Spin the money to eachother

A tourist entered a hotel in a town and asked the owner to show him the best room in the hotel. The owner gave him the key to the best room and allowed him to see the room. The tourist put an advance of 1000 on the counter and went to see the room. At that time, the butcher of the town came to take the money for the meat from the hotel owner. The hotel owner picked up the same sum and gave it to the butcher, because he hoped that the tourist would definitely like the room.
The butcher took the hundred dollars and immediately gave the money to his animal supplier.

He was in debt to a doctor with an animal supply from whom he was treating, so he gave the hundred pounds to the doctor. Coincidentally, that actor was staying in a room in the same hotel, so he paid the owner of the same hotel.
He went straight to check the room with the waiter’s bill still lying on the counter. The prospective customer came back and told the hotel owner that I didn’t like the room. After saying this, he picked up the number of his hundred and left.
In this story of economics, nobody earned anything and nobody spent anything.

How many people of this town will be freed from debt in the town where the tourist used to visit.
The result of the study is that
Don’t miss money, don’t sit on it like a snake.
That is the welfare of the people.


A person sitting at a hotel said to another – this child working at the hotel is so stupid – that I will put a note of 100 and 50 – then he will pick up a note of 50 – and at the same time he called the child and holding two notes in front of him said more of them. Pick up the note _ The child picked up the 50 note _ Then both of them laughed _ And the child went back to his work _ The person sitting next to them called the child after they both left _ And asked how old you are _ You don’t know the difference between 50 and 100 notes __ This Hearing this, the child smiled__and said this man often does this to amuse some friend by seeing my stupidity__and I pick up a 50 note__they are happy__and I get fifty rupees__the day I pick up five hundred__that day This game will be over__and so will my income
Life is also like this game–there is no need to be wise everywhere–where being wise affects your own happiness–there is only wisdom to be a fool.


Amazon forest


The Amazon forest spans 9 countries in the world, with Brazil at the top.
Its total area covers 5.5 million square kilometers, while the area of Pakistan is 7.95 thousand square kilometers.
This forest is five and a half million years old.

A Spanish traveler named Francisco de Orellana is said to have visited here in 1540.  Here there was a fight with Topoyas, a local tribe.  Francisco de Orellana observed in this battle that the women of this tribe were extremely warlike and resembled the ancient Greek women known as Amazons.  For this reason, the name of this forest was Amazon jungle

Amazon is a Greek word meaning “warrior woman”.
20% of the Earth’s oxygen is provided by the trees and plants of the Amazon alone
40% of the world’s animals, birds, insects are found in the Amazon
More than 400 wild tribes live here, their population is estimated to be around 45 lakhs.  These people are living in a wild style even in the 21st century
Some of its areas are so dense that sunlight cannot reach there and there is night sky even during the day
There are also such poisonous insects that if they bite a person, they will die in a few seconds.
The Amazon River is the largest river in the world in terms of water, its length is 7 thousand kilometers.
There are 30,000 species of fish in the Amazon River
60% of the species in the Amazon rainforest are still unnamed
The spiders here are so big and powerful that they even catch birds
30 thousand varieties of fruits are found here
Adventurers and biologists have so far been able to reach only 10 percent of this forest
If you are in the Amazon jungle and it rains heavily, after about 12 minutes the rain water will not reach you.

Does Cold Drink Help Digestion?


The use of cold drinks has become an essential part of any feast. Majority of people believe that it helps in digestion of food. This is the reason why people organize these drinks on Bakra Eid.
Let’s examine how much truth there is in this.

Cold drinks usually contain water, lots of sugar, soda, carbon dioxide gas, artificial colors, preservatives and caffeine. It does not contain any digestive enzymes. None of these ingredients are known to speed up digestion. Yes, it has many disadvantages, such as the hard coating of the tooth (tooth enamel) is susceptible to breakage, the pain of the heartburn patient can increase. Excess sugar can be a major cause of obesity. It can lead to bone weakness. Due to the high caffeine content in some cold drinks, people can become addicted to it.

One thing that people probably think of it as a digestive aid is the carbon dioxide gas it contains. It is a liquid when mixed into drinks, but at body temperature it becomes a gas, causing the drinker to belch and think that he has digested food. . Although this is just a myth, the reality is the opposite. Instead of digestion, it causes problems for the stomach.

If you use these cold drinks in food to make food palatable, then it is a different matter, but you must take into account their harmful effects, but if you take them to help digestion, then you must think before using them.


It is the second largest continent in terms of area in the world with a total area of ​​30,065,000 square kilometers.
Mountains, deserts and rivers are abundant in this continent
And dense forests are also abundant in this continent

Due to the different types of climate of this continent, many types of vegetation and wild animals are found here
This continent is rich in gold and diamonds and the longest river in the world. The Nile River flows in this continent
The highest point of this continent is “Mount Kal Manjaro” which is located in Tanzania. The height of which is 5895 meters
The lowest point is Lake Asal, which is located in Djibouti, and is 156 meters below sea level

The following countries are located in this continent
Eritrea, Equatorial Guinea, Algeria, Angola, Ethiopia, Burundi, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso
Faso, Tanzania, Tunisia, Togo, Djibouti, South Africa, Chad, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, Sudan, Seattle, Senegal, Somalia, Congo, Comoros,
Côte d’Ire, Cape Verde, Cameroon, Kenya, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ghana, Gambia, Gabon, Liberia, Liberia, Lesotho, Mauritius,
Mali, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Western Sahara, Malawi, Niger, Nigeria, Namibia, Central African Republic and Uganda

Most of the countries of this continent are under the influence of colonial forces
And most of the country is in turmoil
All of them have the same reason that most of the countries of this continent are Muslim and they are all rich in mineral wealth. Due to which the colonial forces are killing these people by fighting among themselves.

Value and place

This is a coke bottle.
If you buy it from a shop,
So this will get you $1.
If you buy from a hotel, you will get 1.5.
If you buy this bottle at the airport. So probably you
1.75 or 2 will be available.
The bottle is the same, the liquid is also the same, but the place and price are different.
But I want to explain to you, that if
There is no value, so try changing the place!!!
. Believe me, your value will increase.
. So don’t waste your time and emotions on useless people.
. Remember the Lord and cry to Him.

King and story

A long  ago, king oriacle invited the citizens of his kingdom who ould tell good stories to come offered to tell stories and they all appeared before him.

I want you to tell me  good stories . The story must not only be  interested , they must teach moral lesson ,

Ten me and women were given a chance to tell their stories. Each person would tell his or her story once a month in the palace . The king wives and children would listen to the stories .

A man called Bobo first told his story .the king and his wives and children listen for a while . The story was not interested and the king dismissed him.

The following month , igbela had a chance to tell a stories .

She told her stories and the king was not impressed .she was dismissed .

All the same he gave all the ten chance.

The last stories teller was called mumula. He knew that all the story teller vhad failed to impress the king he was determined to succeed where other failed.he appeared before the king in a dress which brought laughter and excitement.he prostate before the king in greetings.he prostrate before the king in greeting. He later sat down and adjust his cap before he begain his story . I have a beautiful story for the king . It is the store of q rich ran who had four wives .the wives were called banke, Nike, bunmi and abegbe , the most Junior. He like the last wife and his children every body know that she was the apple of his eyes. He gave her more money and present than other .

Abegbe is a favorite I am not ashamed to tell people.

It was no more to the people that the man gave  abegbe more attention. He treat her like a queen and all the other as if they were her servant . He gave his children from abegbe more attention than those of the other wives . The other wives complain  but the man refused to listen to them.

After ten years of married abegbe he became hill.

