The life style of the Son of Man, the circumstances, events and attitudes that take place in it show that the purpose of man’s life is only to search. Search is an ocean.  Till he is immersed in it, he ends up searching for the things which are already a part of this world.  Things cannot be taken to another world, so what is the purpose of this search for the things that are lost to man after he dies?  Why forget things that do not exist in the next world. And which we can take with us … A mathematical question is synonymous and non-synonymous which children can solve with the principle of mathematics.  But this question has not been solved by anyone except some adults till date. In fact, there are two answers to this, one is solved by the children and the other is the answer we have never searched for.  That’s how we all meet each other  You are busy looking for the same things. O human being, never be different from others and look for what you get. You will find something new. It will be different from everyone else.  It has the potential to travel to the next world with your soul when you die and which your soul will be able to enjoy. This is something you will not have to push anyone in search of.  You will not have to snatch the right of, you will not have to show anyone’s heart and you will not have to go away from anyone’s heart, no murder, no fight, no quarrel, no conspiracy and no riot.  You have to roll all the papads made of and the ropes of which one day the strings of your life come in the same roll and break into armor. Changing things in your search will definitely give you peace of mind and running will also be less.  And the Lord will be found.
Written by
Asghar Ali.  Hafizabad,


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  1. I thank you for the many “likes” by you on my blog. When I went to investigate your blog something was wrong. I got nothing but ads. I tried again and my computer went into a loop. I got it fixed but am afraid to try your blog again. I enjoy your posts. Are you having trouble with your computer?

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