Fruit or juice

Nowadays, the popularity of fruit juice with fruits is increasing. Fruits do not lack nutrition and with it fruit juice has become popular. Fruit juice is made from fruits and sold in the market. The juice of that fruit again matches both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor fruit juices taste different than home-made fruit juices, as different flavours are used there. But, if you know the right method, home-made fruit juice and fruit juice made outside can have a strange taste.

Fruit juice is much tastier than fruit, so many times instead of fruit it may seem like a glass of fruit juice fills the mind. But the nutritional value of fruit is more than fruit juice. This is because a large part of the fruit is left out while making the fruit juice. One glass (250 ml) of any fruit is like four small bowls of juice, which is much less nutritious than fresh fruit.

Two hundred and fifty grams of fresh apples provide about 146 calories. In addition, 250 ml of fresh apple juice provides 116 grams of calories. So judging from the rest of the fruits in this way, it can be seen that the nutritional value of the fruit is slightly higher than the nutritional value of the fruit juice. As much calcium or phosphorus as there is in fresh fruit, most of it remains in the juice. The mineral content of fruit juice is therefore slightly less than that of fruit. For example, pineapple and pineapple juice can provide 96 mg and 26 mg of vitamin C, respectively.

However, it is true that fruit juice is much easier to digest than fruits. Most seniors consume fun fruit juices instead of growth fruits. Fruit juice can therefore never be a perfect fruit substitute. But fruit juice is much tastier than fruit. Fruit juice filled with salt, sugar and spices fills the mind. So there is no problem in eating fruit juice instead of fruit occasionally. 

Again, fruit juice cannot be said to be completely malnourished, because it is also nectar to us if necessary. Even if you can’t find any fruit outside, the fruit juice fills that gap. However, you should never eat too much fruit juice every day, especially for patients suffering from high blood pressure. It is not advisable to drink fruit juice mixed with salt in every day. 

Nowadays, fruit juice in bottles or packets are easily available in big stores in the city. The amount of juice and the amount of water are written on such bottles or packets. Fruit juices marked ‘one hundred percent’ also contain far fewer calories or vitamins than fresh fruit juices. This is because long-term preservation of artificial chemicals preserves the taste and aroma of the juice, but the nutritional value is greatly reduced.



  1. The Pioneer says:

    good information, prefer fruits in comparison to juices..

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  2. Priti says:

    Read my story 😃😃 also don’t comment 😂😂😂 without reading 🤣

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  3. dolphinwrite says:

    Good info. One thing. Those taking medications need to know the interactions with foods and potassium is something that has a smaller window before problems occur. Not too much or too little, and that can be checked.

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  4. Asghar ali says:

    Thank you your humble observation


  5. Qonyike says:

    Very true. I prefer fruits to fruit juice. The nutritional value is better. Thanks for this post 👏🏽✨

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  6. Priti says:

    Beautiful post yes the preservatives and artificial aroma also affects our health! I like to make fruit juice at home. Well shared

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  7. Very useful information! Thank you!


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