The illiness became so serious that many people felt he would die .

The man felt disappointed that abegbe whom he loved most and gave more money and gift than others abandoned him at the hour of need.he qucalled a meeting of the family.he asked all the children to be present to hear what he had to tell them .they all assembled In the large family sitting room. 

My dear wives and children ,I thank God who has power over all thing that I recovered from my illness . I thank you banke, Nike , bunmi and your children. Abegbe , you deserted me when I needed you most . I want to say this openly now . I had earlier written my will. Gave three quarter of my property to abegbe and her children. If wasn’t I’ll she would have been the greatest beneficiary of my wealth . My illness opened my eyes wide . I have learnt a great lesson .

Abegbe ,you have show that you loved me when I was healthy and you had unlimited access to my wealth .I tear this will now in the presence of you all . Never love a wife or children more than other.

The king listen with rapth attention to the story ,he knew he loved one of his wives more than others. He had no doubt learnt some lessons from the story .

Mumula, the story teller ,I enjoy your story ,I am happy my family enjoy it too .come back again next month to tell another story said  the king.

The king gave the story teller a horse which he could ride about kingdom.he gave him ,food , clothes and money.the man left the palace very happy.the wives of the king looked at each other face the end of the story telling. They knew the story teller had hit the nail on the head. The king was in the same boat with the 

Tips for boosting self-esteem and self-confidence

Whenever one is beset by a situation that he or she is unsure of – facing someone admired, having to perform in front of an audience, or simply talking to others – he or she is facing a goodly amount of stress. Confident people are usually able to face these situations without blinking; but the rest of us will probably melt away and try to run away

For most people facing this kind of low self-esteem, these situations present an opportunity for them to make fools out of themselves. This is a very embarrassing prospec

If you are one of the millions of people that would like to stop fidgeting in front of others, trying to squirrel out of such situations, and being so unsure of yourself when facing presentations, here are a few tips to set you on your way.

1 :Competence is Confidence – Some organizations, like the Toastmasters, help those afraid to speak in public toughen up by stressing this credo – and it really works. One secret to confidence and self-esteem is to be able to trust what you are able to do. This comes with a lot of practice and study. Whenever you practice a given skill, you increase your own confidence in your capability to perform even in front of other people

Before a big presentation, study up. Try to know everything about the topic before you step in front of the audience. If you have practiced way before the presentation, you will be in a better position to knock their socks of
Practicing in front of supportive people you trust will help you get feedback on how to improve your performanc

2 :Believe in Yourself – One of the reasons people are not confident in themselves is the fact that they are already convinced that they will fail even before anything happens. Never underestimate the power of the mind. If you believe you will fail, you indeed will! A better exercise would to be to believe that you can succeed. Set your mind towards succeeding and you probably wil

3 :Take Criticisms, whether Good or Bad – Most people are bad at taking criticisms. Instead of taking the criticisms personally, use every comment and suggestion to make yourself better. However, you will also have to look out for some criticisms that were never meant to benefit you. Ignore them and move on.

4 :Remain Calm at All Costs – Panicking never benefited anybody. If you are suddenly in a situation where you are unsure of what to do or what will happen, keep your composure. If you don’t know the answer, say so calmly. If you do not know what to do, it would not be bad to admit.

Effects of wrong blame

To blame means to accuse someone of doing something wrong. It is very easy to put blame on a person when things begin going wrong and hammer that person left and right for being responsible for all the mess. Let us look at this further.

Sometimes, in our personal relationships, when we say that things are in mess, the truth may be different. The situation may not be messy, but our viewpoint may have become messy. What we call as going wrong may indeed be going wrong, but not in the way we look at it. Let me try to explain. Some of us lie. We get caught, or feel guilty. We blame someone for exposing our lie and making a mess of something good. Can a lie be good? We wished our lies to flourish and keep us safe from the bitterness of truth, but our comfort zone got broken because of the exposure. Is this bad? Or our viewpoint was wrong to begin with? When we think more, we find that truth may be very bitter and highly discomforting, but it is always better than a lie. Is it correct to blame a person who exposed our lies? But we do that. Blame the other person for making us face the music. What the other person did was correct but since it hurts us, we accuse.

Let me tell you something. What if someone accuses you of crimes never committed by you? What if the accuser himself/herself was the guilty party, but targeted you because you are a soft target? Between a couple this happens. If one of the partners is a compassionate person, the other partner can develop the habit of blaming him/her all the time of all the crimes realizing well, that no retaliation will occur.

Many of us act like brutes at times and then we suffer in the guilt for a lifetime. Some of us, who are evil people never, suffer any guilt. But some of us carry the guilt of having done something wrong forever in our life. This guilt will never go, because the deed was indeed done. Why not to desist doing wrong? Why to travel on a wrong path? Why to torture others with blames that they never deserve


Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world. People without education are like animals. Education develops the concept that everyone can think better in any subject. Education means not only literacy, but also character, character, respect for the country, the elderly, etc.

Education as assets

Education is the only good that no one steals. And it develops through the exchange between people. These assets can give you a name and reputation. Education provides the best earning opportunities. Guarantees fame and prosperity in society. This improves lifestyle and creates great employment opportunities. This increases a person’s self-esteem and makes him more confident about something in life. Education plays a big role when we move to another country. It is said that the king prays only in his own country, while educated people pray under the sky. Some examples can be found in India: Swami Vivekananda, Chaanakya, Ramanujan, Aryabhatta. Some leaders like Mahatma Gandhi are Rajendra Prasad, Swarbaliradhakrishna and others.

Educated life is happy life

Educated life happylife –

Education bring happiness in life. Education develops greater understanding of a people with which people can understand others feeling and never take unnecessary riots with anyone and spend happy life. It helps to reduce poverty and unemployment.

Role of government

 government and their policy have greater impact on education system of a country. In India, education system is not developed. Student have to depend on private schools for better knowledge. Indian government should focus on oureducation system. So that poor can also afford. Government should conduct sponsorship exam. and provideing educational loan boost higher education for poors.

It helps in overall development of a person. Education transform you a valuable person. It empowers humans and gets them ready to face challenge of life efficiently.

In Pakistan,Bangladesh and India litracy rate is very much low in many states. But It can be overcome. Government can launch some scheme to attract children towards school and college. Awareness campaign plays a vital role for people to knows the importance of education. The education provide in our school and college is detached from life. The curriculum as formed and presented through the conventional method of education does not give the students insight into the everyday world in which they are living.

Education play a greater role in development of any country. Education give birth to skilled people. skilled people can earn and give contribution in rise of GDP of their country. Skilled people can do great invention which also develops a country.

According to me it is more important to educate a girl instead a boy. It is because education to boy means education to one person but education to a girl means education to whole family.

Learn the secrets of making life beautiful and peaceful from the Chinese

China has been a land of wonder and mystery since ancient times, where methods have always been different. The Chinese nation, which rules the economy of the world, has always been a place of wisdom. This nation is very hardworking and peace-loving, one of the proofs of which is the Great Wall of China, one of the wonders of the world. This wall was built to protect and defend China from outside invaders

Forget your age

A person’s age does not stop him from doing anything. Whether you want to enjoy life, learn something new, or experience something new, forget that you are too old or too young for it.Don’t judge someone by his age. Intelligence and wisdom are not limited by age. It is a God-given ability and can be present in any child. Therefore, no one should be judged by his age, but whether he is young or old, try to understand his conversation, whether there are treasures of knowledge hidden in it.

