Value of vote

A candidate went to an old man to ask for his vote and handed him 1000 rupees and said, Babaji, vote for me this time.
oldman said:-
Son, I don’t want money, but if you want votes, buy a donkey.
The candidate wanted to vote, he went out to buy a donkey, but nowhere did he find a donkey worth less than 40,000, so he came back and said to Babaji:-
I have not found any donkey at reasonable price, donkey is at least 40000, so I can’t give you donkey, but I can give you 1000.
Babaji said:-
Mr. Chaudhry, don’t embarrass me any more. In your eyes, my price is less than a donkey. When a donkey is not sold for less than 40000, how can I sell it for 1000?
So vote wisely in this election.
Value yourself and your vote.
Don’t sell your conscience by offering a cup of tea just to shake hands, ask for well-being, vote is trust and there will definitely be a backlash about trust.



  1. Betmarino says:

    Betmarino giriş ve guncel adres bu konuda daha fazlası için lütfen sistemizi takip edin.

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  2. bernard25 says:

    Bonjour ce n’est qu’un petit passage

    Parfois on oublie de remercier les personnes qui rendent notre vie meilleure et plus heureuse.
    Parfois on oublie de leur dire qu’ils sont une partie importante dans notre vie.
    Aujourd’hui est un autre jour et je te remercie pour tout cela
    bise Amitié BERNARD

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  3. sms onay says:

    Sms onay sistemini sende hemen denemek istiyorsan tıkla.

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  4. craig lock says:

    Reblogged this on INSPIRE and commented:

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  5. Daily Poetry says:

    If you want somebody to vote for you you can’t haggle about the price.

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  6. rothpoetry says:

    A great story!

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