Health care in home

Instead of going to the hospital with the following diseases, take these medicines from the nearest medical store and use them at home.
Support the government to protect yourself and your family. Thanks

For headache and fever

Panadol, Panadol Extra, Releif

For cold, flu

Arinac Fort

For stomach pain, motion etc

Flygel, Imodium, ORS

For pain in any part of the body

Caflam 50, Spasrid, Rotec etc

For high blood pressure


For vomiting etc

Gravinate tablet

For gas problems

Gaviscon syp
Mucan syp

Acidity for heartburn and indigestion

Risek 20, Zantac

For wounds etc

PolyFax, payodin, bandage

For tooth or molar pain

CalmoX 625 mg
Caflam 50

For abscesses

Double sptran

For quick relief of fever in children/adults

Brufin syp

For newborn fever

Panadol Drops

Nausea for abdominal pain or lack of motion or for gas in the stomach

Colic Drops or colic EZZ

In case of injury from applying pampers to newborn baby for a long time

Hydrozole Cream

For cough

Pulomonol syp

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Something to think about

“The vulture is a carrion-eating bird in whose nature Allah has given a thoughtful message.
When he eats, his stomach is full but his hunger is not satisfied, so he starts running and throws up what he has eaten while running. , in the same way he repeats the same action again and again but hunger does not end because he eats forbidden and dead”.
These are the universal principles formulated by nature which are a moment of thought for those who eat haram. There is nothing for you but a hardship. Eating forbidden food will fill your stomach, but your hunger will never end.

May Allah grant us all the opportunity to eat halal sustenance.

The beginning of human speech

When did humans start speaking for the first time … ??? How was the language developed in Africa … ??? According to Professor George Paulos, Professor Emeritus, the University of South Africa, when did humans first speak, which speeches were first spoken, and when did the language come from this polite start? These questions have long attracted people, especially in tracking the evolution of modern humans and what makes us different from other animals. George Paul has spent most of his academic career researching the phonetic and linguistic structure of African languages. On his latest book, human speech and language origin, he has proposed new timelines for the origin of the language. We asked her about the consequencesWhen and where did human speech come from? Research for this research shows that the voices of the first speech were spoken about 70,000 years ago, not millions or millions of years ago, as is sometimes claimed in literature. Although my research is primarily based on sound (speech sounds) and linguistic analysis, it also covers other fields, such as the study of piulio anthropology (human evolution), archaeological (fossils and other remnants), anatomy and anatomy.A “non-speaking” species of homo sapiens (modern humans) changed the species almost when our hunters migrated from Africa. When they migrated out of the African continent, they took with them the greatest gift that our generations have achieved so far – the ability to create speech sounds, which was enabled by the creation of a “speech” gene. It was the ability that was more than anything, which brought them into a world in which they would dominate all other species. Which speech sounds were first spoken? So far the first speech sounds were not just random sounds. Under these speech sounds there was a new network that connects certain parts of the brain to different parts of the vocal. Various physical and environmental factors contributed to Homo sapiens’ ability to produce speech sound for the first timeAnother interesting factor was the obvious change in the diet of our ancestors and its potential effect on the human brain. Mainly the change in omega-3 fatty acid-rich seafood occurred when they migrated from the interior of the continent to coastal regions. The sound drain gradually evolved in a long time, and various stages of development determined the types of sounds that could be produced. At the time of the migration “outside Africa”, the only part of the sound drain that was physically designed to produce speech was the oral cavity. At that time, only the sound of speech that could be made in the mouth was the so-called “click” sound. The air stream could be controlled inside the mouth. Clicks are the only known speech sounds that behave this way. They are still found in a few African languages today – especially in the Khoisian languages spoken in Botswana, Namibia and parts of South AfricaThere are less than 1% of the world’s clicks in languages. They are also found in some isolated examples in some languages of East Africa and South Africa, who adopted clicks when they came in contact with Khoisan. Clicks are also noted on one occasion outside the African continent, in the formal language register known as Damien in Australia. An example of click Speech sound is the so-called “kiss” (or bileabil) click where the lips are collected, and the back of the tongue is raised against the back of the mouth. The lips are then sucked inward, and when released, a click sound is produced. Elevular click production. Courtesy of George Paul My research suggests that the “kiss” click was probably the sound of the first speech produced by Homo Sipans. As time went on, different parts of the language became more and more manipulative, making it possible to produce other click sounds in the mouth. So, when did the voices of the second speech come out? This study shows that the production of all other human speech sounds (other conventions as well as all ends) began about 50,000 years ago. It depended on the gradual development of a proper proportional sound drain, which included all the major larynx along the mouth, back of the mouth, the nasal passages and the bones of its sound. Three air stream mechanisms were developed for the preparation of all speech sounds, and they gradually developed at other stages.How did humans interact before clicks? Earlier, the only voices that humans could produce were the so-called “vocalisations” or vocal calls. They were imitating or imitating the various actions or voices from which humans were exposed in their environment. How did humans interact before clicks? Earlier, the only voices that humans could produce were the so-called “vocalisations” or vocal calls. They were imitating or imitating the various actions or voices from which humans were exposed in their environment. They can also be unintentional voices that express different emotions or are unintentional sounds made during sores, sneezing, etc. They should not be confused with the most sophisticated mechanisms that are involved in the preparation of speech sounds that form the foundations that we today recognize as human language. And the use of full grammatical language? As the different sounds of the speech were produced, they composed syntax and words in different ways. And in turn they produce structural variants of gramical sentences that feature modern languages. The initial ability to produce the sound of speech was the spark that led to the gradual evolution of the language. The grammar language was not ready overnight. There was no “silver bullet” from which the tongue was born. The indication is that the human language was a long-lasting acquisition of homo sapiens. This research argues that the language, as we know it today, probably began to emerge 20,000 years ago. An elderly man is painting a baby’s face. Huberman / Universal Images Group through Getty Images We first observed that the first speech was played by the ancestors of the speakers of the present Khoisian languages. In light of this observation, it would be fair to assume that they were the first to speak grammar. To this day, there is no phonetic or linguistic evidence to indicate that other generations like Neandertles could ever speak the language of grammar. They did not have the dimensions of the sound path required to prepare the sound of the speech, leaving only the shapes and syntax that were needed for the grammar language. Why does it all matter? Speaking of the first speech of about 70,000 years ago was the beginning of a journey that was about to lead to the evolution of the human language. Language has provided a source of communication that has contributed to the important developments that range from the earliest known “written” records to which we have access (about 5,500 years ago) to the most sophisticated technological advances. Witnessing today …

The effects of mobile

We say the family system is breaking down, women’s freedom is at home. It is desolating, Medha has spoiled the children. But we have not yet realized the fact that the mobile has broken everything, including our relationships, traditions, family, relationships, our consciousness, the sense of loss, our focus.

The scientific development in the last three decades and reaching the third world, Internet, mobile, social media have scattered the family system, values, relationships. In the last three decades, all the investment has been made on the individual third world man. We understand that technology has advanced a lot in the last decades. The fact is that today’s man has been completely bought in the last decades. His attention, his perception, his personal thoughts and values have all been bought. have gone

Fill the social media with relevant information, videos, audios, posts in favor of the side you want to turn your thoughts to. In a minute, people from the east to the west of the whole world will move in the same direction. What is to be changed is to block his discussion on social media. Automatically, that topic and idea will disappear from the human eye. Just as it was recently decided to promote posts on social media against the President of Russia, so that the city-by-city. Village by village people will hate it. Just like some words and some controversial issues are blocked on social media. You can’t even name some words and some countries and groups. And it’s all out in the open. We are told, but our thinking is so paralyzed by the screen that we do not understand. We think that the world is under our remote control. We do not understand that this remote control is actually controlling us. .Generation gap, lack of mental harmony, deterioration in relationships, half-finished relationships, technology has completely surrounded all these empty vacuums and made roots in our hearts and minds so much that now understanding It doesn’t know where necessity ends and unnecessary work begins. It has crumbled cracked walls and toppled buildings to the ground. Humans everything, social media, internet shut down. One wants to do it and put it aside, then one finds that a very important task has been missed and the person gets stuck in forgetting them again. In the last several decades, the biggest loss has been the individual human attention. Now We have forgotten the difference between essential and non-essential.

Today’s generation cannot be trained in homes and families, now they are trained in digital media. Today’s man’s training has gone out of the hands of man and his family and environment. Now social media is his family, that is his. environment, which is being controlled by intelligent minds sitting behind.

We have lost information and constructive knowledge in the pile of trash and garbage of the Internet. And now we have to suffer thousands of miles of dirt and garbage for the sake of a little construction. , Hearts and souls are being filled with filth. Vain colors, noises, jokes, dances, what they used to say.

Eat drink and love

Don’t say now.

Now there is only one word on this level

Live social media!

Parents are looking for children in homes, children are looking for parents, there are thousands of friends on social media, not even one in life. People have no time left for real people. We are forgetting the real behavior of people. We begin to be impressed by the shiny but lifeless faces hidden behind the screen, as artificial as the characters in a play, whom we cannot touch, whom we can never reach.

Now creating generations has become an old thing. Internet is creating today’s generations. Twenty years ago it was said that the world is collapsing into a global village. Now the whole world has become the same Qibla. One button of social media for the whole world. It is enough to ignore. One click is busy controlling the minds of the whole world. Now there is no difference between us, our religion, customs, beliefs, thoughts, philosophies have all become one. We feel. Yes, there is a difference between us. In fact, these differences have become so blurred that they are not even visible from a distance. Every ten years, generations are moving centuries away from their foundations, and we third world people are watching.

Since we have no part in science and technology, we have no power to control this whole process. We do not have all our internet channels like China, Japan and Korea. We have no way to choose directions or find paths. No capacity. So we had only one job left to open our doors to all kinds of internet to be developed. Like a wind storm this locust army like termites in the roots of our species. Allow yourself to sink into the security, thinking and consciousness of your own generations. Let us abolish our markets, forget our beliefs and customs, and sink into the market of the Global Village that America Europe today’s powerful successful society dreams of. It was kept. Earlier there were colonies of Great Britain, now the third world deprived of all technological development has become America.

Now we couldn’t even give our children proper education and awareness before we had to give them smart phone. And by giving a phone we lost our generation.

In America, Great Britain and Europe, schools and colleges are taught to use technology successfully for success. We have children on Tik Tok who become stars by dancing and playing songs. How are the stars and how are the lovers? There were no ticks on their roots that the worm ate them. And we don’t even realize it.

So far, everything we have done is to increase this excitement. We could not move our universities and colleges to the Internet, but we could move the entire market. We could not build our digital libraries, but we could tiktok and snack Videos made public. Our mobiles and phone connections are sold only with free social media incentives. Yet we have no idea how to avoid the negative effects of the internet and technology at the local or national level and use them to our advantage. There is no effort, because the young, the big, the educated, the ignorant have all been captured by this smart phone which does not give us the time to raise our heads nor the courage to think. Life is passing blindly and will pass.

Groups of computer engineers and masters in computer science are coming out of universities every year in Pakistan, yet we don’t have our own browser, our own messenger, our own audio and video call system. Any system to stop the camera. We are people who like to dream the sweet but false dream of our security by borrowing other people’s boats. We have set up a mobile factory by taking them. That is all we could do.

This is the condition of our third world people today when people can’t even see. When we start drinking alcohol in imitation of the whites, we tear our bellies. We are still tearing today.Amazingly, no voice has been raised so far from leaders to scholars, from media to scientists, to try to get our nation out of this addiction. No one talks about usage. Otherwise it is time to limit the use of social media in Pakistan. Youtube and other video channels should be limited. Parents and teachers should be encouraged to teach children about safe and useful technology. Encourage usage. Don’t bury the culture of books, magazines and newspapers. Why do children have access to tik tok and snack videos in Pakistan? Everyone needs to understand that everything is not just today. Always in front of you. There is a coming tomorrow that is successful and useful only when we work for it. Otherwise, man remains the sheep that we are becoming. Because it will always use it as a labor force and keep slaves.


A person sitting at a hotel said to another – this child working at the hotel is so stupid – that I will put a note of 100 and 50 – then he will pick up a note of 50 – and at the same time he called the child and holding two notes in front of him said more of them. Pick up the note _ The child picked up the 50 note _ Then both of them laughed _ And the child went back to his work _ The person sitting next to them called the child after they both left _ And asked how old you are _ You don’t know the difference between 50 and 100 notes __ This Hearing this, the child smiled__and said this man often does this to amuse some friend by seeing my stupidity__and I pick up a 50 note__they are happy__and I get fifty rupees__the day I pick up five hundred__that day This game will be over__and so will my income
Life is also like this game–there is no need to be wise everywhere–where being wise affects your own happiness–there is only wisdom to be a fool.

Data entry

Many people don’t know what data entry is. How can I get a data entry job? How can we do data entry from mobile? And how much is his job salary after entering data from mobile? So in today’s article we will discuss these points and some things that are very important for you to know for data entry, they will also tell you. Today most people have a mobile phone and 90% of them also have a smartphone and all people want to earn money online from their mobile phone.

Today in this article we will learn about the easiest way to earn money from mobile phone, in today’s article how do we do data entry from mobile? How to make money online from mobile? You will know about them in detail. So let’s know about how to do data entry

What is data entry?

Friends before doing any work it is very important for us to know what work we have to do? So now we will know what is data entry.
Friends, data entry is a very easy job, especially for people like students and housewives who want to earn some money by working part time.
Friends, in data entry job, you get a chance to work in a department like company, hospital, government offices, in which you have to do data entry of these departments.
In a data entry job, you only have to store the given information in the form of data.
For data entry work you need to work in software like MS Word, MS Excel, Notepad.
There are many private companies that provide you data entry job, in which you have to save the complete details of the employee of that company in the form of data.
In this the data is provided to you by the company or department, you just have to enter the company’s website to view the data.
A data entry job does not require much educational qualification, you just need to have good computer knowledge.
Even if you have studied till 10th standard you can get data entry job

What are the types of data entry?

Friends, as the companies and industries are growing, the demand for data entry jobs is increasing rapidly. Almost millions of people do data entry work every year and earn good money.
There are many types of data entry jobs which are as follows:

Online form filling

Online survey work

Captcha entry function

Copy and paste work


Formatting and editing jobs

Image for text data entry

Audio to text

Medical Transcriptionist

Online data capturing function

Email Processing

Updating the database

Catalog data entry operator

Payroll Data Entry Operator

Web-based data entry

What is data?

In computer language every entry is called data which we enter into the computer with the help of input devices like keyboard, mouse etc. That is, if we type something with the help of the keyboard, then the words we type are called data. Similarly, if someone uploads a video or image, that too is computer data.
So you know what data is? Obviously you must have understood data entry. If we put it clearly, feeding any data into the computer is called data entry. For example, explaining to you, such as feeding a bank customer’s name and address into a computer.
Online data entry jobs require you to acquire some of these skills as well.
Basic knowledge of English language

Computer Basics

Good English typing speed

Internet knowledge

Your interests and beliefs
How to Find a Data Entry Job
Friends now I will tell you step by step how to get online data entry job.
You will find data entry work very easily, you just need to be patient.
Nowadays, you will find online data entry jobs very easily in many websites.
To get a data entry job, you just need to visit these websites and first create a good profile of yourself.
In your profile you will tell about all the skills that you have inside and so that you can do data entry job very well like typing speed, basic computer knowledge, data processing, MS Word, MS Excel. All information makes up your profile. Very attractive, which increases your chances of being selected.
After creating a profile, you have to apply for a data entry job in this website.
You will get data entry job very easily but you should keep in mind that you don’t work for wrong website or wrong client.
There are many websites in this job where you are asked to do data entry work but you are not paid. So before applying for data entry job in any website, check it thoroughly

If you have applied for data entry job in any website, first you check that website at if that website is in this search engine only You work on it.
Friends, now I will list you some websites which are very reliable and here you will get good data entry jobs.

This website is widely used and here you will find many data entry jobs

How to do data entry from mobile

Guys, not everyone has a laptop these days, but everyone has a smartphone. For those who have a smartphone and want to do data entry work, the biggest question in their mind is how to do data entry work on mobile? Now I will answer this question in detail.
Friends as we know you will find data entry job in many websites.
Now all these websites have made their mobile application, you can install these mobile application in your mobile and apply for data entry job.
This makes it much easier for you to get work and it is also much easier to work and get paid from your clients.
Dostu Mobile Data Entry There are many softwares available through which you can easily do data entry in your mobile e.g.


Google Docs

MS Excel

Microsoft Word
In all these software you are given all data entry tools with the help of which you can do data entry work on mobile very easily.

How to do data entry?

For data entry, you are given data by the client, you have to fill the same data in digital form as you have to write the data given by the client in MS Word, Excel, PDF, any Also the company has to update its database. For data entry work, she gives her company data to her data entry operator and that operator has to write the same data in her database through computer or mobile, you can use MS Word, Excel, Google Sheets, Google Doc, PDF. can use And many software can be used.
If your data entry work is being scanned, you can use other software to scan multiple documents and insert them into your client’s database.
In data entry work, you have to spell check and check a lot of data, there are different types of data entry work.
You have to use different software for all these data entry tasks.
To do data entry work you must have some knowledge of technology so that you can easily do your data entry work with its help.

Typing speed

Apart from the language, another thing to pay attention to is the typing speed of your hands. If you feel that your hand typing speed is fine then you must read the typing rules once. Nowadays everyone can type easily because of the keyboard in mobile tablets etc. But there is a big difference between typing on a mobile and typing on a computer.

Computer knowledge

Obviously you will have to work on a computer for data entry and if you are going to work on a computer you should have a good understanding of it. There are many shortcuts you need to keep in mind while doing data entry, which will make your work easier.