Necessary things for yourself

According to ancient Chinese teachings, a few things should be made an essential part of your life. Don’t deprive yourself of exercise, seasonally hot or cold temperatures, and the scent of trees and grass


The foods that Chinese teachings emphasize include rice, tea, and meat along with vegetables

Keep the kidneys active and the head calm

According to Chinese teachings, in order to be healthy, a person must keep his kidneys active and keep the head calm and cool, that is, avoid anger.

Laugh openly.

Laughter has many benefits. Laughter calms the mind and improves blood flow by removing stress and tension-causing chemicals from the human brain. This principle of ancient Chinese teachings has been confirmed by modern science

Forget the bad times

It is not wise to be sad, worried and disappointed by remembering the bad times. ThisForget the bad times It is not wise to be sad, worried and disappointed by remembering the bad times.


Treat every person, animal and plant with kindness. It will protect against many harms. But remember that if the mind is calm, compassionate feelings will arise, and if the body is healthy, the mind will be calm.

Love others

Love everything in the world and do not associate with those who cannot love others

Signs of a good laptop

RAM: Minimum 8 GB or maximum 16 GB
If the RAM is 8GB then it should be in one slot and if one slot is empty then 8GB can be purchased separately ie the RAM can be increased later.
Hard disk i.e. memory should be ssd while hdd is three times slower and also consumes more battery so only ssd is better for the job.
The higher the generation the more modern i.e. 5th better than 4th generation and 6th better than 5th
The most modern so far is the 11th generation
3 types of processor:
core i3, i5 & i7.
i7 is the best
If you
To do graphical work
A minimum 2gb graphic card is also required
The battery should be of 🔋 lithium cells
Also check the mAh of the laptop battery
If you buy a used laptop, then check how much mAh battery is left
Second hand
Most of the deception when buying a laptop is in the display

That is, a local one is inserted after extracting the original display, how to check it
If you are looking to buy a used laptop then this information is for you
Vendors selling old laptops put wallpaper that makes people happy just by looking at the display and the wallpaper is also such that the damage is not visible on the pixels.
Here’s how to check the display
After that, fill the brightness of the laptop
You have to open the notepad and spread it over the entire screen, it will turn the entire screen white
Thus, if there is any pixel damage in the screen or there is pressure on the screen from some place, black marks will be visible from there.
Second, search the laptop you want to buy on the internet and check its specification to see which display the desired laptop has, LCD or LED.
If it is LCD, the display is not visible when looking at the screen from the side, this is a sign of LCD
And led is much better display
Another important question is the buttons
Are there any buttons damaged?
Search on Google for the laptop you want to buy
Keyboard tester

This is 1 mb software download and install and open it
And press the laptop buttons one by one
The button that is OK will turn green on the screen
To check the processor you have to search in google
Download and install this small software and open it
After opening, the CPU information will be listed in the first option
The number in front of the Name column in this CPU information will tell you the generation
Understand carefully
For example
Inter core i3,
If three more digits are written after that, the processor is first generation
If there are four digits, there are second or later generations

For example
Intel core i3.,,,, 803
That is, if three digits come after i3, it means first generation
Intel core i3.,,,, 2304
In this example, i3 is followed by four digits, so this is the second generation

Intel core i3.,,,, (3)405
Inter core i3.,,,, (4)505
These two examples also have four digits, but in the first example, the starting digit is 3, so it is the third generation
In the second example, the starting digit is 4, so the fourth generation
Remember that round brackets have been added to explain the first digit

With the help of the same software, you can also get cache and mother board information
And this software will also give you ram information and graphic card information
If the laptop does not have a graphic card, the information will not be visible

How to Check Hard Disk and Battery 🔋
How to Check Hard Disk and Battery When Buying a Used Laptop

You have to search on Google
hard disk sentinel
Download and install this software and open it
The percentage will be displayed
If there is a problem with the hard disk
So health and performance level is not 100 percent
A note is also written below, if the hard disk is fine, it is told if there is a problem i.e. bad sector, then it is written in the note.

Temperature option
In the temperature option of the same software, you can find the temperature of the hard disk

Smart option
All other hard disk tests
You can see in smart option
The smart option should have a test value of 0
The value is not 0 if the hard disk is repaired i.e. bad sectors have been removed by the mechanic

Information option
In this option you can see what type of hard drive you have
Is it SSD or HDD etc

How to Check Battery 🔋

Open Windows PowerShell by right-clicking on the Start menu

You have to write this in it
Next to write
That is, you have to write the path and then click enter to save the battery report
Your battery report is saved in C drive, open it and see the battery information
This report shows how old the battery was when the laptop was made new
How much battery is left to be used?

Value of vote

A candidate went to an old man to ask for his vote and handed him 1000 rupees and said, Babaji, vote for me this time.
oldman said:-
Son, I don’t want money, but if you want votes, buy a donkey.
The candidate wanted to vote, he went out to buy a donkey, but nowhere did he find a donkey worth less than 40,000, so he came back and said to Babaji:-
I have not found any donkey at reasonable price, donkey is at least 40000, so I can’t give you donkey, but I can give you 1000.
Babaji said:-
Mr. Chaudhry, don’t embarrass me any more. In your eyes, my price is less than a donkey. When a donkey is not sold for less than 40000, how can I sell it for 1000?
So vote wisely in this election.
Value yourself and your vote.
Don’t sell your conscience by offering a cup of tea just to shake hands, ask for well-being, vote is trust and there will definitely be a backlash about trust.


1:All human beings living in this world were created by one God, but why are religions different. Every reader must give an answer in comments,what is reality.

2:When I gathered opinions from the readers, I found out that different religions have different ways of worshiping God. The purpose is the same for all, so why do people of different religions hate each other? There is a discussion, so be sure to express your useful opinion in it.

This life is everything!but life

 When we were 21, the camera was in the closet and we were not allowed to touch it. During Eid, Baqar Eid or any wedding, etc., the train would be loaded on the camera, then beautiful corners of the house would be searched for pictures, everyone would try to take as many pictures as possible. The elder brother, sister and brother of the house would become photographers holding cameras and we poor little ones would just pose and watch from a distance.

Not only that, but when the pictures were ‘washed out’, half of the smoke would go away due to poor lighting, while half of the facial expressions would become controversial if they deteriorated. In the group photo, the image of 2 would be good and the image of 2 would be thick or squinty and then the squabble of hiding or showing, tearing or handling would start.

And if after going through all these stages, some of the pictures would be good, then the albums would be arranged and put in school or college bags, and all the members of the house would come out of their seats one by one, and the pictures would be shown to the classmates See how cute we really are, it just doesn’t look so cute because of the hot weather and dust, otherwise we are less than a model.

It was a time when the luxury of hundreds of selfies in many ways in one minute and then their editing and filters was unimaginable. This work cost a lot of money, so it was seldom tolerated.

Then what did we know that in a few years everyone will have their own studio, their own lights and camera and everyone will be the most beautiful in their kingdom.

The clever mothers-in-law of that time, before choosing their daughters-in-law, used to look at them in the sunlight under some pretext so that they could look beyond make-up. Now they may have to work harder to get through the filters and edits before the make-up.

Diaries were decorated in the name of journals and opinion books, friends were asked for feedback, this was an excuse to show off and talk about oneself. How did we know then that one day social media and smartphones will create their own profile, their own platform for every small, big, rich and poor person in the world. Everyone will have thoughts, observations and ideas, everyone will be the uncrowned king of their Facebook. Everyone will become a philosopher and researcher and everyone will become popular.

There was a time when even touching the camera was not allowed

Social media has given its own studio to every young and old

In our time, a boy who stands in the street all day is considered bad. Wanderers with friends were called wanderers. Now everyone lives on social media and the standards of disorder have changed. Now there is no reason to wander the streets and be friends, now everything is available on the Internet. Back then, the character of a girl who used to get up and walk used to be mentioned, but now every girl has the facility to pick up and eat bills on her DP, post, videos and photos, but now in the name of trend The character is also less affected.

