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The effects of mobile

We say the family system is breaking down, women’s freedom is at home. It is desolating, Medha has spoiled the children. But we have not yet realized the fact that the mobile has broken everything, including our relationships, traditions, family, relationships, our consciousness, the sense of loss, our focus.

The scientific development in the last three decades and reaching the third world, Internet, mobile, social media have scattered the family system, values, relationships. In the last three decades, all the investment has been made on the individual third world man. We understand that technology has advanced a lot in the last decades. The fact is that today’s man has been completely bought in the last decades. His attention, his perception, his personal thoughts and values have all been bought. have gone

Fill the social media with relevant information, videos, audios, posts in favor of the side you want to turn your thoughts to. In a minute, people from the east to the west of the whole world will move in the same direction. What is to be changed is to block his discussion on social media. Automatically, that topic and idea will disappear from the human eye. Just as it was recently decided to promote posts on social media against the President of Russia, so that the city-by-city. Village by village people will hate it. Just like some words and some controversial issues are blocked on social media. You can’t even name some words and some countries and groups. And it’s all out in the open. We are told, but our thinking is so paralyzed by the screen that we do not understand. We think that the world is under our remote control. We do not understand that this remote control is actually controlling us. .Generation gap, lack of mental harmony, deterioration in relationships, half-finished relationships, technology has completely surrounded all these empty vacuums and made roots in our hearts and minds so much that now understanding It doesn’t know where necessity ends and unnecessary work begins. It has crumbled cracked walls and toppled buildings to the ground. Humans everything, social media, internet shut down. One wants to do it and put it aside, then one finds that a very important task has been missed and the person gets stuck in forgetting them again. In the last several decades, the biggest loss has been the individual human attention. Now We have forgotten the difference between essential and non-essential.

Today’s generation cannot be trained in homes and families, now they are trained in digital media. Today’s man’s training has gone out of the hands of man and his family and environment. Now social media is his family, that is his. environment, which is being controlled by intelligent minds sitting behind.

We have lost information and constructive knowledge in the pile of trash and garbage of the Internet. And now we have to suffer thousands of miles of dirt and garbage for the sake of a little construction. , Hearts and souls are being filled with filth. Vain colors, noises, jokes, dances, what they used to say.

Eat drink and love

Don’t say now.

Now there is only one word on this level

Live social media!

Parents are looking for children in homes, children are looking for parents, there are thousands of friends on social media, not even one in life. People have no time left for real people. We are forgetting the real behavior of people. We begin to be impressed by the shiny but lifeless faces hidden behind the screen, as artificial as the characters in a play, whom we cannot touch, whom we can never reach.

Now creating generations has become an old thing. Internet is creating today’s generations. Twenty years ago it was said that the world is collapsing into a global village. Now the whole world has become the same Qibla. One button of social media for the whole world. It is enough to ignore. One click is busy controlling the minds of the whole world. Now there is no difference between us, our religion, customs, beliefs, thoughts, philosophies have all become one. We feel. Yes, there is a difference between us. In fact, these differences have become so blurred that they are not even visible from a distance. Every ten years, generations are moving centuries away from their foundations, and we third world people are watching.

Since we have no part in science and technology, we have no power to control this whole process. We do not have all our internet channels like China, Japan and Korea. We have no way to choose directions or find paths. No capacity. So we had only one job left to open our doors to all kinds of internet to be developed. Like a wind storm this locust army like termites in the roots of our species. Allow yourself to sink into the security, thinking and consciousness of your own generations. Let us abolish our markets, forget our beliefs and customs, and sink into the market of the Global Village that America Europe today’s powerful successful society dreams of. It was kept. Earlier there were colonies of Great Britain, now the third world deprived of all technological development has become America.

Now we couldn’t even give our children proper education and awareness before we had to give them smart phone. And by giving a phone we lost our generation.

In America, Great Britain and Europe, schools and colleges are taught to use technology successfully for success. We have children on Tik Tok who become stars by dancing and playing songs. How are the stars and how are the lovers? There were no ticks on their roots that the worm ate them. And we don’t even realize it.

So far, everything we have done is to increase this excitement. We could not move our universities and colleges to the Internet, but we could move the entire market. We could not build our digital libraries, but we could tiktok and snack Videos made public. Our mobiles and phone connections are sold only with free social media incentives. Yet we have no idea how to avoid the negative effects of the internet and technology at the local or national level and use them to our advantage. There is no effort, because the young, the big, the educated, the ignorant have all been captured by this smart phone which does not give us the time to raise our heads nor the courage to think. Life is passing blindly and will pass.

Groups of computer engineers and masters in computer science are coming out of universities every year in Pakistan, yet we don’t have our own browser, our own messenger, our own audio and video call system. Any system to stop the camera. We are people who like to dream the sweet but false dream of our security by borrowing other people’s boats. We have set up a mobile factory by taking them. That is all we could do.

This is the condition of our third world people today when people can’t even see. When we start drinking alcohol in imitation of the whites, we tear our bellies. We are still tearing today.Amazingly, no voice has been raised so far from leaders to scholars, from media to scientists, to try to get our nation out of this addiction. No one talks about usage. Otherwise it is time to limit the use of social media in Pakistan. Youtube and other video channels should be limited. Parents and teachers should be encouraged to teach children about safe and useful technology. Encourage usage. Don’t bury the culture of books, magazines and newspapers. Why do children have access to tik tok and snack videos in Pakistan? Everyone needs to understand that everything is not just today. Always in front of you. There is a coming tomorrow that is successful and useful only when we work for it. Otherwise, man remains the sheep that we are becoming. Because it will always use it as a labor force and keep slaves.


3 responses to “The effects of mobile”

  1. Difficult issue, and not just for Pakistan. We adults must also show that we can talk to each other and read books as well as use technology successfully (when we can,!) .


  2. It’s sad. It’s the same all over the world . But parents must not let it happen. Stop giving phones to babies !


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