Above your research

A hunter put a piece of meat in a noose and threw it into the river. A fish ran to eat him. There a big fish stopped him not to touch him, there is a hidden hook in it which you cannot see. As soon as you eat the herb, that thorn will stick in your throat, which will not come out even after a thousand attempts. A hunter sitting outside will be aware of this thin cord of your longing. He will be happy if you suffer, he will pull you out with this thin string, he will cut you into pieces with a knife, he will cook you in boiling oil on the fire with spices, 10, 10 fingered people will chew with 32, 32 teeth. will eat you This will be your end.
Saying this, the big fish left. The little fish started exploring in the river, there was no hunter, no fire, no boiling oil, no pepper, no man with ten toes and thirty-two teeth, nothing. The little fish started saying that this big fish is illiterate, ignorant, talking of the stone age, there is no truth in his words. I have done my own research, there is no truth in any of the things he said, it is my observation that he believes in the so-called unseen things that he has heard. .
So, based on his observation, he put the bait in his mouth, bit the hook, the fish squirmed, the hunter pulled the line and pulled it out.
The Prophets, peace be upon them, have explained in detail all the unseen situations and events that happened to humans after the thorn of death. Wise men like big fish started living by obeying the words of the prophets. The small fish ideologues left the path of the prophets and followed their own path of outward exploration.
After the thorn of death, all situations will come to light.
The fish came out of the water and did not return
Man left the world and did not return
This is the only time, if you understand…

Think about outcome for 30 minutes before the action

Iqbal, the only son of his parents and the only educated brother of two sisters, got into a fight with a young man of his neighborhood. A scuffle ensued and some abuses were also exchanged. Iqbal came home and sat in his room. He decided to kill his enemy and took out a pistol from the cupboard. Suddenly he remembered a friend’s advice. The friend asked him to visualize the situation after the incident for 30 minutes before taking any such extreme step.
Iqbal fired three bullets into the head of his enemy in imagination and put him to eternal sleep. An hour later he was arrested. At the time of his arrest, his parents and two sisters were crying. His mother fainted. When the case started, the house started emptying. One item after another was sold. It became impossible for the sisters to continue their education and their dreams of becoming doctors were spent in the case file. The sisters’ relationships stopped coming and money started falling on their heads. Parents and sisters visited each week behind bars. The sisters had only one question, what will happen to us now? Who shall we sleep in our brother’s bed? How will we raise the pride of the brother? The brother has no answer. The day of judgment came and Junaid was sentenced to death. The date of execution has been fixed. 25 minutes had passed and Junaid’s body was shaking. In jail he was counting the steps of his death and at home his parents and sisters were burning in the hell of their anguish and torture. Black bandages were tied on Junaid’s eyes and he was taken to the gallows. 29 minutes had passed. 30 minutes were completed as soon as he stepped on the gallows. Junaid was sweating profusely. His body was trembling. He put the pistol back in the closet. He picked up the two books of his sisters from the table and went to the sisters. Addressing the sisters, he said, “My dear sister, it is time for you to study.” Study hard because you want to become a doctor.
A few months later, Junaid got employed in a good post in a bank. Junaid’s two sisters became doctors. They are living a successful and fulfilling life. These 30 minutes of imagination and 30 minutes of trial action saved an entire house from destruction. You must keep this 30 minutes in your life for yourself, this 30 minutes of imaginary torture will save you from lifelong torture!

The silent killer

Nazia, a 28-year-old M.Phil Sociology student, felt a lump in her breast while taking a bath. It felt like a lump when touched. But there was no particular pain. She thought she would discuss it with her mother. I could not remember a few weeks in the same state of indifference. One day, while taking a bath again, I noticed this, so I consulted my mother about it. The mother said that if there is any pain or discomfort, let’s take it to the doctor, she also advised that if there is not much problem, tie an onion and read wazifa together, it will “go away” by itself. Read Wazifa for a few weeks, and tied onions along with light hand massage with olive oil. It was as if Nazia mentally convinced herself that the tips had reduced the size of the bulge. She was satisfied. The bulge remained in place. be quite. Without any discomfort or pain. Like the sea before the storm.

Six months passed like that. Nazia forgot that one breast is swollen. Now Nazia felt a strange pain in her right arm, as if someone was trying to make a hole in her bone. Took pain medication for a few days, and the pain subsided. But as soon as the medicine was stopped, the pain intensified again. Finally consulted a nearby doctor. He said it is a young girl what should happen to her. Prescribed calcium and vitamin D, along with a strong painkiller injection and pills. Again temporary relief came. But as soon as the course of medicine is over, the same tension begins!

Now Nazia was worried that why this pain was not going away. He asked his doctor friend to get an x-ray from the government hospital. Took x-rays to the doctor with the clavicle. He saw the x-ray and said that there is something wrong in it, you can show it in cancer outdoor. And so my first meeting with Nazia was arranged.

Nazia greeted me and while holding the x-ray, said that she has a pain in the arm bone. When I saw the x-ray, instead of asking about the bone, I asked her, “Do you feel any lump in your body”, to which she replied that yes, it was just a lump in the breast, but it got better with the stipend and massage. , but “a little” is still there. Alarms started ringing as they checked the “slight” bulge. I prescribed Nazia a biopsy, bone scan and CT scan. In the report, there was a very aggressive breast cancer of the fourth stage, which had spread not only to the bones, but also to the liver, lungs and adrenal gland.

The duration of Nazia’s treatment was about eighteen months. He spent the last four months of his life in great pain. In the bed in the presence of disability, she used to talk about her heart sometimes. She wanted to get married. I wanted to complete my degree. I wanted to be a mother. I wanted to live something else. But the decision of fate was something elsePerhaps there are many Nazis around us. Because one out of every nine women suffer from it in their lifetime. Women need to be told and advised not to delay in consulting a doctor if there are breast changes. If we catch this disease in its early stages, there are good chances of eradicating it by the grace of Allah. If you are a woman and have any of the symptoms shown in the picture, see a doctor immediately. If you are a man, tell your women not to value the shame of hesitation, and even sexual desire, over life and health.

Fruit or juice

Nowadays, the popularity of fruit juice with fruits is increasing. Fruits do not lack nutrition and with it fruit juice has become popular. Fruit juice is made from fruits and sold in the market. The juice of that fruit again matches both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor fruit juices taste different than home-made fruit juices, as different flavours are used there. But, if you know the right method, home-made fruit juice and fruit juice made outside can have a strange taste.

Fruit juice is much tastier than fruit, so many times instead of fruit it may seem like a glass of fruit juice fills the mind. But the nutritional value of fruit is more than fruit juice. This is because a large part of the fruit is left out while making the fruit juice. One glass (250 ml) of any fruit is like four small bowls of juice, which is much less nutritious than fresh fruit.

Two hundred and fifty grams of fresh apples provide about 146 calories. In addition, 250 ml of fresh apple juice provides 116 grams of calories. So judging from the rest of the fruits in this way, it can be seen that the nutritional value of the fruit is slightly higher than the nutritional value of the fruit juice. As much calcium or phosphorus as there is in fresh fruit, most of it remains in the juice. The mineral content of fruit juice is therefore slightly less than that of fruit. For example, pineapple and pineapple juice can provide 96 mg and 26 mg of vitamin C, respectively.

However, it is true that fruit juice is much easier to digest than fruits. Most seniors consume fun fruit juices instead of growth fruits. Fruit juice can therefore never be a perfect fruit substitute. But fruit juice is much tastier than fruit. Fruit juice filled with salt, sugar and spices fills the mind. So there is no problem in eating fruit juice instead of fruit occasionally. 

Again, fruit juice cannot be said to be completely malnourished, because it is also nectar to us if necessary. Even if you can’t find any fruit outside, the fruit juice fills that gap. However, you should never eat too much fruit juice every day, especially for patients suffering from high blood pressure. It is not advisable to drink fruit juice mixed with salt in every day. 

Nowadays, fruit juice in bottles or packets are easily available in big stores in the city. The amount of juice and the amount of water are written on such bottles or packets. Fruit juices marked ‘one hundred percent’ also contain far fewer calories or vitamins than fresh fruit juices. This is because long-term preservation of artificial chemicals preserves the taste and aroma of the juice, but the nutritional value is greatly reduced.

Amazon forest

The Amazon forest spans 9 countries in the world, with Brazil at the top.
Its total area covers 5.5 million square kilometers, while the area of Pakistan is 7.95 thousand square kilometers.
This forest is five and a half million years old.

A Spanish traveler named Francisco de Orellana is said to have visited here in 1540.  Here there was a fight with Topoyas, a local tribe.  Francisco de Orellana observed in this battle that the women of this tribe were extremely warlike and resembled the ancient Greek women known as Amazons.  For this reason, the name of this forest was Amazon jungle

Amazon is a Greek word meaning “warrior woman”.
20% of the Earth’s oxygen is provided by the trees and plants of the Amazon alone
40% of the world’s animals, birds, insects are found in the Amazon
More than 400 wild tribes live here, their population is estimated to be around 45 lakhs.  These people are living in a wild style even in the 21st century
Some of its areas are so dense that sunlight cannot reach there and there is night sky even during the day
There are also such poisonous insects that if they bite a person, they will die in a few seconds.
The Amazon River is the largest river in the world in terms of water, its length is 7 thousand kilometers.
There are 30,000 species of fish in the Amazon River
60% of the species in the Amazon rainforest are still unnamed
The spiders here are so big and powerful that they even catch birds
30 thousand varieties of fruits are found here
Adventurers and biologists have so far been able to reach only 10 percent of this forest
If you are in the Amazon jungle and it rains heavily, after about 12 minutes the rain water will not reach you.

Does Cold Drink Help Digestion?

The use of cold drinks has become an essential part of any feast. Majority of people believe that it helps in digestion of food. This is the reason why people organize these drinks on Bakra Eid.
Let’s examine how much truth there is in this.

Cold drinks usually contain water, lots of sugar, soda, carbon dioxide gas, artificial colors, preservatives and caffeine. It does not contain any digestive enzymes. None of these ingredients are known to speed up digestion. Yes, it has many disadvantages, such as the hard coating of the tooth (tooth enamel) is susceptible to breakage, the pain of the heartburn patient can increase. Excess sugar can be a major cause of obesity. It can lead to bone weakness. Due to the high caffeine content in some cold drinks, people can become addicted to it.

One thing that people probably think of it as a digestive aid is the carbon dioxide gas it contains. It is a liquid when mixed into drinks, but at body temperature it becomes a gas, causing the drinker to belch and think that he has digested food. . Although this is just a myth, the reality is the opposite. Instead of digestion, it causes problems for the stomach.

If you use these cold drinks in food to make food palatable, then it is a different matter, but you must take into account their harmful effects, but if you take them to help digestion, then you must think before using them.


It is the second largest continent in terms of area in the world with a total area of ​​30,065,000 square kilometers.
Mountains, deserts and rivers are abundant in this continent
And dense forests are also abundant in this continent

Due to the different types of climate of this continent, many types of vegetation and wild animals are found here
This continent is rich in gold and diamonds and the longest river in the world. The Nile River flows in this continent
The highest point of this continent is “Mount Kal Manjaro” which is located in Tanzania. The height of which is 5895 meters
The lowest point is Lake Asal, which is located in Djibouti, and is 156 meters below sea level

The following countries are located in this continent
Eritrea, Equatorial Guinea, Algeria, Angola, Ethiopia, Burundi, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso
Faso, Tanzania, Tunisia, Togo, Djibouti, South Africa, Chad, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, Sudan, Seattle, Senegal, Somalia, Congo, Comoros,
Côte d’Ire, Cape Verde, Cameroon, Kenya, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ghana, Gambia, Gabon, Liberia, Liberia, Lesotho, Mauritius,
Mali, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Western Sahara, Malawi, Niger, Nigeria, Namibia, Central African Republic and Uganda

Most of the countries of this continent are under the influence of colonial forces
And most of the country is in turmoil
All of them have the same reason that most of the countries of this continent are Muslim and they are all rich in mineral wealth. Due to which the colonial forces are killing these people by fighting among themselves.

Why do mothers feed their babies formula milk instead of their own milk?

birth, but according to the World Health Organization, only 44% of them continue to breastfeed for six months.

Such mothers start formula feeding as an alternative, because infants cannot eat solid foods for the first six months, so they are fed breast milk or infant formula.

This is why the current shortage of formula milk in the US has made the situation dire, as only a quarter of mothers in the US breastfeed their babies for six months.

The shortage of formula milk in the United States is due to production and supply chain issues, further exacerbated by the Food Department’s investigation into Abbott Nutrition, a major formula maker.

It should be noted that Abbott and three other companies produce 90% of the formula milk

Research shows that breast milk is the healthiest and safest source of food for infants. It also plays a key role in the mother-child relationship

So why do mothers prefer formula feeding instead of breastfeeding?

There are many factors that cause a baby not to breastfeed. But many experts say a mother’s hospital experience at the time of childbirth matters

For decades, the World Health Organization has been emphasizing the provision of a ‘baby-friendly’ environment in hospitals to promote breastfeeding.

The first 24 hours after birth are very important for newborns as they learn how to breastfeed.

‘Newborn-friendly’ initiatives have been implemented in hospitals in Europe and America, but this has not happened in other regions of the world so far. Antonina Mutoro, a researcher with a child care agency in Kenya, helped conduct surveys for a recented Nations report examining the situation in Nairobi’s informal settlements.

The results of this survey revealed that only two percent of mothers of newborns were exclusively breastfeeding their babies.

This is also important because the mothers living in these densely populated settlements could not even afford to buy formula milk. Instead of feeding her own milk, she was feeding the children cow’s milk and soft foods

One of the main reasons for not breastfeeding was that mothers were not taught how to breastfeed their babies after giving birth in the hospital, says Mitoro. She explains, “If the newborn-friendly facility is not available in the respective hospital after birth, many times the staff says to give the baby to us, we feed it with formula.” Thus begins the series.

Also, doctors sometimes tell the mother that her milk is not enough. However, Mitoro says that after birth, when the baby is placed on the mother’s breast, demand is created, which also causes milk to flow.

The problem is not ignorance of the benefits of breast milk. According to Mayutoro, medical staff know how important breast milk is to a child’s health. But the structure to promote this process is not there. Many doctors and nurses do not train mothers on how to breastfeed and instead give formula milk.

Then there is the influence of infant formula companies. In 1981, the World Health Assembly, the decision-making body of the World Health Organization, developed a code of advertising for breast milk substitute products. The regulation prohibits formula makers from advertising their products in a way that discourages breastfeeding.discourages breastfeeding.

However, according to the report of the World Health Organization that came out in February this year, these companies are actively promoting their products online, and for this purpose, they are adopting such methods of online advertising, which in 1981 were not present at the time of making the rules. These methods include providing access to mothers by collecting information through algorithms and apps

The report stated that even after four decades of implementation of this regulation, the rate of breastfeeding has remained stagnant, but the rate of sale of formula milk has doubled.

Lack of practical training
Rafael Pérez Escamilla, one of the authors of the World Health Organization report, says that even in most newborn-friendly hospitals, women are not provided with the training or support they need to know what to expect when they go home. How to breastfeed?

According to Escamilla, there are two main reasons for this. The first reason is that most medical nursing schools only teach how to breastfeed for two hours during training.

Formula feeding

Learn about baby formula milk, how to
 prepare, times and amounts of formula milk, and how to prevent baby bottle teething.

Breast milk is the key to the proper development of children around the world

It is known as a rich source of nutrients of nature. Breastfeeding is also beneficial for the mother’s health as it reduces the risks of breast and uterine cancers and bone density. Within a month of your baby’s birth, your breast milk supply is established.

You may realize that you are not producing enough milk for your baby. If so, do not stop breastfeeding.

Instead, talk to your local counselor or other breastfeeding specialist or your doctor for help. If you start feeding your baby with a bottle before your milk supply is well established, your milk supply may decrease to such an extent that breastfeeding becomes difficult or impossible.

If there is a specific reason you must wean, or you have made a conscious decision not to breastfeed, you should feel comfortable with the decision to bottle feed.

A cow’s milk formula with added iron is best. You can also use infant formula as a complementary food, if you are unable to breastfeed your baby even though your milk supply is well established. Do not feed your baby regular cow’s milk before 12 months of age as this can lead to iron deficiency and allergies.

How is baby formula made?

Most baby formulas are made from cow’s milk, but they contain balanced vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to help your baby grow and develop properly. It is very unlikely that there is an allergy to the proteins in cow’s milk or an intolerance to the natural sugars in milk. If you are concerned about this possibility, talk to your doctor to find out which formula is best for your baby.

Although baby formula milks are formulated with nutritional elements that are as close as possible to mother’s milk, the ingredients in alternative formula milks do not contain all the ingredients that have been identified in human milk. Of the more than 200 identified human milk components found in this complex fluid, only 30 can be artificially added to infant formula. Scientists have found a way to combine the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in breast milk that are important for eye and brain development.

Most baby formula contains natural sugars because it contains only the same carbohydrates (starches) as breast milk. The sugars in milk help with digestion, regular bowel movements, and the formation of healthy tissue. The formula also contains protein for baby growth and easily digestible fats that protect your baby’s skin and help absorb certain vitamins.

The formula includes the following essential vitamins:

Vitamin O for building the baby’s body cells and good vision

B. To maintain vitamins, nervous system, skin and tissues (cells).

Vitamin C for gums and teeth

Vitamin D for strong bones and teeth

Vitamin E for healthy red blood cells.

Baby formula also contains important minerals such as calcium, phosphorus for healthy bones and teeth, and iron to prevent iron deficiency in the blood. All formula-fed babies should be given iron-fortified formula. . The level of iron in formula milk is not high enough to cause diarrhea or constipation.

Preparing baby formula milk

Baby formula milk is available in three forms: powdered, condensed liquid, and ready-to-serve milk. Ready-to-serve milk can be poured directly into the baby’s bottle and given as it is. This is especially handy when you’re traveling. For the first four months of a baby’s life, condensed milk and powdered formula need to be mixed with boiling or commercially available sterile water as per the formula manufacturer’s instructions. Carefully measure and mix to make sure your baby gets the right amount of condensed formula milk. Do not add more formula milk and do not dilute the prepared milk by adding more water.

To make formula milk, boil the water for two to five minutes before use.

If you warm a baby’s bottle, check the temperature of the formula before giving it to the baby. Avoid heating the bottle in the microwave as hot spots on the plastic can affect the nutritional and anti-infective properties of formula milk. These hot spots can also burn the baby’s mouth. Instead, place the bottle under running hot water or in a bottle warmer. Be sure to mix the formula milk well once it is warmed.

Once the formula milk is prepared, use it or refrigerate it immediately. Freshly made formula milk can be refrigerated for up to 24 hours. Discard formula milk that has been sitting at room temperature for more than an hour. After feeding, discard any milk left in the bottle.

Timings and Amounts

Newborns often consume 30 milliliters [one ounce] of formula at one feeding, and this amount increases to 60 milliliters to 90 milliliters [two to three ounces] by the end of one week of age. . Your baby will probably need eight feedings a day in the first three weeks of life. After that, the number of meals each day will decrease and the amount of each meal will increase. Let your baby decide how much formula milk he needs. Don’t force him to finish the bottle. If your baby is not hungry at a feeding time, increase the time between feedings.

Before feeding, observe how quickly the formula drops from the bottle nipple. From a clean bottle nipple, approximately one drop per second should fall if the bottle is held upside down. A bottle pacifier can prolong feeding time.

Feeding your baby

The time of feeding should be convenient. It is not only to feed your child but also to form a relationship with him. Lift your baby in your arms in a position between sitting and lying down so that milk does not get stuck in his throat. This position will also prevent the milk from entering the baby’s ear. Hold the bottle tilted to one side so that the teat and neck of the bottle are full of milk, thus preventing your baby from swallowing too much air.

Burping is not necessary. Air in the stomach does not hurt. However, cardamom reduces swelling. You can try to get your baby to burp after each feed, but don’t worry if he doesn’t. If it becomes necessary to expel air from the stomach, it will come out during the attempt to belch, but this will not always be possible. If you want your baby to burp, wait until he’s breastfed.

Preventing tooth decay with a baby bottle

When your baby is sleeping, fluids are accumulating in the mouth, if you put a bottle of milk or any other sweet drink in your baby’s mouth, it can lead to tooth decay. You can prevent this problem by not feeding your baby a bottle while he sleeps. If you must give a bottle at this time, fill it with water instead of milk.


Call on Meta to provide reparations to the Rohingya community

A refugee community is taking on a Silicon Valley tech giant. Ethnic Rohingya groups are calling for reparations for Facebook’s role in the atrocities in Myanmar. Sign the petition calling on Meta to take responsibility now.