Times have changed dramatically in just 20 years. Earlier, boys used to walk around schools and colleges to catch a glimpse of girls. At weddings, haircuts were made, a street child, a friend or a brother was hanged for delivering a letter, then they had to change their voices to call a girlfriend by calling the house number, sisters were asked for help, Aashiq was interrogated by 4 people. If he used to pass by, he would get access to his girlfriend, otherwise the whole house would ring all the time, but now there is no need to make such a fuss.

Home TVs and VCRs were run with parental permission, and hundreds of people had to compromise on hundreds of conditions to watch the film. After going through many stages from film selection to censorship, it was a destiny to go and watch a film, but now there is media and films from all over the world in every hand, not in every room, watch as much as you want and watch as much as you want!Reaching Hostels At the beginning of the 21st century, the mobiles that came into our hands at the end of adolescence had to be used under parental supervision, ie a thick and shapeless mobile was used throughout the house and often with text or snake games. Nothing was available except. Life has never been so limited!

These are the stories of the people of the last century who were born in the last decades of the 20th century. We used to hear before the 21st century that the 21st century would be amazing, but we didn’t even realize it.

They just went through the magical world and saw its wonders as if they had never seen anything new. We did not spend our youth in the shadow of DPs and filters but the people we met were real and genuine, the friends who walked with us were dedicated only to us for hours, days, months and years, love us or Whatever hatred was found was pure.

When we went to gardens and parks, we would see each other, listen to them and say our own things, check the seasons, smell the scents. People of our generation were intoxicated by the smell of the dust that spread on the first drop of rain, coming out on the roofs, courtyards and streets in the rain. When it was not possible to take pictures of raindrops, we wanted to take every drop on our palms, face and body.

When it was not possible to take pictures of raindrops, people would collect them on their palms

We have to write diaries, now people write stories on blogs and Facebook, we get tired of writing poems and lyrics, now everyone copies and pastes, we used to put posters in the room, now every skill comes down only to decorate on the wall. Is. The sighs of our closed rooms could not reach anyone and now even if we sneeze, the news reaches other continents. We are all so enlightened that we are exhausted, we are so crowded that we are lost. We have become noise with sound, we have become scream with voice.

When we passed through the streets 20 years ago, we could remember the color of their houses, turns and walls, even the people standing outside them. You will still remember the phone numbers you remembered 20 years ago, but now you 2 They forget the face of the person they met minutes ago, go out on the internet from home and forget the way back.

Once upon a time we found our friends, relatives and love pure and complete, available with all our heart and being, our fingers did not speak then and signals and waves were not hidden in every vein of our body then. We felt our every move, lived with it, and now the situation is that there are feet somewhere and feet somewhere!

If you picked up a book, you would get lost in its pages day and night, if you were immersed in colors, you would not look up for hours to see where the sun had gone, if you were busy chatting with friends and acquaintances on the only wire phone at home Those who begged to turn off the phone, when they went to play, the family would reprimand them and bring them back. When we could only spend the whole day on sports like Patho Garam and Pakram Pakrai, we had everything full of life. Now we push our children to the garden and persuade them to play with mantas. Only 20 years ago, we lived with our senses in a world in which everything is now except the senses.

In the past, when we picked up a book, we could not count the days and nights in the study

The 21st century has snatched man from man in just 20 years, the rest of the fraction that has been left has fallen into the hands of Corona, broken into hundreds of parts like man inside and outside.

The burden of the first 20 years of the 21st century has proved to be very heavy on today’s man. At every turn, issues are emerging that were never even thought of. Before the invention of medicine, there were no diseases like cancer, AIDS and coronavirus. Don’t let the next 20 years be fatal to the human brain?

The most advanced topics we are talking about today are mindfulness, attention to one’s situation, knowing one’s moments. Today’s modern philosophers are teaching us that in this fast-paced world of scientific progress, one’s voice and touch, The rain and the scent of flowers, the moisture of vegetables and the contrast of sunshine are all important for keeping life alive. How cruel it is that one class pushes us aside first and then another class comes and explains to us the usefulness of our lost habits as if life is really a game of nerves and nerves.

The burning foreheads of human beings are waiting for the Messianic effect, before the heat reaches the brains, let us also put cold bandages on the forehead of life, and prevent ourselves from falling into the depths with the flowing water.

The pace of change may be even faster in the next 20 years. As human beings, if society is to last for a long time, it is imperative to walk with restraint. This means living in every action and every moment, thinking every step of the way and keeping your thoughts and actions in harmony. From here, only those people and societies will be able to move forward who can win the battle to maintain their balance.

It is true that the appetite for color and smell, the bright lights and the speed have blurred our vision and robbed us of our vision, yet restoration is still possible. Set aside time for everything, like office hours, set aside some free time for ground relationships and real social needs. Look at the faces of the people, how much anxiety has come down on them in 20 years. Beauty requires not only cameras and filters but also facial expressions and mood swings. Understand the need for not only profile but also character and morals for relationships. The friendship and love that is possible in the meeting of 2 human beings, will never be found in mobile.


