  The mountains, the heavens and the earth decided after thinking that they could not afford the trust.  In this way they got out of the realm of oppression and ignorance.
Man is only a sight from the trust of Allah Almighty. If human life is studied, it is not unreasonable to say that man is less intelligent and short-sighted than the dust particles.  The sketches of the demonstrations that come to light by looking at the abilities and forces of the earth are the signs of Allah Himself instead of their place.  The earth is one, the sun is one, and the water is one, but when the earth is attracted to creation, it spreads such colors that the intellect is stunned.  After the same water is absorbed in the womb of the earth, it appears in so many creations that there is no number of them.  There seem to be numerous molds in the belly of the earth.  The mold in which the water settles takes on a new look.  Sometimes it becomes a banana, sometimes it becomes an apple.  Somewhere it becomes a grape, somewhere it becomes a flower, and so on and so forth.  When a small seed is planted in the belly of the earth, the earth nurtures that seed and makes it a strong tree, just as a baby grows in the womb of a mother.
An analysis of man and the earth reveals the same conclusion that the earth is more gifted than man, but in spite of this, it is only by being aware of this trust offered by Allah Almighty that man attains the status of the noblest of creatures.  If he does not know, then surely he is unjust and ignorant.
The prophets have taught us how we can use our intellect to distinguish ourselves from animals.  The method of this is known to us from the deeds of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).  This process is the life of Ghar Hira.  Before the life of Ghar Hira, neither the Qur’an was revealed to the Holy Prophet, nor was fasting and prayer obligatory, nor was the Islamic code of conduct revealed.  The life of Ghar Hira invites us to follow in the footsteps of our Prophet.  From which it becomes clear to us that human abilities are not limited.  That is, a person can be free from the grip of time and space by knowing the formulas of light if he wants to.  The main way to do this is to divert attention from one side to the other.  It is this state of concentration that introduces man to the real man.  This method of teaching is called meditation.
What is meditation? To understand it, it is necessary to state the law of sight.  Man sees in two ways.  One direct and the other indirect.  Indirect observation is when our eyes collide with the material shell of an object and its reflection is transferred to the screen of our brain.  To see directly is to observe the reality of an object without colliding with its material shell.  To see the world of the unseen, one has to resort to direct vision.
The same thing can be said in another way that our life is a mixture of two senses or two brains work inside us.  One is the brain that holds us captive in time and space, through which we simply see, touch and understand matter.  The second mind is that which is free from time space.  Through this mind we are introduced to the unseen world or the world beyond matter.  It is through this mind that we acquire the angels, the arafs, the barzakh and the mullahs, and finally the gnosis of Allah Almighty.  In the language of the Qur’an, the names of these two senses or minds are “day” and “night”.  In the senses of “day” man is confined to time and space.  And in the senses of “night” man is free from time and space.  In the Qur’an, where it is mentioned that the Torah (unseen revelations) were given to Prophet Moses (peace be upon him), Allah says:
We promised Moses that we would add thirty nights and ten nights.  Thus the appointed time of his Lord became forty nights.
It is noteworthy that Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) stayed as a mountain for forty days and forty nights, but Allah Almighty is only referring to the night, not the day.  The senses prevailed.
Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
“Glory be to the One who took His servant from the Sacred Mosque to the Al-Aqsa Mosque at night to make him see His signs.”
Night is also mentioned in Miraj’s statement.  Which is an indication that what happened to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) during the Ascension took place in the night senses.  The point is, occult revelations can only be obtained through the nocturnal senses.  It is not possible to enter the unseen with the senses of the day.
Meditation is actually the name of the practice in which a devotee tries to enter the senses of the night and acquire the realities of the universe and the knowledge of Allah Almighty.  In the state of meditation, a person focuses his entire mental attention on one point or one concept.  As centrality is established, man becomes closer to the unseen.  He is even freed from the bondage of time and place and is able to enter the world of the unseen.
Apparently a meditator is sitting with his eyes closed but meditation is actually a way of thinking and that is that the meditator travels in the external senses as well as the inner senses.  Come on!  Now let us find out if the mixed state of meditation exists within us even without a certain style of sitting and a certain way.  Distance from the external senses occurs in our lives both intentionally or unintentionally.  For example, we sleep.  When we are asleep, our brain temporarily disconnects itself from the external senses.
Every human being travels from birth to death in two states.  One state is called awakening and the other state is called dream or sleep.
In the state of waking, time space (time and place) is imposed on him and in a dream he is freed from the grip of time space.
Dreaming is actually a state closer to meditation.  Meditation is an exercise in translating dreams into awakening.
In meditation, a person experiences more or less all the conditions in which he falls asleep or dreams.  While practicing meditation in this way, he becomes absorbed in the events and conditions of the dream in such a way that he is living in the conditions and events of awakening.
The Qur’anic term “establishing Salat” invites us to become mentally attuned to prayer and to become acquainted with the real man.  The word “establishing” along with “salat” indicates that the mental centrality in prayer is established with Allah Almighty.  On the other hand, if there is no mental center with Allah in prayer, then it is not prayer.  Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
“Woe to the worshipers who are unaware of their prayers.”
(Al-Ma’un Para 2)
Allaah also says:
Blessed are the believers who are humble in their prayers.
The saints of Allah, the saints of Allah, have declared that meditation is necessary for attaining humility and submission in Salat and Salat.  By meditating, a servant becomes closer to Allah and establishing prayers with nearness to Allah Almighty, according to the instruction of the Holy Prophet, “Prayer is the ascension of the believer.” According to the instruction of Allah Almighty, man is the noblest of creatures.  Justice and insight require that we find out what it means to be the noblest of creatures.  The ability of human beings to manifest themselves in ordinary life and to be attuned to it by deeds and actions, does not prove that they are noble creatures.  Birth, consciousness, hunger, thirst and desires, whether physical or sexual, I am human, equal to other creatures.  However, apart from the demonstrative life, he has attained a level which is not attained by the heavens, the mountains and the earth, that is, he is the trustee of Allah Almighty.  If a human being is aware of this trust, then no distinction can be drawn between that noble creature, otherwise human beings and other creatures.  It is utter cruelty and ignorance to be unaware of the special blessing of Allah Almighty.
In order to benefit from this special reward given by Allah Almighty, it is necessary for us to have the knowledge of our own caste.  In Sufism, this knowledge is called self-awareness.  Through self-awareness, the door of knowledge that opens on man, through which the servant’s relationship with Allah is finally strengthened, and when a servant steps into the circle of stable relationship, he is free from this trust.  Achieves what Allah Almighty has promised him