In 2017, more than 700,000 Rohingya became refugees after fleeing extreme violence and crimes against humanity during a campaign of ethnic cleansing by the Myanmar military. Facebook (owned by Meta) contributed to violence and discrimination against them by spreading and amplifying anti-Rohingya content across the platform.

However, the billion-dollar company has refused all requests from the Rohingya for providing meaningful remedy. Now, a group of Rohingya youth in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, have filed a human rights complaint against Facebook in the USA for its role in the abuses perpetrated against their community. They have asked for an investment of $1 million USD for educational projects in the refugee camp.

Meta cannot change the past, but it can help the community to move forward by providing them with the remedy they have requested, apologizing to the victims and making adequate changes to the platform to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

The Rohingya community are determined that Meta be held accountable. Showkutara, a 22-year-old living in Cox’s Bazar, says “Facebook must pay. If they do not, we will go to every court in the world. We will never give up in our struggle.”

Sign the petition and demand that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg agrees to the Rohingya community’s demand for reparations from Meta now. With your signature, we will show a collective demand for Meta to do better, starting with providing reparations to the Rohingya. With enough global pressure, we can hold Meta accountable.

Humanity is priceless

Tears came to the eyes of the person who served food to two poor hungry children in a restaurant in Kerala when the hotel billed him. But you will also get excited if you know this. According to an Indian website, in this incident which has gone viral on social media, a person will eat at a restaurant in Miluppurm. When the food came, two children from outside were looking at his plate with longing eyes. He signaled and invited them in. The person asked the child what he would like to eat, and the child expressed his desire to eat the cheese on the plate. They were cousins ​​and lived in a nearby place. This person prepared food for Dunov and did not eat until they had eaten. When the two children ate and washed their hands when they left, they ate their food and when they asked for the bill, they looked at the bill, they did not write the amount on the bill, it was just a comment.
“We don’t have a machine that can make a human bill.

Loyalty to whom ?

Henry was from Seattle, USA. He was an executive manager at Microsoft. He earned a master’s degree in computer science from George Washington University in 1980, and then moved to Microsoft through various companies.
Microsoft proved to be a “helipad” to his career and he doubled and quadrupled overnight.He was one of the highest paid people at the company in 1995 and was said to be until Henry Don’t look at the software with a smile, Microsoft doesn’t market it till then, Henry got this position in the company through hard work and struggle, he worked 16 hours a day in the office, he came to the office at 8 am and He used to go home at twelve o’clock at night. Henry had only one son. Henry could not give much time to his son due to his office commitments.
When he got up in the morning, his son would have gone to school and when he returned from office, his son would be sleeping. On his day off, his son would go out to play while Henry would sleep all day. In 1998, a Seattle television channel aired an interview with Henry. In the interview, the television host announced, “We have the highest-paid person in Seattle sitting down today.” The camera panned from the host to Henry. Henry smiled proudly, and then the interview began, in which Henry revealed that he earns $500 an hour from Microsoft.
Henry’s son and wife were also watching this interview. When the interview was over, Henry’s son got up, he opened his “money box”, took out all the notes and coins from it and started counting, it was four and a half hundred. There were dollars, Henry’s son pocketed the money. That night, when Henry returned home, his son was awake.
The son stepped forward and picked up his father’s bag, Henry bent down and kissed his son, the son sat his father on the sofa and humbly asked, “Daddy, can you lend me fifty dollars?” The father smiled and pocketed the money. He took out fifty dollars and said, “Why not, I can give all the wealth to my son.” The son took a fifty dollar note, took out a bill and notes from his pocket, put the fifty note on top of him and gave all this money to his father. He placed it on his hand, Henry looked at his son in surprise, the son looked his father in the eye and smiled and said, “This is five hundred dollars.
“I want to buy one hour from the richest worker in Seattle with these five hundred dollars.” I want to touch her, I want to love her, I want to hear her voice, I want to laugh, play and talk with her,

“Daddy, will you give me an hour? I’m paying you for it in full.” Tears came to Henry’s eyes, he hugged his son and burst into tears. Henry in 1999. Wrote an article called “Family Life”. I agreed to read this article, in this article he revealed that the most valuable thing in the world is family. The greatest happiness and greatest satisfaction in the world are our wife and children but unfortunately we give them the least time. Henry said that the most unfaithful thing in the world is our job, our profession and our business. If we get sick today, if we have an accident today, our organization will hand over our chair to someone else before evening. We close our shop today, our customers will buy from another store tomorrow.
If we die today, our profession will forget us tomorrow, but unfortunately we give the most precious time of life to the most unfaithful thing in the world. We spend our best energies in this unfaithful world. And those who are our partners in pain, with whom all our joys and all our joys are associated and who are most loyal to us, we forget them, we give them very little time of our life. “

Disadvantages of not eating meat

It is generally thought and understood that vegetables are very beneficial for human health, but the human body needs vegetables as well as meat, and not eating meat can be harmful to the human body, but vegetables And the right combination of meats is the best sign of health.

Most of the people do not eat meat due to religious and moral reasons or 

An important source of protein, if meat is suddenly removed from your diet, this sudden change can be detrimental to your body, and you may face a number of problems.

Getting hungry early

Meat is generally considered a heavy food, when you suddenly stop eating meat, you may feel less hungry, and you may start to feel hungry sooner, so you may need chips for that. Or other snacks should be kept with you so that you can quench that hunger.

Skin problems

Also, if you’ve been dreaming of flawless skin, suddenly removing meat from your diet can come as an unpleasant surprise. Red meat is rich in amino acids, which are essential for collagen production, and not getting enough of the essential nutrients can make your skin look dull.

Meat contains zinc and zinc is also found in many vegetables, but lower amounts than meat can affect your skin and cause acne or breakouts on your face.

Damage to hair

By giving up meat, your regular intake of zinc decreases, and zinc deficiency can also cause your hair to fall out.

Abdominal pain and indigestion may also be experienced

Eating vegetables will certainly benefit your gut, but suddenly giving up meat can upset the bacteria in your gut as you dramatically change your diet and start eating foods that you’re used to. If different, it can cause stomach pain and indigestion.

Sleep deprivation, causes and treatment.

Sleep is very important for a health

y life . It not only has a pleasant effect on your mood but also prevents dark circles around the eyes. Getting enough sleep is great for maintaining weight, mind, and heart health. But if you are unable to get full and restful sleep, you may face many medical problems. Even some mental problems like irritability can occur. The causes of sleeplessness are different and the effects are also different.

Causes of Insomnia and 8 Effective Remedies

Sleep is very important for a healthy life . It not only has a pleasant effect on your mood but also prevents dark circles around the eyes. Getting enough sleep is great for maintaining weight, mind, and heart health. But if you are unable to get full and restful sleep, you may face many medical problems. Even some mental problems like irritability can occur. The causes of sleeplessness are different and the effects are also different.
What are the causes of sleeplessness?
Reasons for lack of sleep can be as follows.Change in daily activities like work schedule -Unhealthy diet (excessive consumption of snacks during meals) -Using laptop or mobile phone late at night -Mental stress , depression, and anxiety etc. -Excessive use of alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine -Climatic conditions -Noise -Sleeplessness can be caused by many other factors. But knowing the cause is not as important as trying to get rid of the disease, because lack of sleep can lead to various diseases.

Effects of sleep deprivation on health

Lack of sleep or lack of sleep can lead to these problems.

Weakness of vision

Lack of sleep affects eyesight first . Not getting enough sleep can cause problems like blurred vision and double vision. The longer you are awake, the more likely you are to have impaired vision, while also increasing the risk of hallucinations.


Research is still unclear as to why headaches are caused by lack of sleep. But it is certain that lack of sleep definitely causes headaches. Half of the headaches are due to lack of sleep, while 36 to 58 percent of snorers have morning headaches.


Due to lack of sleep, complaints of emotionality become common and irritability also increases. According to some medical research, negative emotions increase due to disturbed sleep, which affects daily and especially office performance.


In case of lack of sleep, the balance of hormones in the body begins to deteriorate, resulting in excessive hunger and desire to eat high-calorie foods, while the ability to control appetite also decreases. Eating too many calories can lead to rapid weight gain while feeling tired all the time.

Decreased attention span

Lack of full and restful sleep leads to difficulty in concentrating while reading or listening. If you want to be mentally alert and alert, get a full night’s sleep otherwise you may feel drowsy throughout the day, which may make it difficult to perform various tasks.

Heart diseases

People who sleep only four hours have an increased heart rate while the body begins to store proteins that increase the risk of heart disease.


Sleep plays a very important role in strengthening the body’s immune system. If you are getting full sleep, the wound will not get infected as soon. But if you suffer from lack of sleep, germs can easily cause a wound infection.


Our body recovers from metabolic disturbances during sleep. But on the contrary, being awake for too long increases the risk of insulin sensitivity, which can lead to type 2 diabetes. Increased sleep can reduce the risk of diabetes.
Incomplete sleep increases the risk of these diseases. But the symptoms of sleep deprivation can be easily alleviated with the help of home remedies.

Home Remedies for Insomnia

If you too suffer from lack of sleep, no need to worry, these home remedies are for you.


Almonds are a dried fruit rich in magnesium. Magnesium is essential for bone health and good sleep. When magnesium levels in the body are low, sleeping difficulties are experienced and crotch changes take longer. While consuming almonds daily, the body gets the required amount of magnesium, which helps sleep easily.


Consuming sugar naturally increases insulin and blood sugar, which helps you fall asleep faster. However, diabetics should use sugar as directed by their physician.

Chamomile and green tea

Green tea is believed to be important for improving brain health, however, if consumed an hour before bedtime, it promotes restful sleep. Chamomile tea also helps with restful sleep. Chamomile is a flowering herb with yellow and white leaves.


If you want to enjoy a restful sleep, consume one spoon of honey an hour before going to bed. Honey contains amino acids that improve sleep quality. The sweetness in honey increases insulin levels, allowing amino acids to enter the brain more easily.

Bukhara dried plums

Vitamin B6, magnesium, calcium and other nutrients present in dry potato Bukhara help sleep by stimulating melatonin. Consume it half an hour before going to bed for restful sleep.


Warm milk can also help you sleep, but other products made from milk can also help you sleep better. The calcium in cheese activates the sleep-promoting hormone (mylatonin) in the brain, which improves sleep.


Bananas are rich in amino acids as well as magnesium. Both of these components are necessary for the formation of sleep-promoting hormones. This fruit contains up to 90% of its calories from carbohydrates, which gives a feeling of fullness.


White rice has a high glycemic index, which can help you sleep faster. Generally, people who lie down after eating white rice do not have to wait long to fall asleep. If the symptoms of insomnia do not go away with the help of these home remedies, you need to consult a doctor immediately. Which you can easily do with Healthwire’s platform

Health and personal life


Many peoples do not realize, and often underestimate, the importance of good health. Health, as they say, is wealth. Good health is necessary to carry out daily tasks. When discussing healthy, many peoples would consider the condition of their bodies and forget about alleviating and being free from physical aspects of health. It also means being healthy mind too. An unhealthy mind results in an unhealthy body. Good mental health helps you to make the most of life and enjoy it. Good mental health offers you a feeling of well-being and the inner strength needed in times of trouble or unrest. Everyone knows how to care of their bodies. This is done almost everyday by the majority of people. Exercise and eating the proper food are the best way of keeping the body healthy. But, how does one keep the mind healthy? A healthy mind requires a lot of work, as well as, a combination of thd food consumed has a pivotal effect on the body, as well as, the mind. A healthy diet consists of the right food groups with right number of calories. It does not contain an excess of sugar, salt, fat and alcohol. Selecting the right foods that provide energy helps the body to be healthy. This also helps the mind. An energized person is a happy person. Happiness is a state of mind. Without proper energy, a person can become angry, tired and sad. These are not good for the mind. Exercise is extremely important to staying healthy and strong enough.

                      HEALTH AND LIFESTYLE

Health is related deeply to life-style. Ideal health will however, always remains a mirage, because everything in our life is subject to change. Health may be described as potentially-the ablity of an individual or a social group to modify himself or itself continually, in the face of changing conditions of life not only, in order to function better the present but also to prepare the future. 


The importance of health in personal life cannot be minimized. It has come to be regarded as a prerequisite for optimum socio-ecnomic development of man. Health care as a right of every individual has been recognized in many countries. The family is a primary social group. It is a group biologically related individuals. The family like a ‘shock absorber’s to the stress and strains of the life. At the time of emotional upsets, worry, anxiety, economic insecurity, the family provides an opportunity for releases tension.

             HEALTH AND FAMILY

The family therefore an important part both in health and disease in the prevention and treatment of individual illness, in the care of children and dependent adults, and in the stabilization of the personality of the both adults and children in most societies the family is the fulcrum of health services Medical schools are developing teaching programmers in family medicine;because, as Florence Nightingale had said, ” the secret of national health lies in the homes of the people”.

              HEALTH AND SOCIETY

Society is a group of individuals drawn together by a common band of nearness and who act together in general for the achievement of certain common goals. The society plays an important role in the health as well as in disease; public health is an integral part of the social system. It is influenced by society and society by public health. Many public health problems are social problems and vice-versa

Health benefits of hot water

If your weight is increasing continuously and despite your lakhs of efforts, there is no difference, then mix honey and lemon in hot water and drink it continuously for three months. You will definitely feel the difference. If you do not want to drink this healthy drink, then start drinking a cup of hot water after eating food.

Relief from cold and flu

If you are suffering from chest tightness and cold even in season, then drinking hot water is not less than a panacea for you. The throat is also fine by drinking hot water. Its consumption gives relief.

Waking up in the morning

It is good to drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning. Make it a habit.

This keeps the stomach clean. Drinking water does not dry out the skin.

Warm water instead of soft drink

Drinking lukewarm water or lemonade instead of soft drinks will increase your energy level and the digestive system will also be correct.

After waking up in the morning

After waking up in the morning, drink warm or lukewarm water mixed with honey and lemon. Due to this, the toxic elements are removed from the body and the immune system also remains correct.

Some people drink too much cold water

Some people drink too much cold water. This can damage the kidneys. So do not drink too much cold water.

Tea or coffee

If you drink more tea or coffee, then drink green tea instead. This gives energy.

Soft drink

Instead of soft drinks, drink lukewarm water or lemonade. Your energy level will increase and the digestive system will also be fine.

Cold water

To lose weight, it is beneficial to drink lukewarm water instead of cold water.

Drinking water

Acidity is removed by drinking water, because water keeps the stomach clean.

Our brain is made up of 90 percent water. Not drinking water also causes headache.

Water lubricates the joints and also reduces joint pain.

80 of muscle

80 percent of our muscles are made up of water. Therefore, water also removes muscle spasms.

Make periods easy

If the pain of periods puts a brake in all your work, then hot water works as a relief in this pain. During this, compressing the stomach with hot water also gives a lot of benefit.

The problem of acne can be seen not only in girls but also in boys nowadays. To avoid this, drink warm water in the morning on an empty stomach. This will also get rid of pimples.

To remove many diseases

Normal water removes the thirst of the body, while hot water has the power to remove many diseases from the body. Hot and lukewarm water has a long association with health. By consuming hot water regularly, the body gets the following benefits according to the disease-

Skin dryness problem

To get smooth and glowing skin by removing the problem of dryness of the skin, drink a glass of warm water daily.

Toxic substances out of the body

Drinking hot water flushes out all the toxic elements from the body. (Hot Water Removes all poison in the stomach)

Middle class

There are two people in the world who are very happy, the poor and the rich.

It is the “middle class” who are in the middle, the right boat sinks

These Rakhakas seem rich, but the situation is that there are daily fights in the house because of how the ghee ran out so quickly.

We also have two classes, pitiful and despicable, the rich and the poor. The rich are despicable because they have money, and the poor are pitiable because they have no money.

The budget of the world is also made keeping in mind these two classes, the government also keeps an eye on these two classes. The sandwich that is made in between is the poor middle class. The rich people think it is poor and the poor people think it is rich.

Who is this middle class?

It is the one who apparently has everything the rich have but second hand.

He has a relatively decent house but it is rented.

The car is but twenty years old.

There is AC in the house but usually only the air cooler is running.

The clothes are clean but they have been worn for many years.

There is a UPS at home, but its battery usually lasts only half an hour.

He also has a good mobile but used.

Chicken in thin broth is made in her house every week.

If she takes her children to the park for some fun, she usually leaves home well fed.

He has an ATM card but never has the need or courage to withdraw more than five hundred.

It creates business plans day and night without spending any money.

His car has excellent cooling only in winter.

Whenever he takes his wife and children to a fast food restaurant, the whole family of six eats only two burgers.

If it becomes apparent that I have a lot of money, then relatives come to ask for a loan.

It struggles to live only 20% higher than its times.

In fact, it is living worse than the poor.

His whole life is spent in setting up and running committees.

There are more middle class people in the world than rich and poor but they are not counted in any account.

We have everyone having fun with lots of money or none at all.

Whoever has money sleeps in AC. Those who don’t have it end up sleeping on a sidewalk. The one with money does not ask for anything from anyone and the poor person stands in front of everyone with his hands outstretched.

The majority of the poor are being fed by these middle classes.

Sometimes I think that the most fear of God is found in this middle class. It is this class that gives the most charity. Sometimes their own life is worse than that of the poor, but because of their ego, these poor people do not tell anyone.

You will never hear the term lower elite class or upper elite class. There is no lower poor or upper poor, only lower middle class or upper middle class.

There is not much difference between upper and lower, the lower one has a motorcycle and the upper one has an old model car.

Despite not being able to afford the sacrifice on Eid-ul-Adha, they contribute a camel or a cow.

All their lives are spent making plans to turn off the spare lights in the house and reduce the bills.

They also use a Rs.100 card in their mobile phone carefully and inform the family that if they give a missed call, it means I am coming. If I give two missed calls, it means I am a bit late.

These one-day ironed clothes last two days.

They are never able to pay all the electricity, gas and water bills together in one month, so if they pay the electricity bill, they push the gas bill to the next month.

Since the majority of them are literate, they do not spread their hands in front of anyone.

They don’t have money to get their daughters married, they don’t recommend good jobs for their children, yet if they see someone in pain, they themselves become depressed.

Since her poor aunt who works in the house works in different houses, she is able to collect ration for four to five months including about fifty kilos of flour from each house in the name of ration in Ramadan. But the middle class are worried that the fortnight’s ration they brought home is about to end and there is no remote possibility of getting paid.

They keep checking electricity meter readings every two hours to clear suspicions.

But what should the middle class do?

It does not ask for Zakat, nor Fitrah, nor beg. It only weeps, sighs and dies.

Store vegetables carefully in the refrigerator

The children were found dead in their beds in the morning.
After investigating the possible cause of their death, when questioned about their food and drink, the children’s mother said that the children did not eat anything outside, but were given a glass of milk as usual at bedtime.
When the container of milk kept in the refrigerator was inspected, it was found that a 3/4 inch baby snake was lying dead at the bottom of the container.
How did it reach the fridge and fall into the jug of milk?

?The family remembered that they had brought spinach from the vegetable market and kept the bundle of spinach in the fridge without opening it.
It is possible that the baby snake fell into the milk jug after coming out of the bundle.
Of course, the cause of death of the children became clear, but the family lost two of their children.
So we should take special care of leafy vegetables and things covered in the fridge while keeping anything in the fridge.
Always keep your fridge clean, do not leave any food open in the kitchen.
Take a lesson from this accident and don’t limit yourself to just reading, but take it forward and do your bit in the service of humanity.