O,death you have made me a landlord

charming air landed in every house in the morning, it is not possible. In some places, the change of weather has nothing to do with the change of circumstances .In the house of the poor, the weather just changes.
Rental House Rental Rickshaw With two innocent children and an obedient wife, Younis was working hard in the hope of improving his life.
In a town outside the city, the hearth was barely burning. After giving the share to the owner of the rickshaw, all that was left was lentil bread. Her two children were still too young to think. Time passed. The world was transformed into a big graveyard in the blink of an eye. In many countries, after the epidemic, people locked themselves in their homes out of fear, but the poor had no choice but to sit at home and eat and drink.
The poor of the whole world were fighting both epidemics and hunger. But there was still bread in Jonah’s house. Because there was no epidemic on this side yet, there was no crackdown by the government.
Then the ominous hour came for the inhabitants of this city and then hunger swallowed the emotions of human beings. The government announced a lockdown and all institutions were shut down. All types of transport will be banned.
When the owner took the rickshaw back from Younis, the stars danced in front of Younis’ eyes. The conditions of the house and the empty pockets had driven him mentally insane. No one can know.
Dad, what is this lock?
Younis looked at the innocent face of the girl with love and concern.
Dad, I want to eat. Today my friend also ate. Younis could do nothing but make promises to his 8-year-old daughter’s little mountain-like desire. He made many promises and had many dreams. He had only one last thing left. The children fell asleep listening to dreams.
But Jonah was worried about the time to come.
Why are you lost today. The lucky wife asked.
The owner has taken back the rickshaw. The government has banned every ride for some time. The whole city will be closed from tomorrow,
so what will happen now? Sughri said anxiously.
What is acceptable to Allah will happen.
Then the two disappointed men lay down with their eyes closed in search of sleep, imagining the terrible conditions of the future.
The next morning and many more mornings passed. The poor man’s stove was extinguished every day and his dreams and his joys began to turn to ashes in the courtyard every day.
Jonah would leave home early in the morning. His children did not know how many houses his father knocked on every day for two meals a day.
Frightened by the situation, people were now reducing aid. Who knows how long this ominous epidemic will last. He wanted to save what he had.
Younis was raising children on a daily basis with self-respect and self-sacrifice. When did he give up his ego to bring freshness to the yellow faces of hungry children?
The plague had already taken its toll on the city with its own name.
The evening of that day was like Eid in the courtyard of Jonah. After the big days, everyone in the house ate with full stomach and intention. The children slept happily today.
Where did you suddenly get so much rations today? The wife said considering the changing circumstances.
Just got a new job. Understand that Allah has heard. From now on there will be no hunger in the house.
But what is the work?
Just leave it at that. Pray to Allah. Bless your fast.
Nakbakht prayed from the heart.
Now lentil bread was running in the house. The children had stopped crying. There was also rations in the house.
Dad, I want to eat kalfi. The daughter reminded me of a promise many days
ago. Yes, my daughter, we will go today.
In the evening, the family of four set out in search of Qalfi. Finally, in a place in the town where the people of the administration rarely came after nightfall. A locker was seen.
Younis’s happiness was evident from the radiance of the children’s faces. Everyone ate two locks. The children were having such a great time for the first time in their lives.
Dad, this is so much fun. I have to eat every day. The little son finished the lock and sucked his fingers.
Yes, my son will eat tomorrow too.
The poor family ate and drank well that night. Even in the senates of the city, the wheel of life in this house was turned by the hot weather.
When the city was beginning to look like a graveyard. When man had considered the existence of human beings as death. The angel of mercy had descended on this house.
When Younis woke up the next morning, his body was a little hot. He ate breakfast and left for work. He spent the whole day busy, but when he returned home in the evening, his body began to burn like fire.
The youngest gave him food and medicine but the fever did not subside. The next day Younis could not go to work. In the afternoon he came out of the poor man’s hut and stopped the car.
The locals were shocked.
A few government officials, wearing full masks, were found hiding in the vehicle.
Younis knocked on the door. Sughri opened the door.
Please tell, who are you? The little car and so many people were shocked to see.
Where is younis Didn’t he come to work today?
He is a little unwell. Sughri replied
Tell him to come to work. Otherwise, many of the dead will not be buried today. No one is ready to touch the people who have died from the plague. If Jonah does not come, who will bathe the dead?
On hearing this, Sughra lost consciousness.
When did the government people return. He did not know. But there was no life in his footsteps.
Jonah, do you bathe and bury those who died of the plague? Sughri came in and asked
yes. But who told you?
Some Babu people had just come out.
Look at the name of your Jonah. The big Seth people are behind me today.
But what if something happened to you?
Oh, nothing will happen. Sixty people are just scared. There is nothing wrong. Pray that I will get well.
Younis could not go to work for the next two days. His condition was not improving. Both the children were suffering from cold, cough and fever.
Two government ambulances came and stopped that day. A few white coats came out from inside. The hut was surrounded as if something terrible was going to happen to it.
Shortly afterwards, Younis, his wife and children were being taken from the village to the epidemic center. Their home was sealed off.
When Yunus and everyone else were tested, the fears turned out to be true.
Within a few days, Younes, his wife, and their children, one by one, went far beyond hunger.
The bodies of sixty people were handed over to the graves and the bodies of Younis and his innocent children, who were fighting with hunger, were handed over to the graves by the employees of the municipality.
Fighting hunger was more difficult than fighting epidemics. Younes spent the last few days saving his children from starvation. For the other, they became cold. When burying the dead, shrouding became like war, Younis used to decorate the corpses daily for the innocent desires of the children and send them on the journey to the hereafter so that the weak hearth of his house would burn.
Eventually he overcame hunger and freed himself from this cycle and went to a country with children where no one is watching over his desires. Where children do not have to go through hunger and poverty. Where all the orders of children are fulfilled.
Poor Jonah could have given more than that to the unfortunate flowers in his yard.

Pot Story

It is said that a king passed through an area of his kingdom where people drank water directly from the canal. The king ordered that if a pitcher be filled here for the convenience of the people, it would be better and everyone, big or small, would be able to drink water with ease. Saying this, the king proceeded on the rest of his journey.
When a pitcher was bought on the royal order and placed on the bank of the canal, an official suggested that the pitcher be purchased from the public and installed here on the royal order. It needs to be guarded and an orange sent on guard.
When the order was given to deploy the orange, the abomination came to light that it was necessary to have a mashki to fill the pitcher. And not just one mosquito or one orange can be bound seven days a week, it would be better to hire seven oranges and seven oranges so that this work can continue uninterrupted.
Another hard-working official opined that carrying a jug full of water from the canal is neither the job of a mascot nor of an orange. For this laborious task, seven bearers should be kept, who in turn carefully lift the daily filled jug and keep it closed with a good lid. ۔
Another far-sighted companion suggested that in order to run the work in an orderly manner with so many people, it would be necessary to have a secretary accountant to run the accounting and salary system of all these personnel, to set up an accounting body, to appoint an accountant.
Another insightful official suggested that this could only be ensured if everything was going well. The department will have to be set up.

Another suggestion came that all this is going well, but if there is a fight or an abuse between the employees, then who will settle them and reconcile them? In order to continue the work uninterrupted, in my opinion, a legal affairs department should be set up to investigate violators and dissenters.
After the deliberations of all these departments, a gentleman suggested that a head should be appointed for all these arrangements. A director has also been appointed.
A year later, as is customary, the king passed by this place during a visit to his subjects, and he saw that a magnificent building had been erected on the bank of the canal, covering an area of several canals, with the lights on. The majesty of dazzles the eyes. The board of the Ministry of Administrative Affairs is marked on the front of the building.
When the king entered with his companions, he found a separate world. The building housed several rooms, meeting rooms and offices. In a large office, behind the magnificent wooden table in the armchair, sat a distinguished man with gray hair, with his title on the plaque, “Professor Dr. Flann bin Flann, the winner of two wars “It was written.

Surprised, the king asked his minister the reason for the building, as well as the strange department, the name of which he had never heard of in his life.
The king’s minister replied: Holy man, all this has happened on your orders, which you ordered last year to install a pitcher here for the welfare and convenience of the people.
The king went out even more astonished to see the pitcher which he had ordered to be placed. The king saw that the pitcher was not only empty and broken, but also that a dead bird was lying inside. Countless people are resting and sleeping on the sides of the pitcher and there is a big board in front of it:
“Submit your donations for the repair and maintenance of the pitcher.
From the Ministry of Administrative Affairs

government car
There is government land in the Thar Desert, there is concern that the protection of this land is important so that it is not occupied.
So the post of a janitor is made.
Then a secretary says, how can orders be given to a watchman without instructions ..? So they form a planning division, two officers are placed there. Now the question is how to know if the watchman is doing the right thing ..?
One hundred control department and two officers. A report of a record.
Now their pay grade issues, so a payroll officer has a time keeper.
Now the important question is who is responsible for all these people ..? So an administrator becomes a department, .An administrator is appointed as his deputy and a legal advisor.
Then the Roof Klasra brothers do the story break. The public is told that it costs you crores of rupees a month to guard this barren land. Public protests. The Prime Minister takes notice.
And the watchman is fired. The public is also happy, the journalist brother is also conscious, so the slogans of the Prime Minister are also ringing. Yes, those officers are assigned to other departments.

It’s a story of two different people with a difference of many years but one subject.
Does it have any resemblance to our governments?

what will people say ?

We consider the acceptance of people in small pleasures, dreams, emotions, living, education, even from job to marriage and every personal decision as proof. Tan always comes here and breaks what people will say?

There are often very interesting examples of how this thinking has a profound effect on our society. For example, in almost every home, regardless of social class, the drawing room (guest room) is kept the cleanest, including the most expensive and comfortable furniture in the whole house. The idea behind this is that guests will assess your financial status and what will people say if they do not meet the criteria set by them?