The life style of the Son of Man, the circumstances, events and attitudes that take place in it show that the purpose of man’s life is only to search. Search is an ocean.  Till he is immersed in it, he ends up searching for the things which are already a part of this world.  Things cannot be taken to another world, so what is the purpose of this search for the things that are lost to man after he dies?  Why forget things that do not exist in the next world. And which we can take with us … A mathematical question is synonymous and non-synonymous which children can solve with the principle of mathematics.  But this question has not been solved by anyone except some adults till date. In fact, there are two answers to this, one is solved by the children and the other is the answer we have never searched for.  That’s how we all meet each other  You are busy looking for the same things. O human being, never be different from others and look for what you get. You will find something new. It will be different from everyone else.  It has the potential to travel to the next world with your soul when you die and which your soul will be able to enjoy. This is something you will not have to push anyone in search of.  You will not have to snatch the right of, you will not have to show anyone’s heart and you will not have to go away from anyone’s heart, no murder, no fight, no quarrel, no conspiracy and no riot.  You have to roll all the papads made of and the ropes of which one day the strings of your life come in the same roll and break into armor. Changing things in your search will definitely give you peace of mind and running will also be less.  And the Lord will be found.
Written by
Asghar Ali.  Hafizabad,


ابن آدم کی طرز زندگی،اس میں رونما ہونے والے  حالات و واقعات اور رویوں سے صرف یہی پتہ چلتا ہے کہ انسان کی زندگی کا مقصد صرف اور صرف تلاش کرنا ہے۔تلاش ایک سمندر ہےپیدا ہوتے ہی انسان اس میں گر جاتا ہے اور آخری ہچکی تک اس میں غرق رہ کر ختم ہو جاتا ہے۔انہی چیزوں کو تلاش کرتا ہے جو پہلے ہی سے اس دنیا کا حصہ ہیں۔انسان صرف تلاش کے نتیجے میں اسی زمین پر ان چیزوں کی صرف جگہ بدلتا ہے اور اپنی تلاش کی ہوئ کسی بھی چیز کو کسی اور جہان میں نہی لے جا سکتا،تو پھر اس تلاش کا مقصد کیا ہے جو چیز انسان کے مر جانے سے اس کے لۓ ختم ہو جاتی ہے وہ چیزیں جو پہلے سے ہی اس دنیا میں موجود ہیں ان کے حصول کے لۓ انسان ان چیزوں کو کیوں بھول جاتا ہے جو اگلی دنیا میں موجود نہی ہیں۔