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Middle class

There are two people in the world who are very happy, the poor and the rich.

It is the “middle class” who are in the middle, the right boat sinks

These Rakhakas seem rich, but the situation is that there are daily fights in the house because of how the ghee ran out so quickly.

We also have two classes, pitiful and despicable, the rich and the poor. The rich are despicable because they have money, and the poor are pitiable because they have no money.

The budget of the world is also made keeping in mind these two classes, the government also keeps an eye on these two classes. The sandwich that is made in between is the poor middle class. The rich people think it is poor and the poor people think it is rich.

Who is this middle class?

It is the one who apparently has everything the rich have but second hand.

He has a relatively decent house but it is rented.

The car is but twenty years old.

There is AC in the house but usually only the air cooler is running.

The clothes are clean but they have been worn for many years.

There is a UPS at home, but its battery usually lasts only half an hour.

He also has a good mobile but used.

Chicken in thin broth is made in her house every week.

If she takes her children to the park for some fun, she usually leaves home well fed.

He has an ATM card but never has the need or courage to withdraw more than five hundred.

It creates business plans day and night without spending any money.

His car has excellent cooling only in winter.

Whenever he takes his wife and children to a fast food restaurant, the whole family of six eats only two burgers.

If it becomes apparent that I have a lot of money, then relatives come to ask for a loan.

It struggles to live only 20% higher than its times.

In fact, it is living worse than the poor.

His whole life is spent in setting up and running committees.

There are more middle class people in the world than rich and poor but they are not counted in any account.

We have everyone having fun with lots of money or none at all.

Whoever has money sleeps in AC. Those who don’t have it end up sleeping on a sidewalk. The one with money does not ask for anything from anyone and the poor person stands in front of everyone with his hands outstretched.

The majority of the poor are being fed by these middle classes.

Sometimes I think that the most fear of God is found in this middle class. It is this class that gives the most charity. Sometimes their own life is worse than that of the poor, but because of their ego, these poor people do not tell anyone.

You will never hear the term lower elite class or upper elite class. There is no lower poor or upper poor, only lower middle class or upper middle class.

There is not much difference between upper and lower, the lower one has a motorcycle and the upper one has an old model car.

Despite not being able to afford the sacrifice on Eid-ul-Adha, they contribute a camel or a cow.

All their lives are spent making plans to turn off the spare lights in the house and reduce the bills.

They also use a Rs.100 card in their mobile phone carefully and inform the family that if they give a missed call, it means I am coming. If I give two missed calls, it means I am a bit late.

These one-day ironed clothes last two days.

They are never able to pay all the electricity, gas and water bills together in one month, so if they pay the electricity bill, they push the gas bill to the next month.

Since the majority of them are literate, they do not spread their hands in front of anyone.

They don’t have money to get their daughters married, they don’t recommend good jobs for their children, yet if they see someone in pain, they themselves become depressed.

Since her poor aunt who works in the house works in different houses, she is able to collect ration for four to five months including about fifty kilos of flour from each house in the name of ration in Ramadan. But the middle class are worried that the fortnight’s ration they brought home is about to end and there is no remote possibility of getting paid.

They keep checking electricity meter readings every two hours to clear suspicions.

But what should the middle class do?

It does not ask for Zakat, nor Fitrah, nor beg. It only weeps, sighs and dies.


8 responses to “Middle class”

  1. Thank you but it is your posts that deserve praise. 🙏🏽

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  2. Thank you so are nice and lovely

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  3. I have looked all over your blog and it seems I have looked at and read all your posts. Hope I am not missing something. Your articles are all very interesting and informative!🙏🏽

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  4. Interesting viewpoint and seems to be true even outside of India which is presumably what you are describing. Very good points.

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  5. The middle class. They aren’t poor so they won’t steal, and they aren’t rich so they won’t despise their creator. Well said ❤️


  6. Un estupendo texto para reflexionar.

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