Similarly, the most expensive, beautiful and delicate utensils are always decorated in a glass cupboard and no householder is allowed to use them. However, housewives can happily use old plastic utensils. Whether you call it hospitality or miserliness, guests have the right to use something rare.

Clothing, shoes, jewelry, makeup are all examples of this behavior. From living conditions to children’s education, decisions are made according to social credentials beyond one’s means. The idea is that there should be expensive and private schools and what would people say if they don’t wear branded clothes?

Even pretense is probably somewhat harmless. Problems arise when the fear of what people say seems to be an obstacle to the progress of our loved ones. Such as how much is the education of the daughter and from which institution should it be obtained? The co-educational system is a source of controversy in many households because of the social pressure exerted by the daughter’s role and her ability to do what she says, what would people say if she studied with boys?

This pressure has different significance in different classes but it is found anyway. Fearing the ridicule of the people that they got married immediately after completing their education, why did they waste their parents’ money? Didn’t get married right away? Why not age? Who will look after the job at home after marriage? What good is an education if it doesn’t work? The interesting thing is that people will say what has been done, a significant increase in it is only by being a woman.

Similarly, when it comes to establishing a relationship, marriage in the family, marriage with the consent of the parents, marriage for the sake of seeing the grandson, marriage to celebrate an angry relative, etc. All this is done keeping in mind the fear of people saying something. No matter how many aspirations, priorities, thoughts and hobbies are crushed during this time, no one cares. All that matters is what people say
People’s opinions also have a profound effect on their personal lives. For example, different titles are assigned to men who are responsible for some of their own children’s affairs, from helping with household chores.

These are just some of the superficial examples, but the deeper you go, the more you realize that people’s opinions have become ingrained in our lives and that we consider the opinions of others to be a very important part of our lives. has taken.

We need to know who these people are, who keep saying something. Aren’t we the same people? Maybe our unwarranted criticism and intrusion into the personal lives of others is hurting someone and putting a young person’s dreams of moving forward to sleep forever?

Or aren’t we the ones who value the opinions of others so much that they become enemies of their own peace of mind? Aren’t we the ones who are busy seeking acceptance in the society by ignoring the happiness of their children? Just think! How much convenience can we share and achieve without interfering unnecessarily in the lives of others?

Dangerous woman

I heard that the woman you were married to was a very dangerous woman, and you divorced her out of fear, “said one of the silent old men sitting on a chair under a tree.
“God bless her, she was a very good woman,” he said angrily
Without getting angry, a satisfactory answer came from old man.
A young man said in a slightly louder voice, “But people say that she was a very dangerous woman. Old man remained silent for a while and then said.
“She is OK. She was really dangerous and I divorced her out of fear.”
“It’s against masculinity, where’s the bravery to be afraid of a woman?” The young man said enthusiastically …
“I wasn’t afraid of the woman, I was afraid of ‘her’ as far as she had access” was the calm answer …
The young men looked at each other in amazement.
Such women should be in hell … La Houl Wala Qawa .. Where is a decent man like you? Where is that woman? Well, what did she leave? The curiosity was gone, now everyone began to disperse in turn. Those who left had read the title, had to make up the story themselves.
“I thought he should be in hell, that’s when I gave him a hell of a life.”
This is when I was employed by the government for one rupee a month, my mother wanted me to get married. Relationship was found, the daughter of a peanut seller, my mother liked, polite, beautiful and a quiet nature. I objected to the relationship that she was the daughter of a peanut seller. The child of the laborer is worried about the stomach, not the training, the training is done in large families where poverty is unable to snatch the light from the eyes. What will she train my children? But my mother liked that girl so much that she didn’t want to hear anyone else’s name.
Then she got married and came to my house. At the time of departure, her father said to me, “My daughter is straightforward, she has no special knowledge of worldliness. If there is any mistake, forgive me. Will keep you happy “, she was exactly like my mother told me. Polite, strong and obedient. “

My company with friends outside was not good. During working hours, he ate out of the house, sat among friends, played games till late at night and then went home. I didn’t care what she ate or drank. In those days my mother also passed away.
One day, after losing a lot of money in gambling, when she came home tired, she said, “You eat out, I feel hungry. If possible, give me a ration once a month. I don’t have to go to the market every day.” Will “- what? This peanut seller’s daughter has demanded so many times from me – I got angry.
“Are you the daughter of a very big father that you need rations and expenses for the whole month, have you seen your times?” I couldn’t imagine that he needed bread in any case to survive!
She was physically weak, could not stand the beating, regretted it or was lying in bed for two days. I didn’t even care.
Then he started Sina Prona at home, his handicrafts came in handy, so his bread was arranged and I became even more indifferent to this thought.
One day a neighbor stopped me and said, “During the day, when you are not at home, there are voices coming from your house.” Anger was out of control, I just didn’t want to kill him, but I was just in the throes of an opportunity.
One night last night my eyes were opened to the sound of someone speaking, everything lying in the courtyard in the silver night was clearly visible, I got up and came to the door. Now the voice was more clear. She was saying:
Owner! There is flour in the house for a loaf of bread in the morning, he will eat a loaf of bread and go away, thinking that I will be hungry all day long. When you gave me your hand, you started getting disgrace and pain along with the bread. Now give me the bread only … Your deputy turned out to be a traitor. “She was complaining to me? But to whom?

I came out and saw her sitting on a bed in the middle of the courtyard talking to herself. There was no one. The earth came out from under my feet, she was complaining to me about God, at that moment I felt like another creature. She spoke very little but with whom she spoke so much, today I understood. She was the daughter of a very big father. Casey was a woman who knew God in spite of poverty, my body was trembling with fear.
As soon as the day dawned, I packed my things and left him at his house. When my father-in-law asked me the reason for the divorce, I said in fear.
“She is a very dangerous woman, she complains to me in the big court. I am afraid that the king will not kill me one day if he gets angry” – the fact was that I could not do justice to her.
Her father was standing on the doorstep. When I turned around, he said, “I told you that he doesn’t know worldliness, he just knows how to keep the ‘owner’ happy”, he meant God and I understood myself.
When I returned home, it was revealed to me that this was what he had asked for at night.
I cried uncontrollably, his shadow was very big, as far as he could reach, he was the Lord of the two worlds. The one whose bread was heavy on me could not do for him. I was really scared. I am still afraid that he may have insulted me.
People are right !! Where am I ?? There was moisture in the old man’s eyes.
“I could not recognize her with my naked eyes. I was not afraid, although I should have been afraid. Her owner had already told me to fear God in the matter of women.

Dead body

After death, the human body undergoes many biological changes, which in common parlance is called the decomposition of the human body. In this regard, two important changes take place, the first is that the biological functions in the body begin to disappear, that is, the body begins to disappear internally.
The other important change is that the germs in the body begin to grow and then spread. That is, the human body, which he considers to be very beautiful and clean, becomes such after death, that everyone insists on burying it as soon as possible.
According to science, there are 4 stages of change in the human body after death. This phase is called hypostasis. The most important change that takes place in this phase is that from one hour to a few hours after death, the human body
The arteries in the blood begin to deteriorate, these arteries play an important role in the flow of blood throughout the body.
According to science, the second phase can depend on Newton’s law, that is, the cooling of the dead body after death depends on the temperature around the body. This phase is very important, because if the optimum temperature is available, the human body can be frozen for several hours. As is usually the case in the form of a cold storage. This phase is called Algor Mortis. The next stage frightens the living person, this phase is called Rigor Mortis. Because in it the human body begins to harden and the dead become arrogant.
The dead soften up to three hours after death, and there is heat in the body. But after 3 to 8 hours, the body begins to harden, which is also felt by loved ones and relatives. And then within the next 8 to 36 hours, along with the hardness, the body temperature of the dead also drops and the dead become cold.
This is because chemical changes are taking place in the muscles of death in the human body. But then, after 36 hours, the chemical bonds formed by the chemical changes in the dead body break down and the hardness also ends, that is, the dead body begins to decompose.
The next stage is inside the tomb which is called Putrefaction. At this stage, germs grow in human tissues within 2 to 3 weeks of death.
While the skin of the dead man’s back begins to change color, the superficial veins of the skin begin to appear, dangerous gases build up, causing the abdomen to swell. Another symptom is that blood begins to flow from different parts of the body.