Today’s question

How to store leafy greens in the fridge?

Check your answer

Below is a picture and in it you are asked a question that you have to answer. The only question is, which of the people in this picture would you help first?

Now that you’ve answered this question, let’s see what aspect of your own personality is brought out by the person immediately chosen to help.

If you decided to help

No. 1 (Blind Lady) first then not only you but also your elders deserve to be congratulated as it shows that you were brought up in a very good environment. It is where love and respect for humanity is given the highest priority. You are strongly against social inequalities and injustices while you can more easily do things that others try to avoid and get rid of.

If your first choice to help is

2 (crying baby), you are very sensitive and probably have a very broken heart. However, you are so refined in temperament that you treat those who treat you badly even with kindness. Your friends are lucky because they have a friend in your form who understands their feelings and stands by them in difficult times.

Option number

3, the decision to be the first to help an injured person with crutches, shows that you desire a happy life and enjoy the invitations of friends and family. However, you are not particularly interested in accepting responsibilities and only do as much work as you are asked to do. Despite all this, you are considered a leader because of your gregarious nature and many people feel the magnetic attraction of your personality and are drawn towards you.If you decided to help the first number

4 (starved nurse) in the picture, then you are a happy person while your presence at home or office does not cause any stress. You are used to seeing the bright side of life and your focus is more on the beauty of life while you are not interested in world affairs and problems. When you move to a new place or new environment, it doesn’t take long to get to know others and make friends. You are a wanderlust, wanderlust, and wanderlust person who doesn’t like to stay confined to four walls at all.

Scientific invention changed the world

 New scientific invention are rapidly change world around us in an almost magical way. These include strange new materials that make objects disappear from sight when dropped, devices that transmit patterns through the nervous system to the brain that restore partial vision to blind people. can be done Anti-aging compounds are being developed that slow the aging process and can extend lifespan. It is believed that the average life expectancy of children born today will exceed 120 years. Another material that has been developed is graphene. Which is 200 times stronger than steel and can be effective for many tasks. Artificial intelligence is developing at a rapid pace, from Joshar’s transportation system to drug discovery, from stock exchange evaluation to highlighting health and environmental issues.

Some of these innovations could play a major role in modern warfare. Swarms of intelligent drones that can communicate with each other and attack enemy tanks in a highly organized fashion are slowly making tanks and infantry redundant. are The Turkish drone (Beraktar TB2) is a combat drone with a wingspan of 12 meters armed with four laser bombs and other Western-supplied weapons, sufficient to destroy tanks and other heavy ground weapons. Small switchblade drones are also being used successfully in Ukraine. They can be carried comfortably in a tube from which they can be flown directly. Another rapidly emerging field is nanotechnology. Nanotechnology came into existence when it was discovered that significant changes in the properties of materials occur when their volume is reduced to between 1 nanometer and 100 nanometers. One nanometer is one It is a billionth of a millimeter. For example, if we grind gold particles very finely to nanometer size, the color of gold changes to greenish blue, red or purple, depending on the size of the particles.

Nanotechnology is being applied in all fields of science including biomedical, chemistry, mechanical, electronics, computer sciences and material science. Nanoscale sensors and devices are used for continuous monitoring of safety and performance of structures such as bridges, tunnels etc. at very low cost. They are also being used to assist in transportation to help drivers maintain their position on the road, avoid collisions and congestion, and plan travel routes. The use of nano-sensors has greatly reduced the need for water, fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture. To improve the use of pesticides in agriculture, special nanocapsules have been developed in which pesticides are added. These pesticides are excreted only in the stomach of insects, plants and humans are protected from their harmful effects. Nanotechnology is used in water purification, medicine, cosmetics, electronics, new materials and more It is proving to be very useful in many other fields. The market for the nano-electronics sector alone is estimated to be around $4 trillion and growing rapidly. Similarly, bullet-proof jackets made from bullet-proof paper made from nano-cellulose are lightweight, absorbent and bullet-proof. Another interesting area of rapid growth is energy. New, more efficient solar cells are being developed that are more efficient solar cells are being developed that are coated with special dyes so that they generate electricity whenever sunlight hits them. Research into new, more efficient batteries to power electric motor vehicles is a top priority for the sector. Other such amazing inventions are rapidly changing our world, and the countries that are using these inventions for industry and business. , are developing rapidly. It is interesting to note that computer systems based on biological models are the fastest growing technology among new and emerging innovations in 2016 and 67 percent increase between 2020. Google, Microsoft and Intel are leading in this sector. New patents in the fields of machine learning, quantum computing, autonomous technology and 3D printing are also witnessing a rapid increase. Some of these fields are in Pakistan with the establishment of the Pak-Austrian University for Applied Science and Engineering in Haripur Hazara. A great start has been made and a similar university is now under construction in Sialkot. A number of Artificial Intelligence centers have been established, including NUST, Islamabad, NED, UET Lahore and other universities. The Sino-Pak Center for Artificial Intelligence has also started working at the Austrian University, Haripur in collaboration with the top universities of China and Austria. Apart from this, Pakistan’s first National Center for Nanotechnology, the International Center for Chemical Engineering at the University of Karachi has also started its work. And Financed by Aziz Jamal Sahib, Chairman of Hussain Ibrahim Jamal Foundation in Biological Sciences Established in collaboration with Pakistan-Austrian University of Applied Science and Engineering, it will focus on training Pakistani students in new and emerging fields. It is the first university in the world with two main features. The first feature is that it has two academic sections, one section providing higher level technical training at BSc and MSc while the other section is at PhD and post-doctoral level. Its other feature is that each department has been established under the patronage of the famous universities of Austria and China. These foreign universities will help in quality assurance, training of teachers and technicians and improving the quality of examinations. The first priority of this university is to focus on the development of high technology products, hence its center is the Technology Park. Where the abundant production of various commercial products is going on with the cooperation of industries. It will give special attention to the training of Pakistani students in emerging fields. It is the first university in the world with two important features. The first feature is that it has two academic sections, one section providing higher level technical training at BSc and MSc while the other section is at PhD and post-doctoral level. Its other feature is that each department has been established under the patronage of the famous universities of Austria and China. These foreign  technicians and improving the quality of examinations. The first priority of this university is to focus on the development of high technology products, hence its center is the Technology Park. Where the abundant production of various commercial products is going on with the cooperation of industries. It will give special attention to the training of Pakistani students in emerging fields. It is the first university in the world with two important features. The first feature is that it has two academic sections, one section providing higher level technical training at BSc and MSc while the other section is at PhD and post-doctoral level. Its other feature is that each department has been established under the patronage of the famous universities of Austria and China. These foreign universities will help in quality assurance, training of teachers and technicians and improving the quality of examinations. The first priority of this university is to focus on the development of high technology products, hence its center is the Technology Park. Where the abundant production of various commercial products is going on with the cooperation of industries. The section provides higher level technical training at BSc and MSc while the other section is at PhD and post-doctoral level. Its other feature is that each department has been established under the patronage of the famous universities of Austria and China. These foreign universities will help in quality assurance, training of teachers and technicians and improving the quality of examinations. The first priority of this university is to focus on the development of high technology products, hence its center is the Technology Park. Where the abundant production of various commercial products is going on with the cooperation of industries. The section provides higher level technical training at BSc and MSc while the other section is at PhD and post-doctoral level. Its other feature is that each department has been established under the patronage of the famous universities of Austria and China. These foreign universities will help in quality assurance, training of teachers and technicians and improving the quality of examinations. The first priority of this university is to focus on the development of high technology products, hence its center is the Technology Park. Where the abundant production of various commercial products is going on with the cooperation of industries


 start gardening.

In today’s lesson I will tell you about the tools and utensils used in gardening and home gardening and how to start it. The method of planting or cultivating plants is called horticulture. Horticulture includes vegetable and fruit plants, flower plants, root vegetables, medicinal plants, desert plants and trees, etc. Some plants are planted indoors, they do not need much sunlight, they are called indoor plants, and those that need sunlight are called outdoor plants.
You must be thinking that vegetables are easily available from the market, then why take so much effort to grow vegetables at home, take care of them, and then after waiting so long to get vegetables, it is better to go to the market, bring vegetables and cook them for dinner. Decorate the In today’s era, this is a very sensitive matter, especially where health is concerned, so I want to give as much information as possible about growing vegetables. We can grow other plants in the same way, but first we grow vegetables. will talk about 

You know that the vegetables that we bring from the market are grown in dirty and toxic water, and even though they are sprayed with pesticides, the fertilizers that are used in the preparation of these vegetables are also chemicals. are made from and then until they come from the farm to the market, they are sprayed with colors and oils so that the vegetables look fresh and colorful. It becomes a breeding ground for dangerous diseases.

Importance and benefits of home gardening

When we grow vegetables or fruits at home, we will be free from dirt and chemicals like poisons, as well as reduce the pressure on the household budget and the biggest advantage is that human health will not suffer from diseases. It is also a hobby. If vegetables are grown at home, they are easily available whenever you want, which are not only fresh, but also according to the rules of hygiene. Gardening keeps the mental and physical system of a person healthy. Because it keeps the body active which burns calories and keeps the human body slim and smart.Gardening relieves nervous tension thus beneficial for irritable people. By giving vegetables to people, relationships become stronger, even understood, now watch a video and understand.


Home gardening and its importance is understood, but now we would like to grow plants in our house. It comes to mind where to grow plants for gardening in the house. Because the place chosen for growing vegetables is where there is good sun and air, about six to eight hours of morning sun is necessary, and where the sun is less, grow underground root vegetables and leafy vegetables with many leaves. Vegetables need light sun. Gardening can be easily started from a small space if you don’t have a plot of land or a piece of raw land. If you are living in a flat, then you don’t need to worry. Flats are also small. Sometimes there is a problem of lack of sunlight along with lack of space.The solution to the problem is indoor gardening, i.e. grow vegetables that do not require much sunlight, such as root vegetables and leafy vegetables, and lack of space is not a problem. Use wall hanging pots can also be used to create a vertical garden. Pots are available in the market for this purpose, or multiple vegetable plants can be grown in an old tub or bucket.can go.can go.

Tools and utensils used in home gardening

As we are growing plants at home, we are not working on a large scale or in a field etc. Home plants, whether planted in pots or pots, do not require much equipment. will


Gardeners should make it mandatory to use gloves to protect their hands from dust and dirt, insect bites and stings.

The fountain

should be a vessel for watering the plants. You can easily make small fountains (showers) at home.


This plant is used for pruning, it has to be taken from the market because it is difficult to do this with household scissors.

 Soft pruning shears (pruners) are ideal for pruning and pruning

small branches and soft shoots. 

 Cages and supports

It is necessary to support various plants and vines. This work can also be done from any wood, etc., and can be made at home by joining different woods.


A useless toothbrush can also be used to clean the pots.

The soil

used in horticulture is called cobalt soil, it is the same soil that is used in construction works i.e. construction of buildings.

Making compost at home will be read in the next lesson, besides cow dung is the best fertilizer.


A kitchen fork can be used for this purpose, it is best for removing curds from pots

In addition to this, you can also use a hollow ball point for potting. Apart from this, equipment is required for gardening, but these equipments are sufficient for home scale gardening. 

Choosing the pots used in gardening,

while planting vegetables at home, keep in mind that the same vegetable should be planted first, which can be planted easily. There are different types of pots available in the market for different plants.

1 Plastic pot
2 Clay pot
3 Copper pot
4 Ceramic pot
5 Terra cotta pot
6 Metal pot
7 Wooden pot
8 Fiber glass pot
9 Hanging baskets etc.

Earthen pots and wooden boxes are best for growing vegetables. Unused household utensils, oil and cold drinks bottles, polythene bags, empty purses and bags, any material used for growing plants can be used. There should be a drainage arrangement, otherwise the plant will be damaged due to water stagnation. Just take a look at the house. Many planting materials will be found in the house, which are often considered as surplus and thrown in the store or garbage. You can add four moons to the value of this junk by planting it.


social media promoting tool

1. Facebook is the hottest social network. There’s strength in figures, and with over1.6 billion druggies and over 950 million of these druggies visiting the positioning each day, if you ’re like utmost bitsy businesses, you just ca n’t go to not have a presence there.

2. Facebook is “ sticky. ” All FB druggies ’ loads of your time on the positioning — forty twinkles per day, on average. Worldwide, Facebook- use accounts for a banging 20p.c of all time online, Business superintendent says. longer on Facebook suggests that longer spent interacting together with your business’s presence there.

3. Facebook is growing day by day. Not solely will Facebook dominate social media use; still, it shows no signs of fastness. Facebook is projected to high169.2 billion druggies by a brace of018, eMarketer.

4. Facebook advertising is reasonable and largely targeted. You can set and manage your budget therefore you do n’t face unforeseen promoting prices. you will target your followership by position, age, gender, interests, and indispensable factors. Use the Custom Cult point to concentrate on being guests safely and in private. Or, request to native guests with native mindfulness advertisements that reach guests on their mobile bias.

5. Facebook allows you to reach intent on web point guests. Facebook’sretargeting possibility permits you to indicate Facebook advertisements solely to those who have formerly visited your business web point.

6. Facebook allows you to unfold the word to musketeers of musketeers. formerly your target guests see your Facebook posts or advertisements, their Facebook musketeers see them too, multiplying the effectiveness of your Facebook promoting sweats.

7. Facebook helps you live your results. The free Facebook perceptivity tool allows you to track the results of your Facebook promoting, together with advertisements and organic posts. you will get developed data concerning still prospective guests area unit partaking together with your business on Facebook, like what chance likes you bought on and the way that compares to once measures, what style of engagement you entered( likes, commentary, and shares) on posts, and that advertisements drove business to your web point or indispensable conduct. In the event that your employment is engaged with promoting or flashing this is constantly for you. likewise, if your responsibility is to plug a business or association online in the present Internet frugality, this is regularly for you. Any existent who needs to appear to be in the background and comprehend the mechanics of the gratefulness to show via online media will appreciate this. Promoting on Facebook is clear. still, to shape it less delicate you keep on awaiting to successfully manufacture your image and probe grandstand it perfectly with an ever- adding number of notices The implicit issues are invaluable when it includes web- grounded media promoting on Facebook. the easiest because of beginning while shaping your online media advertising fashion is to acclimate it alongside your business objects.

local people can live better: ‘Food Co-ops’ stores

 Prevailing stores that sell food and

beverages are usually run as a chain across the country. Unlike these stores, food cooperatives in the United States are owned by local buyers.

When local citizens pay a fee to join in-stores, they get shopping privileges as well as the right to vote for board directors or run for board seats themselves.

National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International”   [NCBACLUSA] is a national association of mutual aid. “Because members elect board members on a one-person-one-vote basis, it [the association] is entirely democratic,” said NCBA CLUSA spokeswoman Elizabeth Lechleitner.

These boards set product standards. For example, they might explain legal ways to provide healthier options than prepackaged foods or sugary drinks.

The Tacoma Park Silver Spring Co-op, located in suburban Maryland near Washington, has a $100 joining fee that buyers can pay in installments. This store is famous for its organically grown vegetables. It is also famous for selling unique items such as Mexican rice drink, horchata and Middle Eastern sesame halwa.

Economic benefits

In the United States, food co-op stores affiliated with National Co-op Grocers, members of the national cooperative business association CLUSA International, serve 1.3 million member-owners. “National Co-op Grocers” has 218 stores across the country. Combined, these stores report annual sales of $2.4 billion.

But instead of raking in the profits, many co-ops lower prices themselves or invest in their communities as a result of their strong financial position.

Chloe Thompson, Community Engagement Manager at Maryland Co-op, explains that their members receive a 10% discount that is given in the form of monthly rebates. According to National Co-op Grocers, 40% of US food co-ops offer need-based discounts. (The federal government helps low-income Americans buy groceries. Some co-ops offer rebates equal to double the amount purchased with the assistance.)

 Social value

Still, “in my opinion, the benefits of [co-op] membership outweigh the financial discount,” says Thompson.

According to Kate Latour, director of government relations for NCBACLUSA, co-ops are expanding into rural America and underserved areas of cities that lack mainstream and affordable grocery stores. These are places where residents are most likely to suffer from a lack of fresh food. He adds that in addition to providing healthy food, some co-ops also organize nutrition and health classes in 

their communities to promote wellness.

Some other co-ops sponsor their area baseball teams or voter registration drives. There are also some who contribute financially to projects designed for the good of the community.

Co-ops even work for international humanitarian causes on a philanthropic basis . In the immediate aftermath of Russia’s February 24th invasion of Ukraine, National Co-op Grocers teamed up with the National Cooperative Development Foundation and NCBACLUSA to raise funds for the Ukrainian cooperative community. What did

The real value of membership is because you love the store and … you’re willing to invest in its benefits and become an owner and partner,” said Ce Puig, chief executive of National Co-op Grocers. are [That’s what keeps this store here. Without [local owner-members], this store cannot survive

Children are a mission

Children are a great blessing of Allah. But with this, it is also a great responsibility placed on the parents. Unfortunately, most of the parents today are unaware of this fact. As a result, they are causing both God and society to be bad people.

Generally, for people, their children are only the subject of love. They are ready to say yes to their needs. Pampering the children, taking care of them, piling clothes and toys for the children, fulfilling their every legitimate and illegitimate desire becomes the purpose of their life. For such parents, their children are a toy in the beginning, but gradually they themselves become a toy in the hands of their children. The children play the jingle of desire and the parents dance on this jingle like a monkey.

Such parents often neglect their responsibilities in terms of education and training. According to such people, the only responsibility towards their children is to enroll them in an English medium school. They are not familiar with the concept of educating children. Instead of training based on teaching good manners and attitudes, education of goodness and reputation, consideration of the big and small and guarding the rights of God’s servants, these people hand over their children to TV, mobile phones and the Internet. give Because this is an immediate and quick-acting recipe to get rid of children’s stubbornness and mischief. But this prescription often distorts his character and personality.

When such children grow up, they cause the wave of interest and desire to grow in the society. Deprived of high qualities such as patience, selflessness, sacrifice, simplicity, contentment, forgiveness, trust, honesty, justice and good nature, these people fill the society with corruption. These people not only cause pain to other human beings but also make their own parents suffer due to their old age. It is like a monetary punishment of the parents for the negligence that they have done in the matter of training their children. Negligence in the education of children is such a great crime in the eyes of Allah Almighty that Allah Almighty does not even wait for the Hereafter to punish him.

On the contrary, those who make the higher education of their children the mission of their lives, their children prove to be the coolness of their eyes both in this world and in the hereafter. For such parents, their children are not a toy but a There is a heavy responsibility and a sacred mission. This mission starts with the birth of the child. He makes every possible sacrifice for this mission and continues till his death.

They definitely bring toys to their children, but they do not become toys in their own hands. They try to fulfill their children’s innocent wishes as much as possible, but at the same time, they also encourage children to be patient and simple. They definitely give high and good education to the children, but they do not neglect their training. They trust their children, but they do not allow them to misuse TV, mobile and internet, despite their stubbornness. They do not hinder the freedom of children, but they do not fail to teach them the lesson of God’s servitude.

