King and story

A long  ago, king oriacle invited the citizens of his kingdom who ould tell good stories to come offered to tell stories and they all appeared before him.

I want you to tell me  good stories . The story must not only be  interested , they must teach moral lesson ,

Ten me and women were given a chance to tell their stories. Each person would tell his or her story once a month in the palace . The king wives and children would listen to the stories .

A man called Bobo first told his story .the king and his wives and children listen for a while . The story was not interested and the king dismissed him.

The following month , igbela had a chance to tell a stories .

She told her stories and the king was not impressed .she was dismissed .

All the same he gave all the ten chance.

The last stories teller was called mumula. He knew that all the story teller vhad failed to impress the king he was determined to succeed where other failed.he appeared before the king in a dress which brought laughter and excitement.he prostate before the king in greetings.he prostrate before the king in greeting. He later sat down and adjust his cap before he begain his story . I have a beautiful story for the king . It is the store of q rich ran who had four wives .the wives were called banke, Nike, bunmi and abegbe , the most Junior. He like the last wife and his children every body know that she was the apple of his eyes. He gave her more money and present than other .

Abegbe is a favorite I am not ashamed to tell people.

It was no more to the people that the man gave  abegbe more attention. He treat her like a queen and all the other as if they were her servant . He gave his children from abegbe more attention than those of the other wives . The other wives complain  but the man refused to listen to them.

After ten years of married abegbe he became hill.

The illiness became so serious that many people felt he would die .

The man felt disappointed that abegbe whom he loved most and gave more money and gift than others abandoned him at the hour of need.he qucalled a meeting of the family.he asked all the children to be present to hear what he had to tell them .they all assembled In the large family sitting room. 

My dear wives and children ,I thank God who has power over all thing that I recovered from my illness . I thank you banke, Nike , bunmi and your children. Abegbe , you deserted me when I needed you most . I want to say this openly now . I had earlier written my will. Gave three quarter of my property to abegbe and her children. If wasn’t I’ll she would have been the greatest beneficiary of my wealth . My illness opened my eyes wide . I have learnt a great lesson .

Abegbe ,you have show that you loved me when I was healthy and you had unlimited access to my wealth .I tear this will now in the presence of you all . Never love a wife or children more than other.

The king listen with rapth attention to the story ,he knew he loved one of his wives more than others. He had no doubt learnt some lessons from the story .

Mumula, the story teller ,I enjoy your story ,I am happy my family enjoy it too .come back again next month to tell another story said  the king.

The king gave the story teller a horse which he could ride about kingdom.he gave him ,food , clothes and money.the man left the palace very happy.the wives of the king looked at each other face the end of the story telling. They knew the story teller had hit the nail on the head. The king was in the same boat with the 



  1. Asghar ali says:

    You are right
    Thank you

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  2. Daily Poetry says:

    Good story with a valuable lesson behind it. Never favor one over another.

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