اور جن کو ہم اپنے ساتھ بھی لے جا سکتے ہیں۔۔۔ریاضی کا ایک سوال مترادف اور غیر مترادف جس کو بچے تو ریاضی کے اصول سے حل کر لیتے ہیں،لیکن صرف کچھ بڑوں کے علاوہ آج تک کسی سے یہ سوال حل نہی ہو سکا۔اصل میں اس کے دو جواب ہیں،ایک تو بچے حل کر کے دکھاتے ہیں اور دوسرا جواب ہم نے کبھی تلاش ہی نہی کیا۔صرف اور صرف اس مترادف کی طرح ہم سب کے سب ایک دوسرے سے ملتی جلتی ایک جیسی چیزوں کی تلاش میں مصروف ہیں۔اے انسان  دوسروں سے ہٹ کر کبھی غیر مترادف ہو کر تلاش کر کے دیکھ تجھے کیا ملتا ہے۔تجھے کچھ نیا ملے گا۔جو سب سے الگ ہو گا۔ جس میں یہ صلاحیت ہے کہ تیرے مرنے پر  تیری روح کے ساتھ اگلی دنیا کی جانب سفر کر سکے گا اور جس کو تیری روح مزے سے کھا سکے گی۔یہ وہ چیز ہے جس کی تلاش میں تجھے کسی کو دھکے نہیں مارنے پڑیں گے۔کسی کا حق نہیں چھیننا پڑے گا،نہ کسی کا دل  دکھانا پڑے گا اور نہ کسی کے دل سے دور جانا پڑے گا نہ ہی کوئ قتل نہ لڑائ نہ جھگڑا نہ سازش اور نہ ہیی کوئ فساد۔تیری مطلوبہ تلاش کے لۓ اوپر والے دھوکے کے مواد سے بنے تمام پاپڑ تجھے بیلنے پڑتے ہیں اور جن کو بیلتے بیلتے   ایک دن تیری زندگی کی ڈور اسی  بیلنے میں آ کر زرہ زرہ  ہو کر ٹوٹ جاتی ہے ۔اپنی تلاش میں چیزوں کو بدل کر ضرور دیکھنا سکون بھی ملے گا دوڑنا بھی کم پڑے گا اور رب بھی ملے گا۔
            تحریر از
            اصغر علی. حافظ آباد،لویرے کلاں

لفظ اور آواز

 آواز کہنے کو تو ایک لفظ ہے اور سننے کو ایک شورلیکن ہے بڑے کمال کی چیزکیونکہ اس کی موجودگی زندہ ہونے کا ثبوت ہے ورنہ پتھر بھی تو بے آواز ہیں نہ کسی کی سنتے ہیں اور نہ کسی کو کچھ سناتے ہیں۔ تبھی تو بے جان سمجھے جاتے ہیں وہ مٹی جو سب کا رزق پیدا کرتی ہے۔جانداروں کو خوراک دے کر ان کی زندگی کو قائم رکھتی ہے۔ غور کیا جاۓ تو مٹی کا سلوک اور رویہ ہمارے ساتھ بہت اچھا ہے۔ ماں سے بھی زیادہ محبت کرتی ہے۔ کھانا بھی دیتی ہے اور مرنے کے بعد اپنی گود میں بھی چھپا لیتی۔ لیکن الفاظ اور آواز نہ ہونے کی وجہ سے بے جان یعنی مردہ کہلاتی ہے۔آپ سوچ رہے ہوں گے کہ حرکت کرنا تو زندگی کی علامت ہے۔۔مگر میں کہوں گا ہوا بھی تو حرکت کرتی ہے لیکن بے جان ہے۔پودے سانس اور خوراک لیتے ہیں،لیکن ان کے ساتھ مردہ اجسام کی کی طرح ہی برتاؤ کیا جاتا ہے۔حیوانات کو بولنے کی وجہ سے پوری طرح جاندار سمجھا جاتا ہے۔ وہ پیار اور غصیلے رویے کو سمجھتے بھی ہیں اور اسی طرح کے رویے کا اظہار بھی کرتے ہیں،لیکن کبھی بھی ہماری محفلوں،تقریبات،غمی اور خوشی کے موقعوں پر ہمارے ساتھ شامل نہی ہوتے۔

جانتے ہیں کیوں ؟

کیونکہ ان کے پاس جان اور آواز اور رویے تو ہیں مگر الفاظ نہیں ہیں۔

       ( سوچۓ گا ضرور)

تحریر از

اصغر علی