Love humanity.

We have always considered that the taste increases the taste that is too highly torn. Just life is a rotation to increase the characteristics of some people, such as round goats are necessary to eat as long as possible and get full of the whole goal, because the goat-round goat loses his half-taste, it is necessary to benefit from some people in the life of the entire people, including the goods. Trying to change them and break them and do not ruin them. Ever seen that all the accessories of a single drug is presented in its bread and it is like eating food, even though it can be eaten even like bread years. Some people in the world are like a look. There are no hidden sites inside them, but they do not come openly openly, they benefit them, and they know them to benefit from love, who knows food. It is necessary to make good meat as well as to eat meat and it is to get rid of bones, just some people in the world have to get their bones to make their lives and others’ life. The way the flavor of flavor in the brown is mixed with rice riches and bowl them with them. Simply useful and rich people in the world, if the remaining shoulders mind should be unblocked and poor people with their features, even if they move their features to them, this world will also become a branch of the bride. As a passenger pasta and other fast foods do not like most of the people, but all those people eat their favorite foods, they are not able to leave them in the world, they should not leave them, but they should not leave them, but they should give them time, one day, “Be one day,” Be one day.

Best family

Those who express unfamiliar desires without knowing their situation are called children.
A father is a person who is always thinking of increasing his income to fulfill the desires of his children.
The mother is the entity who strives to fulfill every desire of the children within the limited income of the father.
The elder brother is also the one who hides his legitimate desire by seeing the parents disturbed by the insatiable desires of the younger siblings and intends to become the support of the father as soon as possible.
The older sister who understands the compulsions of the parents and leaves home early to go home and take care of all the work of the younger siblings. The family says.
A middle class considers the beauty of a family to be what it has been or has ever been. This is why I like this class of society the most. Because every relationship plays a strong role for the survival of the family here. Sacrifices, but does not allow the family to disintegrate. Therefore, the value of relationships in this class is much higher than the rest of the society.
In contrast, the lower class is mostly made selfish by hunger and poverty. While in the upper class the abundance of money and modernity is promoted, the concept of privacy separates their blood ties from each other and their families. Is being hollowed out. And the middle class is the class that upholds religion. And the people belonging to the upper class, despite having an understanding of religion, put the principles of religion behind them in order to display their unjust wealth. At least by adopting simplicity, all human beings are equal. The upper class lags far behind in terms of understanding and respect for women. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me,

How to avoid inflation

How to deal with the current situation? Employment is on the rise. Living on a limited income is becoming increasingly difficult. In such a situation, a middle class family should formulate a strategy to meet the expenses within the existing income.
You know that inflation is everywhere now a days
For this, all the big and small of the house should sit and decide.
First of all, according to the income, allocate the amount that can be spent in the kitchen. Then you have to buy lentils and vegetables for the same amount. If you have to remove meat from the menu, you have to do it.
Similarly, according to the current rate, set aside money for electricity and gas bills in advance. Try to double the number of three fans in the house routinely. Light the lamps only when needed. Use less water motor. In order to save both water and electricity. Also pay special attention to the minimum use of gas. At the end of the month you will definitely see the effect of your attention and hard work.
Abandon the construction and repair of the house, paint and varnish, entertainment, purchase of new shoes and clothes, purchase of utensils, purchase of jewelery, make-up and mobile, etc. And one or two pairs of shoes will suffice. Enough. Even if you have money to spend on these things, don’t spend it now. Save that money because things will get worse in the future. It is just as important for you to save as it is to breathe or it may be difficult to survive in the future.
Instead of going to the doctor for minor health problems like seasonal cough, cold, headache, body aches, etc., spend a day or two on medicines lying at home. Go to the doctor. Don’t even go near the clinics of private doctors who charge 200,400 rupees.
Believe me, he and the MBBS doctor sitting in the neighborhood who charges 50 fees have the same qualifications.
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.
Buy Soap Surf Shampoo in smaller quantities than before. And make it strictly obligatory for everyone to live in it. From children to adults, give less pocket money to everyone than before. If you have to close it, close it. Encourage them to buy their own personal expenses like copy pencils etc. Favorite Cream Shampoo Mobile Balance etc. at their own expense in addition to food and drink.
Advise the children to listen to the lectures of the school and college teachers regularly and complete the syllabus at the same time. In order to avoid the extra cost of tuition. Keep tuition. Not even for the whole year but for the completion of syllabus. It is fashionable to teach tuition. Avoid it as much as you can.

Avoid unnecessary visits and invitations. When someone comes to your house in happiness or sorrow, be humble according to your status and not according to the person in front of you. For example, your guest often eats goat meat in his house but If you are in a position to cook chicken, then you should cook only chicken meat. The goat will go home and eat it. You can be left at home. Don’t be a burden on those who are ahead. Only as many people as you can get on a personal ride.
Avoid gift transactions as much as you can. If you have to go to someone’s wedding, give proper cash salute. Avoid giving gifts like clothes and utensils etc. Abstain from worrying about what people will say. Run according to your understanding and budget. Because nowadays the conditions of all the middle class people are enough to meet their personal expenses. No one is in a position to help or lend money to anyone. Ignoring people’s talk is the only solution. Because they can only make things up, they can’t help you run your house.
The lower your income, the more you can save for the future. And pay special attention to increasing your income.

Hidden attraction

Dr molan is a famous cardiac surgeon in this city. He works in a Government hospital. He has a happy family with wife and only son, Arjun he is also a medical student. Dr molan is very popular for open-heart surgery. Till now he has done lots of operations successfully. Tomorrow he has to operate on two patients. So in the evening before leaving the hospital he was reading the medical history of those patients. The junior doctors look after the patients before the operation, he only does the surgery. Suddenly one name looked very familiar to him. nelam, the name took him to his teenage memory.

molan was a student of A. K . Memorial school. It was a co-education higher secondary school. He was very naughty and not good in Mathematics but always scored the highest marks in biology. In class ten they got a new Mathematics teacher nelam, a very beautiful young lady in a serious mood. All the students were afraid of her as she didn’t like any inattentive students in her class. She was very strict about maths. In her class, every student must have finished homework, otherwise, they got punishment. She always praised those who tried to do good in her subject. After every exam, she always gave some gifts to those who scored above 80% and encouraged them for doing better. Her teaching technique was very unique. So the students always remained aware of her toughness and tried to do their best. She was a very good teacher for those who were good at maths. molan didn’t like her for the first few months because she always scolded him very rudely. He thought she was heartless as she punished the naughty students without thinking about their prestige in front of others. He called her ‘ One day it was a cricket tournament on the school ground between class ten and eleven students. One of the students hit the ball so hard that it stuck fielder molan’s forehead and injured him, blood started flowing then nelam mam came running and did the first aid and took him to the nearest hospital with some other school staff. She waited there till his parents came. During that time she didn’t leave his hands for a moment and continuously said to him,” Don’t worry , you are my brave student, nothing will happen, you are going to fit in again within a few days”. He was crying in pain but his scary mam’s touch gave teenage Arya an unknown feeling of happiness in his heart. After that incident, Arya became one of her good students and he also tried to do his best in maths for his ragi mam. She became his first crush, and ragi mam became loving mam. After passing ten he took science and he knew Lata mam will take maths for class eleven and twelve also. Only for her he took mathematics as an additional subject. Those beautiful three years molan passed by seeing and thinking about his beautiful mam. He kept his first love secretly in his heart. He didn’t say anyone about his feelings. After passing twelve he went to a different city to study medical.

