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Many people don’t know what data entry is. How can I get a data entry job? How can we do data entry from mobile? And how much is his job salary after entering data from mobile? So in today’s article we will discuss these points and some things that are very important for you to know for data entry, they will also tell you. Today most people have a mobile phone and 90% of them also have a smartphone and all people want to earn money online from their mobile phone.

Today in this article we will learn about the easiest way to earn money from mobile phone, in today’s article how do we do data entry from mobile? How to make money online from mobile? You will know about them in detail. So let’s know about how to do data entry

What is data entry?

Friends before doing any work it is very important for us to know what work we have to do? So now we will know what is data entry.
Friends, data entry is a very easy job, especially for people like students and housewives who want to earn some money by working part time.
Friends, in data entry job, you get a chance to work in a department like company, hospital, government offices, in which you have to do data entry of these departments.
In a data entry job, you only have to store the given information in the form of data.
For data entry work you need to work in software like MS Word, MS Excel, Notepad.
There are many private companies that provide you data entry job, in which you have to save the complete details of the employee of that company in the form of data.
In this the data is provided to you by the company or department, you just have to enter the company’s website to view the data.
A data entry job does not require much educational qualification, you just need to have good computer knowledge.
Even if you have studied till 10th standard you can get data entry job

What are the types of data entry?

Friends, as the companies and industries are growing, the demand for data entry jobs is increasing rapidly. Almost millions of people do data entry work every year and earn good money.
There are many types of data entry jobs which are as follows:

Online form filling

Online survey work

Captcha entry function

Copy and paste work


Formatting and editing jobs

Image for text data entry

Audio to text

Medical Transcriptionist

Online data capturing function

Email Processing

Updating the database

Catalog data entry operator

Payroll Data Entry Operator

Web-based data entry

What is data?

In computer language every entry is called data which we enter into the computer with the help of input devices like keyboard, mouse etc. That is, if we type something with the help of the keyboard, then the words we type are called data. Similarly, if someone uploads a video or image, that too is computer data.
So you know what data is? Obviously you must have understood data entry. If we put it clearly, feeding any data into the computer is called data entry. For example, explaining to you, such as feeding a bank customer’s name and address into a computer.
Online data entry jobs require you to acquire some of these skills as well.
Basic knowledge of English language

Computer Basics

Good English typing speed

Internet knowledge

Your interests and beliefs
How to Find a Data Entry Job
Friends now I will tell you step by step how to get online data entry job.
You will find data entry work very easily, you just need to be patient.
Nowadays, you will find online data entry jobs very easily in many websites.
To get a data entry job, you just need to visit these websites and first create a good profile of yourself.
In your profile you will tell about all the skills that you have inside and so that you can do data entry job very well like typing speed, basic computer knowledge, data processing, MS Word, MS Excel. All information makes up your profile. Very attractive, which increases your chances of being selected.
After creating a profile, you have to apply for a data entry job in this website.
You will get data entry job very easily but you should keep in mind that you don’t work for wrong website or wrong client.
There are many websites in this job where you are asked to do data entry work but you are not paid. So before applying for data entry job in any website, check it thoroughly

If you have applied for data entry job in any website, first you check that website at if that website is in this search engine only You work on it.
Friends, now I will list you some websites which are very reliable and here you will get good data entry jobs.

This website is widely used and here you will find many data entry jobs

How to do data entry from mobile

Guys, not everyone has a laptop these days, but everyone has a smartphone. For those who have a smartphone and want to do data entry work, the biggest question in their mind is how to do data entry work on mobile? Now I will answer this question in detail.
Friends as we know you will find data entry job in many websites.
Now all these websites have made their mobile application, you can install these mobile application in your mobile and apply for data entry job.
This makes it much easier for you to get work and it is also much easier to work and get paid from your clients.
Dostu Mobile Data Entry There are many softwares available through which you can easily do data entry in your mobile e.g.


Google Docs

MS Excel

Microsoft Word
In all these software you are given all data entry tools with the help of which you can do data entry work on mobile very easily.

How to do data entry?

For data entry, you are given data by the client, you have to fill the same data in digital form as you have to write the data given by the client in MS Word, Excel, PDF, any Also the company has to update its database. For data entry work, she gives her company data to her data entry operator and that operator has to write the same data in her database through computer or mobile, you can use MS Word, Excel, Google Sheets, Google Doc, PDF. can use And many software can be used.
If your data entry work is being scanned, you can use other software to scan multiple documents and insert them into your client’s database.
In data entry work, you have to spell check and check a lot of data, there are different types of data entry work.
You have to use different software for all these data entry tasks.
To do data entry work you must have some knowledge of technology so that you can easily do your data entry work with its help.

Typing speed

Apart from the language, another thing to pay attention to is the typing speed of your hands. If you feel that your hand typing speed is fine then you must read the typing rules once. Nowadays everyone can type easily because of the keyboard in mobile tablets etc. But there is a big difference between typing on a mobile and typing on a computer.

Computer knowledge

Obviously you will have to work on a computer for data entry and if you are going to work on a computer you should have a good understanding of it. There are many shortcuts you need to keep in mind while doing data entry, which will make your work easier.



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    I never really considered data entry jobs. Thank you for the tools and freelance websites 🙏🏾


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