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What is ice?
Today it is sold like potatoes, onions and tomatoes
Ice is a drug that when used for the first time, the hormones of happiness become highly active in a person.
Which makes a person feel extremely happy.
Ice intoxication lasts 36 to 72 hours.
And that person stays awake for 72 hours.
The pleasure and happiness that a person feels when using ice for the first time gradually diminishes.
And with that, the person increases the dose of ice so that he can feel the earlier pleasure.
No addiction can distinguish a relationship within a person, but ice is a dangerous thing that takes hold of a person’s bones over time.
Trusting a human using ice is foolish.
Any unpleasant incident can happen at the hands of a person who uses ice at any time when he is in a state of intoxication.
The purpose of posting is that the young generation should stay away from it for the sake of themselves and their loved ones.


3 responses to “Ice”

  1. Un petit message pour te souhaiter une bonne journée

    Pour te mettre dans la bonne humeur

    Allez réveille-toi si tu ne l’es encore pas

    En ce jour est l’espoir que quelque chose de merveilleux se produira

    Que ta journée soit belle est ensoleillée

    Pour toi

    Bise Amicale Bernard

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  2. Absolutely you think a batter

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  3. Sounds a bit like Crack. Real bad! Thanks for telling us about it.


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