Children have been called a test by Allah. The only way to be a leader in this test is good training of children. This should be the main mission of every mother and father..!!

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Why did the divorce happen?

The story is based on reality. Many sisters get seduced. The story is the same for everyone with a little difference. God, act sensibly, make your own house a heaven, don’t be
seduced by anyone.) It was last year. A friend was shopping in Gol Bazar His daughter called that father your son-in-law dismissed me _ Alihadgi de de hai __ Come immediately and take me _

After hearing this from his daughter, the friend returned home on his bike.

Apparently it is so much that a heart attack occurred and the servant died _ the time was fixed

There was something that led to the sudden death of a perfectly healthy man — human error must have played its part somewhere.

A few days after the separation, I met the girl and asked, “Bibi, with three children, the husband left you. What happened? Your first cousin was also there.”

I did not understand the reason given by that daughter – there was a long list of accusations, but she could not tell me anywhere what she herself did to improve the situation.

One thing I noticed in particular was that she had an iPhone worth one and a half lakhs in her hand.

The late friend was also my relative. His former son-in-law is highly educated and a school teacher in a respected institution. A few days later, I went to see him specially. Dear, what happened, what made you so compelled?

He said, Sir, I have two sisters, both married in very rich houses, with servants and servants.

Whenever my wife came to meet her sisters – quarrels started in my house – I was insulted for being poor – I am an employee of 40,000 per month – I did everything I could, but now it was unbearable. _

He further said that I loved my wife very much _ I have a mobile worth 3000 _ I gave Begum an iPhone _ Then there was a demand for a car _ I took a car from a bank loan _ I sold my old refrigerator and bought a full size new refrigerator on installments _ Then it was said to the AC _ AC was taken away _ despite all this taunts and taunts _ I had become despised in my own eyes_.

The electricity bill for the month of separation came to 30,000 – what would I do with the total salary of 40,000 – 10,000 was only the monthly milk bill – Begum’s nonsense from above –

I was already fed up with the Begum’s previous unbridled desires–I was completely out of breath–an instant quarrel broke out on that bill–and it came to this climax–

He cried while talking.

After hearing all this I bowed my head _and came back home _thanking Allah that I taught my daughters _my sons to live with at least desires_

At present, the estranged daughter is living in a room above her married brother’s three-marla house.

When the electricity is cut off, the person in this room becomes like a grain roasting in a furnace. There is no bathroom or kitchen upstairs.

A white-skinned and red-and-white twenty-six-year-old girl looks like a fifty-year-old mother in just one year _ I heard that she has also started a job worth nine to ten thousand in a private school.

Proving yourself is not better everywhere

Sometimes proving yourself to be the best is actually insulting yourself. There is no need to prove yourself everywhere. Keeping quiet in front of some people is the best answer.
A man used to organize a dog racing competition. Once he entered a leopard in the competition. But surprisingly, when the competition started, the leopard did not move from its place and the dogs ran with all their strength. trying to win the competition with. Cheetah was watching silently

When the owner was asked why the leopard did not participate in the competition. The owner gave an interesting answer: Sometimes proving yourself the best is actually insulting yourself. There is no need to prove yourself everywhere. Some people The best response is to remain silent.

If you believe that you have chosen the right path, then continue with it. It does not matter what others say about you.

After Death

At first the dead person does not realize that he is dead.  He feels himself dreaming of death, he sees himself crying, bathing, knotting and descending to the grave.  He always has the impression of dreaming
When he falls to the ground.  Then he shouts but no one hears his shout, when everyone is dispersed and left alone inside the earth, Allah restores his soul.  He opens his eyes and wakes up from his “bad dream”.  At first he is happy and thankful that, what he was going through was just a nightmare, and now he is awake from his sleep.  Then he starts touching his body, which is wrapped in a cloth, wondering to himself “Where is my shirt?”
“Where am I, where is this place, why is it dark everywhere, what am I doing here?”  Then he begins to realize that he is underground, and that what he is experiencing is not a dream, he realizes that he is really dead.
  He screams as loud as he can, calling out to his relatives who could have saved him accordinglyNo one answers.  He then recalls that Allah is the only hope at this time.  He cries for her and begs her for forgiveness.
  “Ya Allah! Ya Allah! Forgive me Ya Allah… !!!
  He screams with an incredible fear that he has never felt before in his life.
  If he is a good person, two angels with smiling faces will sit to comfort him, then serve him well,
If he is a bad person, two angels will increase his fear and torment him according to his evil deeds.
O Allah, forgive me and my mother, father, wife, children and my family and friends and relatives for all the small and big sins.
And let us die on faith

Meet the Nigerian Activist Using Technology as a Powerful Tool to Fight Poverty in Africa

Oladiwura Oladepo, executive director of Tech4Dev, is a 2022 Waislitz Global Citizen Award winner.

Oladiwura Oladepo (centre) and some of the team at Tech4Dev. Image supplied with permission. | Oladiwura Oladepo

By Akindare Okunola

August 4, 2022

Through the past decade, as Nigeria has faced various challenges including several recessions, insecurity, and extreme poverty, its entertainment and technology communities have remained constant signals of hope.

According to consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Nigeria’s entertainment industry is projected to grow from $7.7 billion in revenue in 2021 to $14.8 billion — almost double — in revenue by 2025. Meanwhile, Nigerian technology startups raised a whopping $678 million in funding in the first four months of 2022 alone — a third of all funding raised in Africa within the time period and a 137% increase compared to the first four months of 2019. 

From Burna Boy and Tems to Netflix shows, and fintech companies Flutterwave and Piggyvest to a proven global appetite for Nigerian software developers, there is more than enough proof that these two industries hold a critical place in shaping Nigeria’s future. 


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But all of this is not without challenges. Despite all the positive activity in the Nigerian technology space, internet access is still a dream for millions of Nigerians as more than half of the country’s 200 million people do not have access to the internet or any digital services. 

The country’s power supply issues further add to a widening digital gap, alongside high internet costs and slow average internet speeds. All against a backdrop of astronomical unemployment rates (more than 33%), rising hunger and costs of living, and increasing poverty rates.

With one of the world’s largest youth populations, Nigeria (and Africa) is well-placed to develop a powerful digital economy that could have “transformational impact” for the country, according to the World Bank

This is the opportunity that activist Oladiwura Oladepo, executive director and co-founder of Technology for Social Change and Development Initiative (Tech4Dev), is looking to leverage by using technology as a tool through which millions of Nigerian youth can be empowered. 

Oladepo is the winner of the 2022 Waislitz Global Citizens’ Choice Award, which will see her receive $50,000 in funding to support her work as well as, alongside her two fellow award winners, receive networking support to accelerate and scale their impact. The award presented by the Waislitz Foundation and Global Citizen is supported by the leading US and Australian-based cellular medicines company, Mesoblast.

We caught up with Oladepo to learn more about her work, why it’s important, and how technology can be a powerful tool for fighting extreme poverty. 

GC: Where and how did you grow up? 

Oladepo: I grew up in Ibadan, the capital of and the most populous city of Oyo State, Nigeria in a modest family of seven. I have four other siblings (two girls and two boys). My dad is a professor of public health while my mum is a registered nurse; they both dedicated their lives to saving lives and helping people with diseases of public health significance. I grew up seeing them do this and I dare say, it shaped me to become who I am today.

Can you tell us more about that?

My parents are very dedicated and diligent people. I learnt to be tenacious from them and they brought my siblings and I up to know that “impossibility” is just a word.  They raised us in such a manner that we were allowed to be independent and we could make decisions on our own: I decided what high school I wanted to attend all the way to deciding what courses I wanted to study as an undergraduate.

The girls weren’t raised any differently from the boys and we all grew up self-sufficient such that regardless of any difficulties that came our way, my sisters and I were already equipped to solve them with little or no help. 

My parents were very deliberate about my sisters and I in such a way that we weren’t raised to be fragile, nor did we feel we couldn’t do something or achieve success because of our gender. We were raised to be strong African princesses.

I would say all of these teachings and upbringing shaped me to become who I am today. Although my daily activities require me to think on my feet and sometimes make sporadic decisions, I’m able to do this easily because I’ve been equipped for it by my parents.

How would you describe what you do in a sentence? 

Using technology to advance sustainable human capital development in Africa.

What inspired you to create Tech4Dev in the first place?

In 2014, during the Ebola crisis in Nigeria, my co-founder Joel Ogunsola and I had a roundtable discussion with my dad (a professor of public health) and we were all concerned about how Nigerians could be sensitised about the Ebola virus and also protect themselves from contracting or spreading it.

The idea was to provide relevant information about the disease promptly. So, we decided to build a website which, at the time, received over one million unique visits. We had solved a problem, so the next step was to figure out the next problem we could solve. 

The dream was to solve the world’s greatest problems using technology so, in 2016, we established Technology for Social Change and Development (Tech4Dev). We had initially started with three focal problem areas: education, civic engagement and active citizenship, and public health. We zoomed in on one focal area in 2019 and this was education.

Our impact core was remodelled as a nonprofit that creates access to decent work and entrepreneurship opportunities and platforms for Africans through digital skills empowerment and advocacy. 

Image: Tech4Dev

Our globally recognised initiative, Women Techsters, was inspired by our drive to create opportunities for improved economic livelihood for young African women, especially in underserved communities through digital skilling. 

The journey started with our “Code for Impact Program” where we equipped 70 girls and women in tertiary institutions with coding and analytical skills working with Hacey Health Initiative, Access Bank, and the US consulate in Nigeria. The outcome of that program propelled us to expand our impact reach and we worked with the support of Microsoft on Nigerian Women Techsters, that reached over 2,400 women across 12 states in Nigeria. 

Based on the success stories of the women from Nigerian Women Techsters, we launched Women Techsters in 2021, aimed at reaching 5 million girls and women across Africa by 2030.

Over the last six years, Tech4Dev has impacted over 45,000 people directly and has reached 10 million people through our programs and social media engagement, with beneficiaries from 31 states in Nigeria and across 15 African countries.

Can you describe a specific event or moment that drove you to activism?

While I was at Yale School of Management, I was sharing my ambition to establish a tech start-up in Nigeria with a friend who is Chinese-American and she mentioned that she had been coding since she was 9 years old. That blew my mind because an average child in Africa cannot afford to have such a dream, thereby limiting their chance to compete on a global stage. 

It became apparent to me that there was a problem to be solved. Imagine if every child in Africa could afford to dream of and even access such opportunities, we would have successfully empowered an entire generation. 

I knew then like I know now that; first, we needed to demystify the stereotypes that exist in the technology space; second, we needed to create access to decent work and entrepreneurship opportunities for Africans through digital skills empowerment and advocacy and; third, we needed to continue to expand our reach till we meet our set goal of empowering 5 million women in digital skills by 2030.

What were your greatest challenges along the way, and what are the greatest challenges you face as an activist in Nigeria? 

My major challenge has always been in the deep-rooted bias that exists in the technology ecosystem. The mindset of an average girl or woman cannot conceive the idea of learning digital skills or starting a career in technology. 

Again, this mindset is rooted in a deeply patriarchal society where the men control the technology space and it feels impenetrable and inaccessible for women. A stereotype that has also been largely peddled by parents, guardians, communities, and the media. 

It seemed important for us to break the gender stereotypes and prove to women that they can be whomever they want to be and they can use the skills they learn to fend for themselves. This is why we started the Women Techsters program.

The problem we were trying to solve when we initiated the Women Techsters is to bring women closer to the economic opportunities that exist within the technology ecosystem, and create a gender balance within the ecosystem improving the outcomes of technologies built by creating unbiased technologies.

Another recurrent challenge that is peculiar to the African countries we work in is that even though our programs are zero cost and tuition-free, some of these beneficiaries cannot afford the basic equipment, like laptops, needed to learn. 

This is the sad reality we are faced with. In countries like Nigeria, our beneficiaries are also plagued with the issue of irregular power supply and little or no access to fast, reliable, and affordable data. We have to devise various means to partner with like-minded organisations willing to support these women.

Why is your mission important to you personally — and how it will help to end poverty?

Although I grew up in what you would call a modest home, my family was considered one of the privileged ones in my neighbourhood. Growing up, there were a lot of families that couldn’t afford to send their children to school — some girls only had the privilege of primary school education, while some who finished secondary school or high school couldn’t afford to further their education because their parents believed a girl child is not worth such investment. 

So, a lot of them became teen parents and had to do menial jobs to make a living and the same was the fate of their mothers.

This exposure I had as a child made me realise how different things would have been if these girls had access to opportunities for decent living and financial freedom, or if their parents were empowered enough to have decent jobs. 

Image: Tech4Dev

This is what the Women Techsters Program seeks to solve. We empower girls and women, especially in underserved communities with in-demand digital skills that give them access to decent work and improved economic livelihood. This has helped us improve the outcomes of job prospects for our beneficiaries by over 50%.

We believe that when you train a woman, you train a nation, because women have the capacity to multiply investments thereby making it easy to have ripple effects, especially on their immediate family and community. 

On paper, one woman’s means of livelihood is being improved but we see it as empowering a household and reducing poverty in Africa.

What’s one thing you wish people knew connected to your work? 

Starting a career path in technology is not as difficult as it seems. There are a lot of career paths within technology and some do not have anything to do with writing a line of code, which a lot of people believe is difficult. Some examples are product design, product management, data analysis, and so on. All that is required is your determination and a strong belief in yourself.

What would your message be for Global Citizens out there inspired by your work?

To me, global citizenship transcends local impact. It involves acknowledging that there’s a problem to be solved and immediately mobilising resources to solve them. It is taking action to overcome all of the world’s challenges sustainably. Most importantly, it is realising that there is strength in numbers and that together, we are powerful and we can ensure lasting change in the mission to reduce poverty.

My message to Global Citizens out there would be to support women in whatever capacity they can. Support initiatives that empower women; sponsor, mentor, or push them towards opportunities that will empower them as we do at Tech4Dev.

Do whatever you can not to be part of the problem but consciously solve the problem. Women deserve equal opportunities in the tech space. Although we are far from bridging the gap, it’s only a matter of time and effort.

How to become more productive

Where you start to be a more productive person well setting rules for yourself promises, deadlines, to dos even will you start with one simple thing and that is nothing except your mental energy to get work and other important business stuff done but it requires discipline and energy. So how do you stay consistent and disciplined when working on a hard project for work. Or maybe just a school project where you go. oh well maybe I will just do this tomorrow. then tomorrow comes by knocking on the door with the project saying is it gonna be today. But then you go nope tomorrow. Yup that is procrastination. but the thing you want to know is how to fix it. My frist tip for fixing procrastination and staying consistent with any type of work. And it has worked for me is I would write it down in a notebook or journal dose not matter and I then would picture how happy I’d be once this project that im working on is finished then I’d write down a to do for this project and keep it and just every time I saw this paper and wanted to procrastinate I knew I couldn’t. Bec how important this is and thinking about getting this project out of the way for bigger things to come in life. Now if that doesn’t work the paper to do and visualization method then I could tell you a couple other tips that might just work which is being motivated to get this school or work project done. Put on some music and make sure you’re space is nice then just work and figure it out as you go and it’s that easy to the point where it’s all about being disciplined and motivated to get work done so you don’t procrastinate. And I just want to talk about one more thing that is what a productive life looks like before you can be productive with work make sure your life is productive and net otherwise everythings a mess and you can have a nice productive life by having balance in everything you do balance it all out balance really is the key to a productive life. And with balance comes to what you eat what you put in your body working out sleeping drinking the right amount of water having a morning routine or a night routine taking care of your mental and physical health. So balance comes with everything in simple ways.


When a boy steals a girl’s respect, the girl’s mother immediately gets to know, but she tolerates it silently. But after the marriage, when the husband comes to know that my wife has done something before the marriage, then the end reaches divorce. Where the girl consents, she places her honor at the boy’s feet, the boy plays with her and goes in search of a new victim, and the girl’s life is ruined. All the girls should take this thing out of their minds. If you do something wrong, then the mother will not know and the husband will not know after getting married. You are completely deceiving yourself. The mother and the husband know everything in a second but the mother tolerates it because she is the mother but the husband does not tolerate it in any case, he stays after giving divorce and even if he does not divorce, the life of this woman is very useless and Helpless, despicable, so take care O daughter of Hawa….. Love is not a name for giving flowers, the one who truly loves, he calls for marriage, he does not call for meeting in the streets, nor does love need any flowers, nor does he call for meeting in the parks. Don’t waste the name of this lovely word! Sorry if anyone finds my post offensive.

Did you know

1- Monkeys do not go near firefly because they think they are flames.

2- Dogs have sweating their tongues instead of their bodies.  Dogs do not digest ghee.

3- Elephants and horse can sleep during stand in up

4- A fish’s eyes remain open because it has no eyelids.

5- The teeth of the crab are in the stomach.

6- Turtles do not have lungs, they breathe through their skin.

7- An ant can lift forty times more than its own weight.

8.  A scorpion can hold its breath for days. A child cannot breathe in a layer of water, so it holds its breath.

9- No matter how hard you try, you can’t remember where your dream started.

10- No emotional shock lasts more than fifteen or twenty minutes, after which time it is due to overthinking.

11- Ninety percent of people get confused when they receive mobile text messages.

12- An oil barrel holds approximately 159 liters.

13- The fly moves 32 times in one second.

14- 26 countries of the world do not have seas.

15- The first oil well was drilled in Pennsylvania, USA in 1859.

16- Turtles, flies and snakes are deaf.

17- A honey bee can fly at a speed of 7 miles per hour.

18- The 10th day of the week in the time of Pharaoh’s Egypt.

19- The longest war in the world was between France and Britain.  This war started in 1338 and ended in 1453, that is, the war continued for 115 years.

In the 20th century, ketchup was used as medicine.

21- The average age of a crow is up to 100 years.

22- Penguin is an animal that can change salt water into fresh water.

23- A hen lays an average of 228 eggs in a year.

24- cats spend 66 percent of their life sleeping.

25- The owl is the only bird that flaps its lower eyelids.  All the other birds blink their upper eyelids.

How to improve your social-media platform

Social media has become the most convenient way to reach customers and showcase your talent to the world. Getting an audience, on the other hand, has not been easy. Here are a few pointers to help you improve your presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Check trends in the Present.

Everyday, new topics and news from around the world emerge. Join the trend, and the platform will automatically place you in front of millions of users. To attract viewers, don’t just follow trending topics; instead, add value and creativity to the content.

Attachments should be used.

Social media engagement is higher for posts that include videos or images. With a little imagination, you can find the right multimedia to attract readers and keep them coming back for more interesting content.

When posting, Hashtags are used.

Using hashtags will increase the number of people who view your content online. That is, Hashtags related to your content will generate more traffic. Use hashtags with caution and in moderation.

Engage with Your Audience.

Once you’ve gained some followers, try to interact with them by responding to their comments and answering their questions. When you respond to them, they will feel more connected to you and want to learn more about your content. They will also remain active to be notified of new content.

Recognize Your Audience.

Learn about your audience’s preferences after interacting with them. Only then will you be able to interact with them on a more personal level. When you know what your audience is interested in, you can create better content that will encourage more interaction.

Share Your Information.

Another way to boost your social media presence is to share your profile with people you know. This will increase their awareness of your social media platforms and will undoubtedly improve your presence. Allow others to share your content with their friends as well.