Dr molan goes to see the patients and becomes surprised to see it was really his Lata mam with white hair and looking old and tired. But her face is still beautiful like earlier. She was sleeping, when he touches her hands she gets up. He tells her that, he is molan and she recognises her student, molan. Her tears start rolling down from her cheeks. molan takes her hands into his hands and says, ” Mam don’t worry you are going to be fit again”. nelam says, “molan, I am feeling proud to get you as my student. I heard your name as one of the topmost cardiologists ‘Dr. molan’ but never thought you are that, naughty molan whom I once missed a lot after you left school”. Hearing that Arya’s eyes fill with tears. He also missed his mam at that time. He thought those feelings were only his personal, but he didn’t realise his mam also had the same. Sometimes Some unknown attractions work between two human hearts which we call in the name of ‘love’, that sometimes make us insane or crazy.

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Opinion and decision

Sidra covered a distance of 08 km in 1 hour.
Hatem covered the same distance one and half hour.
Which of the two happened faster and healthier?
Of course our answer will be Sidra
If we say that Sedrah covered this distance on a prepared track while Harris covered this distance by walking on a sandy road.
Then our answer will be Hatim.
But we found out that Sidra is 50 years old while Hatim is 25 years old then?
We will say again that Sidra.
But we also found out that Hatim weighs 130 kg while Sidra weighs 55 kg.
Then we will say Hatim.
As we learn more about Sidrah and Hatim, which of them is better. Our opinion and decision regarding them will also change.
We form opinions in a very superficial way and in such a hurry that we cannot do justice to ourselves and others.
Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.
Everyone’s environment is different.
Opportunities vary.
Life is different.
Resources vary.
Problems vary.
You are behind your peers in some work. So it does not mean that they are successful and you are unsuccessful.
They are better and you are inferior.
You may be better off if you look at the opportunities, the circumstances, and the circumstances.
Never underestimate yourself in the race of life, feeling inferior is the first step to defeat.

Process and intention

Consider the creative stage of man when he was in front of a idol like a common thing. For all the work of the angels was based on only one process that was ordered by God. This whole work of the people was not yet to work, because it was not included in their intent and intended. It was in the state of Allah. When Allaah has spread the soul in the idol and the interaction of his intention and the intention of the anger, what happened to the work of any work. Honor readers who will be done without intention is unhappy and unbelievers, but whenever any action or work inheritates intention, then the process becomes a sensitive and living creature. Three types of rectangular recycled is prepared for two types of diameter. They are two metroles. The preparation of the first recycled preparation of the intention is prepared with a good custom task. The recycled recycled preparation is developed and the new recycled both the Metherles is prepared by mixing. The same type of action is to be named and its name. And if the intention is with the process. If it is added, there are many types of types. The type of action you have to do is to know that the type of intention will have to be in this place of all kinds of intention. In the beginning of the constitutional structure, it has been ordered to keep their good deeds in their heart and mind, but the man is working on all the moment, because of humor, for the humans, or for animals, for humans, or for animals, so that it is for you soil, then he has become unconsciously, and if he has decided to be eternal, and if he has decided to be a man or a man.

Written by

Asghar ali

مقصود کائنات.The purpose of the universe

What you have tried to do as a human being is to cover the purpose of the universe. If you consider the attributes of Allah, then you will understand the purpose of creating this universe. When there was nothing, only Allah was Allah and while living in the same condition Allah Almighty declares that I am one then who would accept and who would deny. If it is mine, then there should have been some demarcation and area for it. The name of that area and demarcation is universe. Then Allah wanted to announce that I am worthy of worship. The one who understands the command of God, the one who speaks with one tongue and the one who worships by speaking and acknowledging should have been created. Unlimited but different. The confessors and worshipers are not the same. They are also different. Somewhere there is an angel, somewhere there is a jinn and somewhere there is a human being. And there must be intellect and consciousness and worshiping creatures that are compatible with the nature. God must have conveyed the message of being His God and acknowledging His kingdom to all the worshiping creatures in the universe. My dear brother Engineer Jahangir Badar expressed his desire to write something on the subject of The purpose of the universAnd tried to explain in short words.

Thanks. From asghar ali

مقصود کائنات کوبحیثیت انسان مختصر احاطۂ قلم کرنے کی جو کوشش کی ہے،وہ آپ کی زیر نظر ہے۔ اللہ تعالی کی صفات پر غور کریں تو اس کائنات کو بنانے کا مقصد آپ بخوبی سمجھ جائیں گے۔ جب کچھ نہ تھا،صرف اللہ ہی اللہ تھا اور اسی حالت میں رہتے ہوۓ اللہ تعالی اعلان فرماتا کہو میں ایک ہوں تو کون تسلیم کرتا اور کون انکار کرتا۔تسلیم کرنے کے لۓ بھی تو کوئ نہ کوئ ہونا چاہیے۔پھر اللہ فرماتا بادشاہت صرف میری ہے تو اس کے لۓ کوئ حد بندی اور علاقہ تو چاہیے تھا،اسی علاقے اور حد بندی کا نام کائنات ہے۔۔ پھر اللہ نے اعلان فرمانا چاہا کہ میں عبادت کے لائق ہوں۔یہ فرمان کہاں کہاں لاگو ہو گا جہاں جہاں اللہ کی حکمرانی ہے اللی کی حکمرانی تو اس کی بنائ ہوئ ساری کائنات پر ہے۔پھر اس کائنات میں بھی تو کوئ عقل و شعور رکھنے والا اللہ کے فرمان کو سمجھنے والا،کوئ زبان والا بول کر اور تسلیم کر کے عبادت کرنے والا بھی تو کوئ چاہیے تھا اس کو پیدا کیا گیا اور وہ اقرار کرنے والی خوش قسمت مخلوق حضرت انسان یعنی آپ ، میں اور تمام انسان ہیں۔کائنات لا محدود لیکن مختلف قسم کی ہے۔اقرار وتسلیم اور عبادت کرنے والے بھی ایک جیسے نہیں ہیں وہ بھی مختلف قسم کے ہیں۔کوئ کہیں پر فرشتہ ہے تو کوئ کہیں پر جن ہے اور کوئ کہیں پر انسان ہے ۔ساری کائنات میں اس کے موسم اور خدوخال کے حساب سے مطابقت رکھنے والی عقل و شعور اور عبادت کرنے والی مخلوق ضرور ہو گی۔ساری کائنات میں موجود عبادت کرنے والی تمام مخلوقات تک اللہ نے اپنا خدا ہونے اور اپنی بادشاہت کو تسلیم کرنے کا پیغام ضرور پہنچایا ہو گا۔ میرے پیارے بھائ انجینئر جہانگیر بدر نے مقصود کائنات کے موضوع پر کچھ لکھنے کی خواہش کا اظہار کیا۔ویسے تو یہ موضوع بہت بڑا ہے وہ اس لۓ کہ جو اس کو سمجھ گیا وہی اللہ کے ہاں کامیاب و کامران ہو گا میں نے ایک ادنی سی اور مختصر الفاظ میں وضاحت کی کوشش کی ہے۔شکریہ

از قلم

اصغر علی حافظآباد