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In today’s lesson I will tell you about the tools and utensils used in gardening and home gardening and how to start it. The method of planting or cultivating plants is called horticulture. Horticulture includes vegetable and fruit plants, flower plants, root vegetables, medicinal plants, desert plants and trees, etc. Some plants are planted indoors, they do not need much sunlight, they are called indoor plants, and those that need sunlight are called outdoor plants.
You must be thinking that vegetables are easily available from the market, then why take so much effort to grow vegetables at home, take care of them, and then after waiting so long to get vegetables, it is better to go to the market, bring vegetables and cook them for dinner. Decorate the In today’s era, this is a very sensitive matter, especially where health is concerned, so I want to give as much information as possible about growing vegetables. We can grow other plants in the same way, but first we grow vegetables. will talk about 

You know that the vegetables that we bring from the market are grown in dirty and toxic water, and even though they are sprayed with pesticides, the fertilizers that are used in the preparation of these vegetables are also chemicals. are made from and then until they come from the farm to the market, they are sprayed with colors and oils so that the vegetables look fresh and colorful. It becomes a breeding ground for dangerous diseases.

Importance and benefits of home gardening

When we grow vegetables or fruits at home, we will be free from dirt and chemicals like poisons, as well as reduce the pressure on the household budget and the biggest advantage is that human health will not suffer from diseases. It is also a hobby. If vegetables are grown at home, they are easily available whenever you want, which are not only fresh, but also according to the rules of hygiene. Gardening keeps the mental and physical system of a person healthy. Because it keeps the body active which burns calories and keeps the human body slim and smart.Gardening relieves nervous tension thus beneficial for irritable people. By giving vegetables to people, relationships become stronger, even understood, now watch a video and understand.


Home gardening and its importance is understood, but now we would like to grow plants in our house. It comes to mind where to grow plants for gardening in the house. Because the place chosen for growing vegetables is where there is good sun and air, about six to eight hours of morning sun is necessary, and where the sun is less, grow underground root vegetables and leafy vegetables with many leaves. Vegetables need light sun. Gardening can be easily started from a small space if you don’t have a plot of land or a piece of raw land. If you are living in a flat, then you don’t need to worry. Flats are also small. Sometimes there is a problem of lack of sunlight along with lack of space.The solution to the problem is indoor gardening, i.e. grow vegetables that do not require much sunlight, such as root vegetables and leafy vegetables, and lack of space is not a problem. Use wall hanging pots can also be used to create a vertical garden. Pots are available in the market for this purpose, or multiple vegetable plants can be grown in an old tub or bucket.can go.can go.

Tools and utensils used in home gardening

As we are growing plants at home, we are not working on a large scale or in a field etc. Home plants, whether planted in pots or pots, do not require much equipment. will


Gardeners should make it mandatory to use gloves to protect their hands from dust and dirt, insect bites and stings.

The fountain

should be a vessel for watering the plants. You can easily make small fountains (showers) at home.


This plant is used for pruning, it has to be taken from the market because it is difficult to do this with household scissors.

 Soft pruning shears (pruners) are ideal for pruning and pruning

small branches and soft shoots. 

 Cages and supports

It is necessary to support various plants and vines. This work can also be done from any wood, etc., and can be made at home by joining different woods.


A useless toothbrush can also be used to clean the pots.

The soil

used in horticulture is called cobalt soil, it is the same soil that is used in construction works i.e. construction of buildings.

Making compost at home will be read in the next lesson, besides cow dung is the best fertilizer.


A kitchen fork can be used for this purpose, it is best for removing curds from pots

In addition to this, you can also use a hollow ball point for potting. Apart from this, equipment is required for gardening, but these equipments are sufficient for home scale gardening. 

Choosing the pots used in gardening,

while planting vegetables at home, keep in mind that the same vegetable should be planted first, which can be planted easily. There are different types of pots available in the market for different plants.

1 Plastic pot
2 Clay pot
3 Copper pot
4 Ceramic pot
5 Terra cotta pot
6 Metal pot
7 Wooden pot
8 Fiber glass pot
9 Hanging baskets etc.

Earthen pots and wooden boxes are best for growing vegetables. Unused household utensils, oil and cold drinks bottles, polythene bags, empty purses and bags, any material used for growing plants can be used. There should be a drainage arrangement, otherwise the plant will be damaged due to water stagnation. Just take a look at the house. Many planting materials will be found in the house, which are often considered as surplus and thrown in the store or garbage. You can add four moons to the value of this junk by planting it.


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  1. I see that you love garden

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  2. Beautiful write and pictures, thank you for sharing Asghar Ali. You are lucky you have a home garden. I live in an apartment with a small balcony. I grow amazing pot flowers.

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  3. I love this post. Reminds me a little of my site, all about plants. Love it, keep up the good work! 🌱😁

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  5. Now you grow some more vegetables in your home garden

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  6. I’ve only grown a few herbs. Hoping to try some vegetables. A great article.

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  7. I garden all time. I was a director of Master Gardening ..Atlantic Canada.
    Great images.

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  8. Very useful information..
    Since I was a student of Agriculture..I have read Horticulture as well..I like this article..

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