Run Giveaways and Contests.

Running contests and giveaways that include physical items such as a mobile phone or gaming console, as well as other gift items such as gift cards, will help to improve your social media presence. More people will visit your page frequently to see new content and to take advantage of new giveaway offers.

Ask interesting questions.

Asking engaging questions and initiating discussions are excellent ways to establish a strong presence. When your fans leave comments on your posts, it attracts other users and helps to grow your community.

Go live.

When you display your content on a live stream with your followers, you can improve your social media presence. However, live streaming is extremely beneficial because others can join and end up following you to see more updates about your content on the various social media platforms. Post new updates at an appropriate time to increase engagement.

These are tried-and-true techniques. Take them into account if you want to increase your social media presence on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms. Create a great profile, and your content should be completely unique. 

Thanks for reading and comment below what you think I should write for my next article! 

Value of vote

A candidate went to an old man to ask for his vote and handed him 1000 rupees and said, Babaji, vote for me this time.
oldman said:-
Son, I don’t want money, but if you want votes, buy a donkey.
The candidate wanted to vote, he went out to buy a donkey, but nowhere did he find a donkey worth less than 40,000, so he came back and said to Babaji:-
I have not found any donkey at reasonable price, donkey is at least 40000, so I can’t give you donkey, but I can give you 1000.
Babaji said:-
Mr. Chaudhry, don’t embarrass me any more. In your eyes, my price is less than a donkey. When a donkey is not sold for less than 40000, how can I sell it for 1000?
So vote wisely in this election.
Value yourself and your vote.
Don’t sell your conscience by offering a cup of tea just to shake hands, ask for well-being, vote is trust and there will definitely be a backlash about trust.

This life is everything!but life

 When we were 21, the camera was in the closet and we were not allowed to touch it. During Eid, Baqar Eid or any wedding, etc., the train would be loaded on the camera, then beautiful corners of the house would be searched for pictures, everyone would try to take as many pictures as possible. The elder brother, sister and brother of the house would become photographers holding cameras and we poor little ones would just pose and watch from a distance.

Not only that, but when the pictures were ‘washed out’, half of the smoke would go away due to poor lighting, while half of the facial expressions would become controversial if they deteriorated. In the group photo, the image of 2 would be good and the image of 2 would be thick or squinty and then the squabble of hiding or showing, tearing or handling would start.

And if after going through all these stages, some of the pictures would be good, then the albums would be arranged and put in school or college bags, and all the members of the house would come out of their seats one by one, and the pictures would be shown to the classmates See how cute we really are, it just doesn’t look so cute because of the hot weather and dust, otherwise we are less than a model.

It was a time when the luxury of hundreds of selfies in many ways in one minute and then their editing and filters was unimaginable. This work cost a lot of money, so it was seldom tolerated.

Then what did we know that in a few years everyone will have their own studio, their own lights and camera and everyone will be the most beautiful in their kingdom.

The clever mothers-in-law of that time, before choosing their daughters-in-law, used to look at them in the sunlight under some pretext so that they could look beyond make-up. Now they may have to work harder to get through the filters and edits before the make-up.

Diaries were decorated in the name of journals and opinion books, friends were asked for feedback, this was an excuse to show off and talk about oneself. How did we know then that one day social media and smartphones will create their own profile, their own platform for every small, big, rich and poor person in the world. Everyone will have thoughts, observations and ideas, everyone will be the uncrowned king of their Facebook. Everyone will become a philosopher and researcher and everyone will become popular.

There was a time when even touching the camera was not allowed

Social media has given its own studio to every young and old

In our time, a boy who stands in the street all day is considered bad. Wanderers with friends were called wanderers. Now everyone lives on social media and the standards of disorder have changed. Now there is no reason to wander the streets and be friends, now everything is available on the Internet. Back then, the character of a girl who used to get up and walk used to be mentioned, but now every girl has the facility to pick up and eat bills on her DP, post, videos and photos, but now in the name of trend The character is also less affected.

Times have changed dramatically in just 20 years. Earlier, boys used to walk around schools and colleges to catch a glimpse of girls. At weddings, haircuts were made, a street child, a friend or a brother was hanged for delivering a letter, then they had to change their voices to call a girlfriend by calling the house number, sisters were asked for help, Aashiq was interrogated by 4 people. If he used to pass by, he would get access to his girlfriend, otherwise the whole house would ring all the time, but now there is no need to make such a fuss.

Home TVs and VCRs were run with parental permission, and hundreds of people had to compromise on hundreds of conditions to watch the film. After going through many stages from film selection to censorship, it was a destiny to go and watch a film, but now there is media and films from all over the world in every hand, not in every room, watch as much as you want and watch as much as you want!Reaching Hostels At the beginning of the 21st century, the mobiles that came into our hands at the end of adolescence had to be used under parental supervision, ie a thick and shapeless mobile was used throughout the house and often with text or snake games. Nothing was available except. Life has never been so limited!

These are the stories of the people of the last century who were born in the last decades of the 20th century. We used to hear before the 21st century that the 21st century would be amazing, but we didn’t even realize it.

They just went through the magical world and saw its wonders as if they had never seen anything new. We did not spend our youth in the shadow of DPs and filters but the people we met were real and genuine, the friends who walked with us were dedicated only to us for hours, days, months and years, love us or Whatever hatred was found was pure.

When we went to gardens and parks, we would see each other, listen to them and say our own things, check the seasons, smell the scents. People of our generation were intoxicated by the smell of the dust that spread on the first drop of rain, coming out on the roofs, courtyards and streets in the rain. When it was not possible to take pictures of raindrops, we wanted to take every drop on our palms, face and body.

When it was not possible to take pictures of raindrops, people would collect them on their palms

We have to write diaries, now people write stories on blogs and Facebook, we get tired of writing poems and lyrics, now everyone copies and pastes, we used to put posters in the room, now every skill comes down only to decorate on the wall. Is. The sighs of our closed rooms could not reach anyone and now even if we sneeze, the news reaches other continents. We are all so enlightened that we are exhausted, we are so crowded that we are lost. We have become noise with sound, we have become scream with voice.

When we passed through the streets 20 years ago, we could remember the color of their houses, turns and walls, even the people standing outside them. You will still remember the phone numbers you remembered 20 years ago, but now you 2 They forget the face of the person they met minutes ago, go out on the internet from home and forget the way back.

Once upon a time we found our friends, relatives and love pure and complete, available with all our heart and being, our fingers did not speak then and signals and waves were not hidden in every vein of our body then. We felt our every move, lived with it, and now the situation is that there are feet somewhere and feet somewhere!

If you picked up a book, you would get lost in its pages day and night, if you were immersed in colors, you would not look up for hours to see where the sun had gone, if you were busy chatting with friends and acquaintances on the only wire phone at home Those who begged to turn off the phone, when they went to play, the family would reprimand them and bring them back. When we could only spend the whole day on sports like Patho Garam and Pakram Pakrai, we had everything full of life. Now we push our children to the garden and persuade them to play with mantas. Only 20 years ago, we lived with our senses in a world in which everything is now except the senses.

In the past, when we picked up a book, we could not count the days and nights in the study

The 21st century has snatched man from man in just 20 years, the rest of the fraction that has been left has fallen into the hands of Corona, broken into hundreds of parts like man inside and outside.

The burden of the first 20 years of the 21st century has proved to be very heavy on today’s man. At every turn, issues are emerging that were never even thought of. Before the invention of medicine, there were no diseases like cancer, AIDS and coronavirus. Don’t let the next 20 years be fatal to the human brain?

The most advanced topics we are talking about today are mindfulness, attention to one’s situation, knowing one’s moments. Today’s modern philosophers are teaching us that in this fast-paced world of scientific progress, one’s voice and touch, The rain and the scent of flowers, the moisture of vegetables and the contrast of sunshine are all important for keeping life alive. How cruel it is that one class pushes us aside first and then another class comes and explains to us the usefulness of our lost habits as if life is really a game of nerves and nerves.

The burning foreheads of human beings are waiting for the Messianic effect, before the heat reaches the brains, let us also put cold bandages on the forehead of life, and prevent ourselves from falling into the depths with the flowing water.

The pace of change may be even faster in the next 20 years. As human beings, if society is to last for a long time, it is imperative to walk with restraint. This means living in every action and every moment, thinking every step of the way and keeping your thoughts and actions in harmony. From here, only those people and societies will be able to move forward who can win the battle to maintain their balance.

It is true that the appetite for color and smell, the bright lights and the speed have blurred our vision and robbed us of our vision, yet restoration is still possible. Set aside time for everything, like office hours, set aside some free time for ground relationships and real social needs. Look at the faces of the people, how much anxiety has come down on them in 20 years. Beauty requires not only cameras and filters but also facial expressions and mood swings. Understand the need for not only profile but also character and morals for relationships. The friendship and love that is possible in the meeting of 2 human beings, will never be found in mobile.⅝C4cavuGXFnsQ9g4QhqSkG5MtSmqtzehkxiA_IPdFa95mkpen8q0tJ40WI1JQFzcFk6T7J7PMPd-8Ds7w2

The wisdom of the woman

A woman said to the devil: Do you see the man who works as a tailor?
Can you pray for his wife’s divorce?
The devil said yes and it is simple!
… So the devil went to the tailor and was seduced from different directions,
But the tailor loved his wife so much, not even thinking, the devil came back and gave up.
The woman said: Now look what happens!
The woman went to the tailor and told him that I want a beautiful piece of cloth. My son wants to give a gift to his girlfriend, so the tailor gave him this piece.
Then she went to the tailor’s house and knocked on the door. The tailor’s wife opened it. She said to him, “I want to come to your house for help.”
So the tailor’s wife said to him, come.
The tailor’s wife will pick up things in the kitchen
The woman put the piece of cloth behind the door and came out!
When the tailor came home, when he saw the cloth, he immediately remembered and remembered the woman’s story about his son’s mistress.
(So he immediately kicked his wife out of the house)
Satan said: What kind of woman are you?
A woman is innocent. You have a more evil mind than me
The woman said: Wait and see my good deeds
The devil said: How ?!
The next day the woman returned to the tailor
And she told him that she wanted the same clothes as yesterday
Because she went to a poor woman’s house to pray and she forgot
And ashamed to go back!
After hearing all this, the tailor became angry with himself
And then the tailor immediately called his wife back.
The devil is in the mental hospital now
Intensive Care Unit
Room 1
Visiting is prohibited due to his mental condition.

Best family

Those who express unfamiliar desires without knowing their situation are called children.
A father is a person who is always thinking of increasing his income to fulfill the desires of his children.
The mother is the entity who strives to fulfill every desire of the children within the limited income of the father.
The elder brother is also the one who hides his legitimate desire by seeing the parents disturbed by the insatiable desires of the younger siblings and intends to become the support of the father as soon as possible.
The older sister who understands the compulsions of the parents and leaves home early to go home and take care of all the work of the younger siblings. The family says.
A middle class considers the beauty of a family to be what it has been or has ever been. This is why I like this class of society the most. Because every relationship plays a strong role for the survival of the family here. Sacrifices, but does not allow the family to disintegrate. Therefore, the value of relationships in this class is much higher than the rest of the society.
In contrast, the lower class is mostly made selfish by hunger and poverty. While in the upper class the abundance of money and modernity is promoted, the concept of privacy separates their blood ties from each other and their families. Is being hollowed out. And the middle class is the class that upholds religion. And the people belonging to the upper class, despite having an understanding of religion, put the principles of religion behind them in order to display their unjust wealth. At least by adopting simplicity, all human beings are equal. The upper class lags far behind in terms of understanding and respect for women. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me,

How to avoid inflation

How to deal with the current situation? Employment is on the rise. Living on a limited income is becoming increasingly difficult. In such a situation, a middle class family should formulate a strategy to meet the expenses within the existing income.
You know that inflation is everywhere now a days
For this, all the big and small of the house should sit and decide.
First of all, according to the income, allocate the amount that can be spent in the kitchen. Then you have to buy lentils and vegetables for the same amount. If you have to remove meat from the menu, you have to do it.
Similarly, according to the current rate, set aside money for electricity and gas bills in advance. Try to double the number of three fans in the house routinely. Light the lamps only when needed. Use less water motor. In order to save both water and electricity. Also pay special attention to the minimum use of gas. At the end of the month you will definitely see the effect of your attention and hard work.
Abandon the construction and repair of the house, paint and varnish, entertainment, purchase of new shoes and clothes, purchase of utensils, purchase of jewelery, make-up and mobile, etc. And one or two pairs of shoes will suffice. Enough. Even if you have money to spend on these things, don’t spend it now. Save that money because things will get worse in the future. It is just as important for you to save as it is to breathe or it may be difficult to survive in the future.
Instead of going to the doctor for minor health problems like seasonal cough, cold, headache, body aches, etc., spend a day or two on medicines lying at home. Go to the doctor. Don’t even go near the clinics of private doctors who charge 200,400 rupees.
Believe me, he and the MBBS doctor sitting in the neighborhood who charges 50 fees have the same qualifications.
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.
Buy Soap Surf Shampoo in smaller quantities than before. And make it strictly obligatory for everyone to live in it. From children to adults, give less pocket money to everyone than before. If you have to close it, close it. Encourage them to buy their own personal expenses like copy pencils etc. Favorite Cream Shampoo Mobile Balance etc. at their own expense in addition to food and drink.
Advise the children to listen to the lectures of the school and college teachers regularly and complete the syllabus at the same time. In order to avoid the extra cost of tuition. Keep tuition. Not even for the whole year but for the completion of syllabus. It is fashionable to teach tuition. Avoid it as much as you can.

Avoid unnecessary visits and invitations. When someone comes to your house in happiness or sorrow, be humble according to your status and not according to the person in front of you. For example, your guest often eats goat meat in his house but If you are in a position to cook chicken, then you should cook only chicken meat. The goat will go home and eat it. You can be left at home. Don’t be a burden on those who are ahead. Only as many people as you can get on a personal ride.
Avoid gift transactions as much as you can. If you have to go to someone’s wedding, give proper cash salute. Avoid giving gifts like clothes and utensils etc. Abstain from worrying about what people will say. Run according to your understanding and budget. Because nowadays the conditions of all the middle class people are enough to meet their personal expenses. No one is in a position to help or lend money to anyone. Ignoring people’s talk is the only solution. Because they can only make things up, they can’t help you run your house.
The lower your income, the more you can save for the future. And pay special attention to increasing your income.

Hidden attraction

Dr molan is a famous cardiac surgeon in this city. He works in a Government hospital. He has a happy family with wife and only son, Arjun he is also a medical student. Dr molan is very popular for open-heart surgery. Till now he has done lots of operations successfully. Tomorrow he has to operate on two patients. So in the evening before leaving the hospital he was reading the medical history of those patients. The junior doctors look after the patients before the operation, he only does the surgery. Suddenly one name looked very familiar to him. nelam, the name took him to his teenage memory.

molan was a student of A. K . Memorial school. It was a co-education higher secondary school. He was very naughty and not good in Mathematics but always scored the highest marks in biology. In class ten they got a new Mathematics teacher nelam, a very beautiful young lady in a serious mood. All the students were afraid of her as she didn’t like any inattentive students in her class. She was very strict about maths. In her class, every student must have finished homework, otherwise, they got punishment. She always praised those who tried to do good in her subject. After every exam, she always gave some gifts to those who scored above 80% and encouraged them for doing better. Her teaching technique was very unique. So the students always remained aware of her toughness and tried to do their best. She was a very good teacher for those who were good at maths. molan didn’t like her for the first few months because she always scolded him very rudely. He thought she was heartless as she punished the naughty students without thinking about their prestige in front of others. He called her ‘ One day it was a cricket tournament on the school ground between class ten and eleven students. One of the students hit the ball so hard that it stuck fielder molan’s forehead and injured him, blood started flowing then nelam mam came running and did the first aid and took him to the nearest hospital with some other school staff. She waited there till his parents came. During that time she didn’t leave his hands for a moment and continuously said to him,” Don’t worry , you are my brave student, nothing will happen, you are going to fit in again within a few days”. He was crying in pain but his scary mam’s touch gave teenage Arya an unknown feeling of happiness in his heart. After that incident, Arya became one of her good students and he also tried to do his best in maths for his ragi mam. She became his first crush, and ragi mam became loving mam. After passing ten he took science and he knew Lata mam will take maths for class eleven and twelve also. Only for her he took mathematics as an additional subject. Those beautiful three years molan passed by seeing and thinking about his beautiful mam. He kept his first love secretly in his heart. He didn’t say anyone about his feelings. After passing twelve he went to a different city to study medical.

Dr molan goes to see the patients and becomes surprised to see it was really his Lata mam with white hair and looking old and tired. But her face is still beautiful like earlier. She was sleeping, when he touches her hands she gets up. He tells her that, he is molan and she recognises her student, molan. Her tears start rolling down from her cheeks. molan takes her hands into his hands and says, ” Mam don’t worry you are going to be fit again”. nelam says, “molan, I am feeling proud to get you as my student. I heard your name as one of the topmost cardiologists ‘Dr. molan’ but never thought you are that, naughty molan whom I once missed a lot after you left school”. Hearing that Arya’s eyes fill with tears. He also missed his mam at that time. He thought those feelings were only his personal, but he didn’t realise his mam also had the same. Sometimes Some unknown attractions work between two human hearts which we call in the name of ‘love’, that sometimes make us insane or crazy.

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Opinion and decision

Sidra covered a distance of 08 km in 1 hour.
Hatem covered the same distance one and half hour.
Which of the two happened faster and healthier?
Of course our answer will be Sidra
If we say that Sedrah covered this distance on a prepared track while Harris covered this distance by walking on a sandy road.
Then our answer will be Hatim.
But we found out that Sidra is 50 years old while Hatim is 25 years old then?
We will say again that Sidra.
But we also found out that Hatim weighs 130 kg while Sidra weighs 55 kg.
Then we will say Hatim.
As we learn more about Sidrah and Hatim, which of them is better. Our opinion and decision regarding them will also change.
We form opinions in a very superficial way and in such a hurry that we cannot do justice to ourselves and others.
Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.
Everyone’s environment is different.
Opportunities vary.
Life is different.
Resources vary.
Problems vary.
You are behind your peers in some work. So it does not mean that they are successful and you are unsuccessful.
They are better and you are inferior.
You may be better off if you look at the opportunities, the circumstances, and the circumstances.
Never underestimate yourself in the race of life, feeling inferior is the first step to defeat.

سیاست،ڈرامہ اور شعبدہ بازی

اداکاری کرنے والا کوئ اور ہوتا ہے۔دیکھنے والا کوئ اور ہوتا ہے اور اس تمام سیٹ اپ کو ترتیب دینے والا کوئ اور ہوتا ہے۔اس فرضی اکھاڑے کے تمام کھلاڑی تو اصلی ہوتے ہیں لیکن انکی بیان کی جانے والی کہانی مفروضے پر مبنی ہوتی ہے۔مقصد صرف یہ ہے کہ کہانی سننے والوں کو خوش کر کے پیسہ کمایا جاۓ۔مزکورہ بالا فلمی اکھاڑے سے مشابہت رکھتا ہوا ایک اور اکھاڑہ ہے جو آج کل سیاسی اکھاڑے کے نام سے معروف ہے۔سیاسی اکھاڑہ شعبدہ بازی کی قریب ترین شکل ہے۔شعبدہ بازی میں ہاتھوں کا زیادہ استعمال ہوتا ہے جس سے لوگوں کا نقصان تو نہیں ہوتا کیونکہ وہ سب فرضی ہوتا ہے۔ بس ان کو رومال سے کبوتر بنا کر خوش کر کے عاجزی کے ساتھ تھوڑے بہت معاوضے کی درخواست کی جاتی ہے لیکن سیاسی شعبدہ بازی میں زبان کا فرضی استعمال کر کے لوگوں کو امید سے نا امیدی بنانے کا تماشہ دکھا  کر خوش کیا جاتا ہے،اور اس تماشے کا معاوضہ پوری بدمعاشی کے ساتھ پانچ سال تک ہر خاص و عام کا خون چوس کر وصول کیا جاتا ہے۔سیاسی شعبدہ بازی کے میدان میں بڑے بڑے چند کھلاڑیوں کا قبضہ ہے۔ ان تمام شعبدہ بازوں کی خوبی یہ ہے کہ ان کا شعبدہ بازی کا نصاب ایک جیسا ہے۔جب یہ کھلاڑی شعبدہ بازی کے میدان میں اترتے ہیں تو عوام بیچارے اپنے آپ کو خوش رکھنے کی امید میں تماشہ دیکھنے جاتے ہیں۔لیکن یہ فیصلہ کرنے میں پریشانی کا شکار ہو جاتے ہیں کہ کس کے اکھاڑے پر جائیں،کیونکہ تماشہ سب کا ایک جیسا ہے بس شکلیں مختلف ہوتی ہیں۔اس صورت میں عوام جائیں تو کدھر جائیں۔عوام کی اس کشمکش سے وہ شعبدہ باز جم غفیر کو اکٹھا کرنے میں کامیاب ہو جاتا جو اپنے پر امید،فریبی اور جھوٹے تماشے کو لفظوں کی ہیر پھیر سے کچھ نیا کرنے کی شعبدہ بازی کرتا ہے۔مجھے افسوس سے کہنا پڑتا ہے کہ عوام بھی یہ شعبدے بازیاں دیکھ دیکھ ایک عادی تماش بین بن چکی ہے۔تماش بین اکثر چسکا پوائنٹس کا رخ کرتے ہیں جو ایل س ڈی کی صورت میں ہر گھر میں موجود ہے
،جس پر چوبیس گھنٹے مسالےدار سیاسی گفتگو کی دیگییں اور سیخیں پک رہی ہوتی ہیں جہاں پر چٹخارے دار سیاسی فاسٹ فوڈ کے بھوکے اپنی بھوک اینکری کباب اور تجزیاتی پلاؤ سے مٹاتے ہیں ۔لمحہ فکریہ کا وقت تو ہے لیکن پیدا ہونے کا نام نہی لیتا جس کی پیدائش رک جاۓ اس کا آپریشن ضروری ہے وگرنہ زچہ و بچہ دونوں کی جان کو خطرہ لاحق ہے ۔ان اموات کا ذمےدار کون ہو گا سیاسی شعبدہ باز یا سیاسی تماش بین۔ہمارا ضمیر یہ کام کر سکتا تھا لیکن فوت شدہ پر افسوس نہی کیا جا سکتا. ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

Pomegranate and Brest cancer

Pomegranate is one of the healthiest fruits available in the world. It is also called the fruit of heaven. This fruit contains a large number of plant compounds that are not present in other foods. Various research reports prove that

The habit of eating pomegranate has many benefits for the body. Due to which the risk of various diseases can also be reduced. Pomegranate has medicinal benefits that you will be forced to eat.
Pomegranate is also useful for breast cancer.

Breast cancer is becoming more common in women nowadays and pomegranate extract helps in the reproduction of breast cancer cells. Therefore, women should use pomegranate as much as possible. So that healthy women can be protected from breast cancer and those who are suffering from breast cancer. They can also control their disease through pomegranate.

Pomegranate lowers high blood pressure.
Elevated blood pressure greatly increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. A medical study has shown that drinking 150 ml of pomegranate juice daily for 2 weeks significantly lowers the blood pressure of hypertensive patients.
Pomegranate also helps in fighting joint pain.
There are different types of arthritis.

Most of these ailments are the result of inflammation in the joints. The plant compounds present in pomegranate are equipped with anti-inflammatory properties. Medical research reports have shown that pomegranate extract can block enzymes that can damage joints.
Pomegranate reduces the risk of heart disease.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world. Punicic acid in pomegranate is the main fatty acid of this fruit which provides possible protection against heart disease. A study of 51 people with high triglycerides found that daily consumption of 800 mg of pomegranate seed oil significantly reduced triglycerides. Triglycerides are a type of fat in our blood. Increasing the amount also increases the risk of heart disease.
Pomegranate is also useful for diabetics.
Drinking pomegranate juice lowers harmful cholesterol levels, according to a medical study of people with type 2 diabetes. Pomegranate juice protects against harmful cholesterol particles. Cholesterol particles increase the risk of heart disease.


European politics, philosophy, science, and communication were fundamentally reconstructed as part of the 18th century (1685-1815), with participants calling it the Age of Enlightenment, or simply the Enlightenment. Had given Enlightenment thinkers in Britain, France, and throughout Europe questioned the traditional authority and accepted the idea that humanity could be improved through rational change. Enlightenment produced numerous books, articles, inventions, scientific discoveries, laws, wars and revolutions. The American and French revolutions were directly influenced by the Enlightenment and pointed to its influence and the beginning of its decline, respectively. Enlightenment finally paved the way for 19th century romance

Early Enlightenment: 1685-1730

Leading 17th-century Enlightenment pioneers included the Englishmen Francis Bacon and Thomas Hobbes, the French Rene Descartes, and key natural philosophers of the scientific revolution, including Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler, and Gottfried William Leibniz. Its roots are usually found in England in the 1680s, where Isaac Newton published his Principia Mathematics (1686) over a period of three years and John Locke published his Essay on Human Understanding (1689). Published Philosophical toolkit for significant Enlightenment advances.
do you know? In their article and apos, what is enlightenment? In & apos (1784), the German philosopher Emmanuel Kant summed up this covenant and applied the slogan of Aposus in the following terms: And dare to know! Dare to use your own reason!

Lok argued that human nature is variable and that this knowledge has been acquired through accumulated experience rather than access to some kind of external reality. Newton’s calculations and theoretical theories provided powerful enlightening metaphors for precise measurement change and light.

There was not a single, unified Enlightenment. Instead, it is possible to talk about the French Enlightenment, the Scottish Enlightenment, and the English, German, Swiss or American Enlightenment. Individual Enlightenment thinkers often had very different perspectives. Lok was different from David Hume, Jean-Jacques Rousseau from Voltaire, Frederick the Great from Thomas Jefferson. Their differences and differences, however, emerge from the general enlightened topics of rational question and answer of progressivism through dialogue.

High Enlightenment: 1730-1780

Focusing on the dialogues and publications of the French ‘philosophers’ (Voltaire, Rousseau, Montesquieu, Buffon and Denis DeDrout) Anarchy The most important of these was the idea that everything in the universe could be rationally disabled and catalyzed. The signature publication of the period was DeDroot’s Encyclopedia (1751-77), which brought together well-known authors to compile a passionate compilation of human knowledge.

What did two scientists discover about the structure of DNA?

It was an era of enlightened tyranny like Friedrich the Great, which united, rationalized and modernized Persia in the midst of brutal multi-year wars with Austria, and an era of revolutionaries like the Enlightenment. Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson, whose ‘Declaration of Independence’ (1776) adapted the American Revolution to Lucky’s essays.

It was also a time of religious (and anti-religious) heresy, when Christians tried to change their beliefs on the basis of faith, and the position of the immoral and materialistic was that the universe goes its own way without God’s intervention. Locke, along with the French philosopher Pierre Bailey, supported the idea of ​​the separation of church and state. Secret societies such as Freemasons, Bavarian Illuminati and Rosicrucians – developed, offering European men (and some women) new ways of companionship, esotericism and mutual help. Coffee houses, newspapers and literary salons as new places to circulate ideas

The late Enlightenment and beyond: 1780-1815

The French Revolution of 1789 was the culmination of an enlightened vision of expelling old officials to rationalize society, but it turned into a bloody terrorism that exposed the limits of its ideology and a decade later. , Reached its peak. Of Napoleon. Nevertheless, this goal of equality attracted the admiration of the early feminist Mary Wolston Craft (mother of the author of ‘Franken Stein’, Marie Marie Shelley) and the foundation of Haiti’s War of Independence and Paraguay’s first post-independence government. Racial racism affected both.

Enlightenment gave way to the horrors of Romanticism, but 19th-century liberalism and classicalism – not to mention the 20th century – weigh heavily on modern Enlightenment thinkers

Written by

Asghar ali.

Smart phone and brain. As the use of smartphones grows, so do the negative effects of everything from human morality to physical health. A new study warns that excessive and constant use of smartphones is destroying the capabilities of the human brain. Every third person using a smartphone uses it 25 times a day, while one in 10 people use a smartphone immediately after falling asleep, which is destroying our minds and attention and Depleting the ability to think deeply. Nicholas Kerka, founder of “How the Internet is Changing Our Brains,” says that Internet devices are wreaking havoc in the future by changing the way we think. Scientists and psychologists have warned that changing the pattern of thinking changes the angle of our thinking and greatly reduces the process of focusing on something and thinking deeply for a while. When some material is coming, then the thinking is not fixed on one thing and the focus keeps changing. Explaining the further negative effects of the Internet on the brain, he said that the negative effects of being permanently connected to the Internet are far greater than people think and it is getting deeper with time. If you are constantly connected to the internet and keep getting new information, initially you put that information in your mind and consciousness but the brain cannot handle it as it should in a normal way. He said that if this trend continues then the time will come when people will use smartphones 200 times a day.

Process and intention

Consider the creative stage of man when he was in front of a idol like a common thing. For all the work of the angels was based on only one process that was ordered by God. This whole work of the people was not yet to work, because it was not included in their intent and intended. It was in the state of Allah. When Allaah has spread the soul in the idol and the interaction of his intention and the intention of the anger, what happened to the work of any work. Honor readers who will be done without intention is unhappy and unbelievers, but whenever any action or work inheritates intention, then the process becomes a sensitive and living creature. Three types of rectangular recycled is prepared for two types of diameter. They are two metroles. The preparation of the first recycled preparation of the intention is prepared with a good custom task. The recycled recycled preparation is developed and the new recycled both the Metherles is prepared by mixing. The same type of action is to be named and its name. And if the intention is with the process. If it is added, there are many types of types. The type of action you have to do is to know that the type of intention will have to be in this place of all kinds of intention. In the beginning of the constitutional structure, it has been ordered to keep their good deeds in their heart and mind, but the man is working on all the moment, because of humor, for the humans, or for animals, for humans, or for animals, so that it is for you soil, then he has become unconsciously, and if he has decided to be eternal, and if he has decided to be a man or a man.

Written by

Asghar ali


ووٹ ایک ایسا جانور ہے جس کی عمر پانچ سال ہو جاۓ تو وہ قربانی کے قابل ہو جاتا ہے۔لیکن اس کی قربانی ہم خود نہیں دے سکتے۔کیونکہ اس کی قربانی چڑہاوے کی صورت میں قبول ہوتی ہے اور اس درگاہ کی قربانگاہ تک جانے کی اجازت قربانی کا جانور پالنے والے کو نہیں ہوتی۔لہذہ قصابوں اور دلالوں کے ذریعے قربانی کا جانور انسانوں کی منڈی سے بہت اچھی قیمت دینے کی امید دلا کر ادھار خریدا جاتا ہے۔ہم ادھار دینا نہیں چاہتے لیکن جو دلال اپنے دلالی کے فن میں ماہر ہوتا ہے وہ ہمارا جانور لے جا کر اس بدمزہب قصائ کو دیتا ہے جو ہماری نیت کے برعکس کسی غیر مزہبی چبوترے پر اس کو غیر مزہبی طریقے سے قربان کر دیتا ہے۔چار سال تک وہ دلال اور قصاب ہمیں نظر نہیں آتے۔پانچویں سال ہمیں اپنے جانور کی قیمت کی پہلی قسط ہمیں وصول ہو جاتی ہے اور پانچ سال بھی مکمل ہو جاتے ہیں۔پھر ووٹ جیسے جانوروں کی منڈی انسان لگاتے ہیں پھر وہی دلال اور قصاب اس منڈی کا رخ کرتے ہیں ہم تھوڑا ناک منہ چڑھاتے ہیں لیکن وہ چونکہ دلالی اور ذبح کرنے کے فن سے ماہر ہوتے ہیں اور ہمیں کہتے ہیں کہ پچھلی قربانی کا گوشت کتے کھا گۓ تھے اس لۓ قربانی کی بوٹیاں اور پیسے نہیں بھیج سکے لیکن اس دفع ہم آپ کو زیادہ قیمت دیں گے اور کھانا کھلا کر پھر ہم سے وہ جانور لے جاتے ہیں۔اور ہم پھر پانچ سال تک رونا رونے اور نۓ جانور کی پرورش کرنے اور اس پر امید میں گزار دیتے ہیں۔مجھے سمجھ نہیں آتی ہمیں کیا ہو گیا ہے جو قوم اپنا ووٹ اپنی مرضی سے استعمال نہی کر سکتی وہ جغرافیائ لحاظ سے آزاد تو ہو سکتی ہے لیکن ذہن سے آزاد نہیں ہو سکتی۔تماشہ کرنے والے ہر دفع نۓ سے نیا تماشہ دکھا کر ہم سے ووٹ بٹور کر لے جاتے ہیں اور ہم اگلے تماشے کے انتظار میں کھڑے نظر آتے ہیں

Process and intention

Consider the creative stage of man when he was in front of God as an idol like a common thing. For all the work of the angels was based on only one process that was ordered by God. This whole work of the angels was not yet to work, because it was not included in their intent and intended. It was in the state of Allah. When Allaah has spread the soul in the idol and the interaction of his intention and the intention of the angels, what happened to the work of any work. Honor readers who will be done without intention is unhappy and unbelievers, but whenever any action or work inheritates intention, then the process becomes a sensitive and living creature. Three types of rectangular recycled is prepared for two types of diameter. They are two metroles. The preparation of the first recycled preparation of the intention is prepared with a good custom task. The recycled recycled preparation is developed and the new recycled both the Metherles is prepared by mixing. The same type of action is to be named and its name. And if the intention is with the process. If it is added, there are many types of types. The type of action you have to do is to know that the type of intention will have to be in this place of all kinds of intention. In the beginning of the constitutional structure, it has been ordered to keep their good deeds in their heart and mind, but the man is working on all the moment, because of humor, for the humans, or for animals, for humans, or for animals, so that it is for you soil, then he has become unconsciously, and if he has decided to be eternal, and if he has decided to be a man or a man

مقصود کائنات.The purpose of the universe

What you have tried to do as a human being is to cover the purpose of the universe. If you consider the attributes of Allah, then you will understand the purpose of creating this universe. When there was nothing, only Allah was Allah and while living in the same condition Allah Almighty declares that I am one then who would accept and who would deny. If it is mine, then there should have been some demarcation and area for it. The name of that area and demarcation is universe. Then Allah wanted to announce that I am worthy of worship. The one who understands the command of God, the one who speaks with one tongue and the one who worships by speaking and acknowledging should have been created. Unlimited but different. The confessors and worshipers are not the same. They are also different. Somewhere there is an angel, somewhere there is a jinn and somewhere there is a human being. And there must be intellect and consciousness and worshiping creatures that are compatible with the nature. God must have conveyed the message of being His God and acknowledging His kingdom to all the worshiping creatures in the universe. My dear brother Engineer Jahangir Badar expressed his desire to write something on the subject of The purpose of the universAnd tried to explain in short words.

Thanks. From asghar ali

مقصود کائنات کوبحیثیت انسان مختصر احاطۂ قلم کرنے کی جو کوشش کی ہے،وہ آپ کی زیر نظر ہے۔ اللہ تعالی کی صفات پر غور کریں تو اس کائنات کو بنانے کا مقصد آپ بخوبی سمجھ جائیں گے۔ جب کچھ نہ تھا،صرف اللہ ہی اللہ تھا اور اسی حالت میں رہتے ہوۓ اللہ تعالی اعلان فرماتا کہو میں ایک ہوں تو کون تسلیم کرتا اور کون انکار کرتا۔تسلیم کرنے کے لۓ بھی تو کوئ نہ کوئ ہونا چاہیے۔پھر اللہ فرماتا بادشاہت صرف میری ہے تو اس کے لۓ کوئ حد بندی اور علاقہ تو چاہیے تھا،اسی علاقے اور حد بندی کا نام کائنات ہے۔۔ پھر اللہ نے اعلان فرمانا چاہا کہ میں عبادت کے لائق ہوں۔یہ فرمان کہاں کہاں لاگو ہو گا جہاں جہاں اللہ کی حکمرانی ہے اللی کی حکمرانی تو اس کی بنائ ہوئ ساری کائنات پر ہے۔پھر اس کائنات میں بھی تو کوئ عقل و شعور رکھنے والا اللہ کے فرمان کو سمجھنے والا،کوئ زبان والا بول کر اور تسلیم کر کے عبادت کرنے والا بھی تو کوئ چاہیے تھا اس کو پیدا کیا گیا اور وہ اقرار کرنے والی خوش قسمت مخلوق حضرت انسان یعنی آپ ، میں اور تمام انسان ہیں۔کائنات لا محدود لیکن مختلف قسم کی ہے۔اقرار وتسلیم اور عبادت کرنے والے بھی ایک جیسے نہیں ہیں وہ بھی مختلف قسم کے ہیں۔کوئ کہیں پر فرشتہ ہے تو کوئ کہیں پر جن ہے اور کوئ کہیں پر انسان ہے ۔ساری کائنات میں اس کے موسم اور خدوخال کے حساب سے مطابقت رکھنے والی عقل و شعور اور عبادت کرنے والی مخلوق ضرور ہو گی۔ساری کائنات میں موجود عبادت کرنے والی تمام مخلوقات تک اللہ نے اپنا خدا ہونے اور اپنی بادشاہت کو تسلیم کرنے کا پیغام ضرور پہنچایا ہو گا۔ میرے پیارے بھائ انجینئر جہانگیر بدر نے مقصود کائنات کے موضوع پر کچھ لکھنے کی خواہش کا اظہار کیا۔ویسے تو یہ موضوع بہت بڑا ہے وہ اس لۓ کہ جو اس کو سمجھ گیا وہی اللہ کے ہاں کامیاب و کامران ہو گا میں نے ایک ادنی سی اور مختصر الفاظ میں وضاحت کی کوشش کی ہے۔شکریہ

از قلم

اصغر علی حافظآباد

Man and human

When we consider the structure of our earth, moon, sun, galactic system and the universe, it becomes clear that this whole system is working under one rule, regulation and law.  And this law and order is so strong and stable that no object in the universe can disconnect from its law and order even in a thousandth of an inch.  The earth rotates axially and longitudinally at its own speed.  It also needs a certain speed and rotation to move in its orbit.  And it doesn’t make the slightest difference.  The flow of water, the evaporation of fumes, the breaking of its molecules by violent collisions and the generation of electricity and illuminating the atmosphere, the formation of heat and the effect of everything on other things, all these are a fixed rule and  Under the rules.  In the same way, the birth and breeding of animals and plants is following a fixed law.  In the human world, too, the system of birth and development has been running the same.  He is born and grows and passes through the ages of boyhood and youth, enters the age of old age and then leaves this world.  The thing to note is that no one wants to be old.  But still he is forced to grow old.  No one likes death to come upon him, but there is not a single instance in the world where a person has been saved from death.  After careful consideration of all these things, the conclusion is that there is an entity that runs such an organized and cohesive system.
Some call it God, some call it the Eternal Being (GOD), in some religious scriptures it is called Yazdan.  This entity is also known by the names of El and Elijah.  Whatever the name, we are forced to believe and believe that a powerful and infinite being is in control of the universe.  Those who do not acknowledge this great being blame nature for the failure of life.  In fact, even in their denial, the aspect of confession is prominent.  Because as long as something does not exist, its denial and confession do not come under discussion.  When I don’t know anything, his mind becomes inclined towards denial.
The Creator of the universe has created this universe on the basis of truth. He has created everything with some program or other.  Nothing has been created for no purpose or as a game.  Now we have to see what is man?  Man generally thinks that his existence is merely a body composed of flesh, poppy and bones.  All his interests, all his attention is focused on this body and he uses all his energy to nurture this body and provide comfort.  Whereas all the prophets and chosen beings have told us that the real man is not the body of the flesh poppy but the real man is the one who keeps this body active and protects it.  This real man is called a soul.  The implication of this is stated by Hazrat Qalandar Baba Auliya in his book “Loh wa Qalam”.
“We make clothes to protect our material body.  Clothing, whether woolen, cotton, made of nylon wires or made of silk, moves as long as the flesh is on the poppy’s body.  It never happened that a man waved his hand and the sleeve of his shirt did not move.  It never happened that the shirt was put on the bed and he was asked to move the sleeve intentionally and the sleeve started to move.  This is to say that the movement of clothing is subject to the body.  There is no personal movement in clothing.  In the same way, when the soul becomes detached from man and man dies, like a garment made of cloth, there is no personal movement or resistance within him.  If a material body or garment made of flesh poppy and vein muscles is struck or it is cut with a sharp instrument, the body garment will not move.  As long as the soul was wearing this garment, there was movement and resistance in this garment.  So it turns out that the man we call flesh and blood is not the real man, but the real man, the real man’s clothing, and the real man is the soul. ”
Allaah says in the Qur’aan:
“Man was an indescribable thing.  We put our souls into it.  And he became a man who saw, heard and felt. “
In the Holy Qur’an, Allah Almighty said to the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him):
“These people ask you about the soul.  Say: The soul is by the command of my Lord.
Amr is defined in the last verses of Surah Ya-seen as follows:
“The thing is, when he intends something, he says, ‘Yes,’ and it happens.”
The formula from these verses is that man is physically indescribable.  When the soul was put inside him, he got senses.
The soul is God’s command, and God’s command is that when He intends something, He says, “Yes,” and it is done.
The world of modern science has come to know the galaxy and the solar system.  What is the relation of our earth to the light of galaxies and solar systems and what effect does this man have on animals, plants and inanimate objects?  This stage has also come to the forefront of science, but science is not yet fully aware of how and what the light of the solar system does in humans, plants and inanimate objects and how their conditions change.  Keeps doing  Science believes that everything on earth is based on a wave and only a wave.  A wave that cannot be called anything other than light, and the whole universe is a manifestation of the different forms of the same force.  In order to be unique in the universe, we have to think about what this wave and light is.
Jesus (pbuh) has said.
“God said light and there was light.”
That is, God said “light” and light came into being.  The Qur’an describes this as “Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth”, meaning “Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth.”  This means that the wave or the light and the planets of the heavens and the earth are created directly from the Absolute Being of Allah.  All beings are in fact manifestations of Allah’s light (wave).  This wave or light is called religion by religion.
Religions and all sciences invite us to find out who the real human being is, where he comes from to make physical clothes for himself and then take off his clothes and go where he goes.  Guides and leaders have set rules and regulations for  The Holy Qur’an has given very important and very short formulas for introducing man to the real man, so that the human race can get acquainted with the real man by gaining self-awareness.
If we look at history, we get nothing but sadness and sorrow to see that man has always been anxious, miserable, sad, scared and anxious.  Fear and insecurity sometimes become too much and sometimes too little.  As the human heart becomes more interested in material existence.  For this reason, he goes away from the lights.  The distance from the lights is called anxiety, restlessness and helplessness.  In this day and age, mental tension and nervous tension are at their peak.  The only way to be safe and to live in peace, if any, is to get acquainted with the real man.  When we become acquainted with human beings, we will find ourselves safe in the blissful coolness of the waves and lights.
God is not afraid of them, nor do they grieve
It is important to consider here what is the status of man among other creatures?  And if it is superior to all creatures, then why?  Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
We offered our trust in the heavens and the earth and the mountains.  He refused to take the trust and said that if we take the trust this time, we will be shattered.  Man picked it up.  Indeed, it is cruel and ignorant. “
This instruction of the Holy Qur’an shows that after the creation of the universe, Allah Almighty presented His trust and His special blessing to all creatures.  Everyone knew that they could not afford this great burden of trust.  But man agreed to be the trustee of this trust and he accepted the special blessing of Allah.  Despite the fact that he has the special blessing of Allah Almighty and this trust distinguishes him from all other creatures, it is noteworthy that Allah Almighty is calling him a tyrant and ignorant.
According to creative formulas, every creature of Allah is conscious and conscious and is established, alive and active by its God-given abilities.  The talk of the heavens, the earth, and the mountains draws our attention to the fact that, like man, all the particles within the heavens, the earth, and the earth, and all the creations and mountains above the earth, are conscious.  Just as the intellect works inside man, so do the mountains have intellect, because instead of confessing or denying something, it is a proof of self-understanding and consciousness.  Reflecting on the Holy Scriptures makes it clear that a life without insight is interpreted as cruelty and ignorance.  The mountains, the heavens and the earth decided after thinking that they could not afford the trust.  In this way they got out of the realm of oppression and ignorance.
Man is only a sight from the trust of Allah Almighty. If human life is studied, it is not unreasonable to say that man is less intelligent and short-sighted than the dust particles.  The sketches of the demonstrations that come to light by looking at the abilities and forces of the earth are the signs of Allah Himself instead of their place.  The earth is one, the sun is one, and the water is one, but when the earth is attracted to creation, it spreads such colors that the intellect is stunned.  After the same water is absorbed in the womb of the earth, it appears in so many creations that there is no number of them.  There seem to be numerous molds in the belly of the earth.  The mold in which the water settles takes on a new look.  Sometimes it becomes a banana, sometimes it becomes an apple.  Somewhere it becomes a grape, somewhere it becomes a flower, and so on and so forth.  When a small seed is planted in the belly of the earth, the earth nurtures that seed and makes it a strong tree, just as a baby grows in the womb of a mother.
An analysis of man and the earth reveals the same conclusion that the earth is more gifted than man, but in spite of this, it is only by being aware of this trust offered by Allah Almighty that man attains the status of the noblest of creatures.  If he does not know, then surely he is unjust and ignorant.
The prophets have taught us how we can use our intellect to distinguish ourselves from animals.  The method of this is known to us from the deeds of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).  This process is the life of Ghar Hira.  Before the life of Ghar Hira, neither the Qur’an was revealed to the Holy Prophet, nor was fasting and prayer obligatory, nor was the Islamic code of conduct revealed.  The life of Ghar Hira invites us to follow in the footsteps of our Prophet.  From which it becomes clear to us that human abilities are not limited.  That is, a person can be free from the grip of time and space by knowing the formulas of light if he wants to.  The main way to do this is to divert attention from one side to the other.  It is this state of concentration that introduces man to the real man.  This method of teaching is called meditation.
What is meditation? To understand it, it is necessary to state the law of sight.  Man sees in two ways.  One direct and the other indirect.  Indirect observation is when our eyes collide with the material shell of an object and its reflection is transferred to the screen of our brain.  To see directly is to observe the reality of an object without colliding with its material shell.  To see the world of the unseen, one has to resort to direct vision.
The same thing can be said in another way that our life is a mixture of two senses or two brains work inside us.  One is the brain that holds us captive in time and space, through which we simply see, touch and understand matter.  The second mind is that which is free from time space.  Through this mind we are introduced to the unseen world or the world beyond matter.  It is through this mind that we acquire the angels, the arafs, the barzakh and the mullahs, and finally the gnosis of Allah Almighty.  In the language of the Qur’an, the names of these two senses or minds are “day” and “night”.  In the senses of “day” man is confined to time and space.  And in the senses of “night” man is free from time and space.  In the Qur’an, where it is mentioned that the Torah (unseen revelations) were given to Prophet Moses (peace be upon him), Allah says:
We promised Moses that we would add thirty nights and ten nights.  Thus the appointed time of his Lord became forty nights.
It is noteworthy that Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) stayed as a mountain for forty days and forty nights, but Allah Almighty is only referring to the night, not the day.  The senses prevailed.
Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
“Glory be to the One who took His servant from the Sacred Mosque to the Al-Aqsa Mosque at night to make him see His signs.”
Night is also mentioned in Miraj’s statement.  Which is an indication that what happened to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) during the Ascension took place in the night senses.  The point is, occult revelations can only be obtained through the nocturnal senses.  It is not possible to enter the unseen with the senses of the day.
Meditation is actually the name of the practice in which a devotee tries to enter the senses of the night and acquire the realities of the universe and the knowledge of Allah Almighty.  In the state of meditation, a person focuses his entire mental attention on one point or one concept.  As centrality is established, man becomes closer to the unseen.  He is even freed from the bondage of time and place and is able to enter the world of the unseen.
Apparently a meditator is sitting with his eyes closed but meditation is actually a way of thinking and that is that the meditator travels in the external senses as well as the inner senses.  Come on!  Now let us find out if the mixed state of meditation exists within us even without a certain style of sitting and a certain way.  Distance from the external senses occurs in our lives both intentionally or unintentionally.  For example, we sleep.  When we are asleep, our brain temporarily disconnects itself from the external senses.
Every human being travels from birth to death in two states.  One state is called awakening and the other state is called dream or sleep.
In the state of waking, time space (time and place) is imposed on him and in a dream he is freed from the grip of time space.
Dreaming is actually a state closer to meditation.  Meditation is an exercise in translating dreams into awakening.
In meditation, a person experiences more or less all the conditions in which he falls asleep or dreams.  While practicing meditation in this way, he becomes absorbed in the events and conditions of the dream in such a way that he is living in the conditions and events of awakening.
The Qur’anic term “establishing Salat” invites us to become mentally attuned to prayer and to become acquainted with the real man.  The word “establishing” along with “salat” indicates that the mental centrality in prayer is established with Allah Almighty.  On the other hand, if there is no mental center with Allah in prayer, then it is not prayer.  Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
“Woe to the worshipers who are unaware of their prayers.”
(Al-Ma’un Para 2)
Allaah also says:
Blessed are the believers who are humble in their prayers.
The saints of Allah, the saints of Allah, have declared that meditation is necessary for attaining humility and submission in Salat and Salat.  By meditating, a servant becomes closer to Allah and establishing prayers with nearness to Allah Almighty, according to the instruction of the Holy Prophet, “Prayer is the ascension of the believer.” According to the instruction of Allah Almighty, man is the noblest of creatures.  Justice and insight require that we find out what it means to be the noblest of creatures.  The ability of human beings to manifest themselves in ordinary life and to be attuned to it by deeds and actions, does not prove that they are noble creatures.  Birth, consciousness, hunger, thirst and desires, whether physical or sexual, I am human, equal to other creatures.  However, apart from the demonstrative life, he has attained a level which is not attained by the heavens, the mountains and the earth, that is, he is the trustee of Allah Almighty.  If a human being is aware of this trust, then no distinction can be drawn between that noble creature, otherwise human beings and other creatures.  It is utter cruelty and ignorance to be unaware of the special blessing of Allah Almighty.
In order to benefit from this special reward given by Allah Almighty, it is necessary for us to have the knowledge of our own caste.  In Sufism, this knowledge is called self-awareness.  Through self-awareness, the door of knowledge that opens on man, through which the servant’s relationship with Allah is finally strengthened, and when a servant steps into the circle of stable relationship, he is free from this trust.  Achieves what Allah Almighty has promised him


The life style of the Son of Man, the circumstances, events and attitudes that take place in it show that the purpose of man’s life is only to search. Search is an ocean.  Till he is immersed in it, he ends up searching for the things which are already a part of this world.  Things cannot be taken to another world, so what is the purpose of this search for the things that are lost to man after he dies?  Why forget things that do not exist in the next world. And which we can take with us … A mathematical question is synonymous and non-synonymous which children can solve with the principle of mathematics.  But this question has not been solved by anyone except some adults till date. In fact, there are two answers to this, one is solved by the children and the other is the answer we have never searched for.  That’s how we all meet each other  You are busy looking for the same things. O human being, never be different from others and look for what you get. You will find something new. It will be different from everyone else.  It has the potential to travel to the next world with your soul when you die and which your soul will be able to enjoy. This is something you will not have to push anyone in search of.  You will not have to snatch the right of, you will not have to show anyone’s heart and you will not have to go away from anyone’s heart, no murder, no fight, no quarrel, no conspiracy and no riot.  You have to roll all the papads made of and the ropes of which one day the strings of your life come in the same roll and break into armor. Changing things in your search will definitely give you peace of mind and running will also be less.  And the Lord will be found.
Written by
Asghar Ali.  Hafizabad,


ابن آدم کی طرز زندگی،اس میں رونما ہونے والے  حالات و واقعات اور رویوں سے صرف یہی پتہ چلتا ہے کہ انسان کی زندگی کا مقصد صرف اور صرف تلاش کرنا ہے۔تلاش ایک سمندر ہےپیدا ہوتے ہی انسان اس میں گر جاتا ہے اور آخری ہچکی تک اس میں غرق رہ کر ختم ہو جاتا ہے۔انہی چیزوں کو تلاش کرتا ہے جو پہلے ہی سے اس دنیا کا حصہ ہیں۔انسان صرف تلاش کے نتیجے میں اسی زمین پر ان چیزوں کی صرف جگہ بدلتا ہے اور اپنی تلاش کی ہوئ کسی بھی چیز کو کسی اور جہان میں نہی لے جا سکتا،تو پھر اس تلاش کا مقصد کیا ہے جو چیز انسان کے مر جانے سے اس کے لۓ ختم ہو جاتی ہے وہ چیزیں جو پہلے سے ہی اس دنیا میں موجود ہیں ان کے حصول کے لۓ انسان ان چیزوں کو کیوں بھول جاتا ہے جو اگلی دنیا میں موجود نہی ہیں۔اور جن کو ہم اپنے ساتھ بھی لے جا سکتے ہیں۔۔۔ریاضی کا ایک سوال مترادف اور غیر مترادف جس کو بچے تو ریاضی کے اصول سے حل کر لیتے ہیں،لیکن صرف کچھ بڑوں کے علاوہ آج تک کسی سے یہ سوال حل نہی ہو سکا۔اصل میں اس کے دو جواب ہیں،ایک تو بچے حل کر کے دکھاتے ہیں اور دوسرا جواب ہم نے کبھی تلاش ہی نہی کیا۔صرف اور صرف اس مترادف کی طرح ہم سب کے سب ایک دوسرے سے ملتی جلتی ایک جیسی چیزوں کی تلاش میں مصروف ہیں۔اے انسان  دوسروں سے ہٹ کر کبھی غیر مترادف ہو کر تلاش کر کے دیکھ تجھے کیا ملتا ہے۔تجھے کچھ نیا ملے گا۔جو سب سے الگ ہو گا۔ جس میں یہ صلاحیت ہے کہ تیرے مرنے پر  تیری روح کے ساتھ اگلی دنیا کی جانب سفر کر سکے گا اور جس کو تیری روح مزے سے کھا سکے گی۔یہ وہ چیز ہے جس کی تلاش میں تجھے کسی کو دھکے نہیں مارنے پڑیں گے۔کسی کا حق نہیں چھیننا پڑے گا،نہ کسی کا دل  دکھانا پڑے گا اور نہ کسی کے دل سے دور جانا پڑے گا نہ ہی کوئ قتل نہ لڑائ نہ جھگڑا نہ سازش اور نہ ہیی کوئ فساد۔تیری مطلوبہ تلاش کے لۓ اوپر والے دھوکے کے مواد سے بنے تمام پاپڑ تجھے بیلنے پڑتے ہیں اور جن کو بیلتے بیلتے   ایک دن تیری زندگی کی ڈور اسی  بیلنے میں آ کر زرہ زرہ  ہو کر ٹوٹ جاتی ہے ۔اپنی تلاش میں چیزوں کو بدل کر ضرور دیکھنا سکون بھی ملے گا دوڑنا بھی کم پڑے گا اور رب بھی ملے گا۔
            تحریر از
            اصغر علی. حافظ آباد،لویرے کلاں

لفظ اور آواز

 آواز کہنے کو تو ایک لفظ ہے اور سننے کو ایک شورلیکن ہے بڑے کمال کی چیزکیونکہ اس کی موجودگی زندہ ہونے کا ثبوت ہے ورنہ پتھر بھی تو بے آواز ہیں نہ کسی کی سنتے ہیں اور نہ کسی کو کچھ سناتے ہیں۔ تبھی تو بے جان سمجھے جاتے ہیں وہ مٹی جو سب کا رزق پیدا کرتی ہے۔جانداروں کو خوراک دے کر ان کی زندگی کو قائم رکھتی ہے۔ غور کیا جاۓ تو مٹی کا سلوک اور رویہ ہمارے ساتھ بہت اچھا ہے۔ ماں سے بھی زیادہ محبت کرتی ہے۔ کھانا بھی دیتی ہے اور مرنے کے بعد اپنی گود میں بھی چھپا لیتی۔ لیکن الفاظ اور آواز نہ ہونے کی وجہ سے بے جان یعنی مردہ کہلاتی ہے۔آپ سوچ رہے ہوں گے کہ حرکت کرنا تو زندگی کی علامت ہے۔۔مگر میں کہوں گا ہوا بھی تو حرکت کرتی ہے لیکن بے جان ہے۔پودے سانس اور خوراک لیتے ہیں،لیکن ان کے ساتھ مردہ اجسام کی کی طرح ہی برتاؤ کیا جاتا ہے۔حیوانات کو بولنے کی وجہ سے پوری طرح جاندار سمجھا جاتا ہے۔ وہ پیار اور غصیلے رویے کو سمجھتے بھی ہیں اور اسی طرح کے رویے کا اظہار بھی کرتے ہیں،لیکن کبھی بھی ہماری محفلوں،تقریبات،غمی اور خوشی کے موقعوں پر ہمارے ساتھ شامل نہی ہوتے۔

جانتے ہیں کیوں ؟

کیونکہ ان کے پاس جان اور آواز اور رویے تو ہیں مگر الفاظ نہیں ہیں۔

       ( سوچۓ گا ضرور)

تحریر از

اصغر علی