Man and human

When we consider the structure of our earth, moon, sun, galactic system and the universe, it becomes clear that this whole system is working under one rule, regulation and law.  And this law and order is so strong and stable that no object in the universe can disconnect from its law and order even in a thousandth of an inch.  The earth rotates axially and longitudinally at its own speed.  It also needs a certain speed and rotation to move in its orbit.  And it doesn’t make the slightest difference.  The flow of water, the evaporation of fumes, the breaking of its molecules by violent collisions and the generation of electricity and illuminating the atmosphere, the formation of heat and the effect of everything on other things, all these are a fixed rule and  Under the rules.  In the same way, the birth and breeding of animals and plants is following a fixed law.  In the human world, too, the system of birth and development has been running the same.  He is born and grows and passes through the ages of boyhood and youth, enters the age of old age and then leaves this world.  The thing to note is that no one wants to be old.  But still he is forced to grow old.  No one likes death to come upon him, but there is not a single instance in the world where a person has been saved from death.  After careful consideration of all these things, the conclusion is that there is an entity that runs such an organized and cohesive system.
Some call it God, some call it the Eternal Being (GOD), in some religious scriptures it is called Yazdan.  This entity is also known by the names of El and Elijah.  Whatever the name, we are forced to believe and believe that a powerful and infinite being is in control of the universe.  Those who do not acknowledge this great being blame nature for the failure of life.  In fact, even in their denial, the aspect of confession is prominent.  Because as long as something does not exist, its denial and confession do not come under discussion.  When I don’t know anything, his mind becomes inclined towards denial.
The Creator of the universe has created this universe on the basis of truth. He has created everything with some program or other.  Nothing has been created for no purpose or as a game.  Now we have to see what is man?  Man generally thinks that his existence is merely a body composed of flesh, poppy and bones.  All his interests, all his attention is focused on this body and he uses all his energy to nurture this body and provide comfort.  Whereas all the prophets and chosen beings have told us that the real man is not the body of the flesh poppy but the real man is the one who keeps this body active and protects it.  This real man is called a soul.  The implication of this is stated by Hazrat Qalandar Baba Auliya in his book “Loh wa Qalam”.
“We make clothes to protect our material body.  Clothing, whether woolen, cotton, made of nylon wires or made of silk, moves as long as the flesh is on the poppy’s body.  It never happened that a man waved his hand and the sleeve of his shirt did not move.  It never happened that the shirt was put on the bed and he was asked to move the sleeve intentionally and the sleeve started to move.  This is to say that the movement of clothing is subject to the body.  There is no personal movement in clothing.  In the same way, when the soul becomes detached from man and man dies, like a garment made of cloth, there is no personal movement or resistance within him.  If a material body or garment made of flesh poppy and vein muscles is struck or it is cut with a sharp instrument, the body garment will not move.  As long as the soul was wearing this garment, there was movement and resistance in this garment.  So it turns out that the man we call flesh and blood is not the real man, but the real man, the real man’s clothing, and the real man is the soul. ”
Allaah says in the Qur’aan:
“Man was an indescribable thing.  We put our souls into it.  And he became a man who saw, heard and felt. “
In the Holy Qur’an, Allah Almighty said to the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him):
“These people ask you about the soul.  Say: The soul is by the command of my Lord.
Amr is defined in the last verses of Surah Ya-seen as follows:
“The thing is, when he intends something, he says, ‘Yes,’ and it happens.”
The formula from these verses is that man is physically indescribable.  When the soul was put inside him, he got senses.
The soul is God’s command, and God’s command is that when He intends something, He says, “Yes,” and it is done.
The world of modern science has come to know the galaxy and the solar system.  What is the relation of our earth to the light of galaxies and solar systems and what effect does this man have on animals, plants and inanimate objects?  This stage has also come to the forefront of science, but science is not yet fully aware of how and what the light of the solar system does in humans, plants and inanimate objects and how their conditions change.  Keeps doing  Science believes that everything on earth is based on a wave and only a wave.  A wave that cannot be called anything other than light, and the whole universe is a manifestation of the different forms of the same force.  In order to be unique in the universe, we have to think about what this wave and light is.
Jesus (pbuh) has said.
“God said light and there was light.”
That is, God said “light” and light came into being.  The Qur’an describes this as “Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth”, meaning “Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth.”  This means that the wave or the light and the planets of the heavens and the earth are created directly from the Absolute Being of Allah.  All beings are in fact manifestations of Allah’s light (wave).  This wave or light is called religion by religion.
Religions and all sciences invite us to find out who the real human being is, where he comes from to make physical clothes for himself and then take off his clothes and go where he goes.  Guides and leaders have set rules and regulations for  The Holy Qur’an has given very important and very short formulas for introducing man to the real man, so that the human race can get acquainted with the real man by gaining self-awareness.
If we look at history, we get nothing but sadness and sorrow to see that man has always been anxious, miserable, sad, scared and anxious.  Fear and insecurity sometimes become too much and sometimes too little.  As the human heart becomes more interested in material existence.  For this reason, he goes away from the lights.  The distance from the lights is called anxiety, restlessness and helplessness.  In this day and age, mental tension and nervous tension are at their peak.  The only way to be safe and to live in peace, if any, is to get acquainted with the real man.  When we become acquainted with human beings, we will find ourselves safe in the blissful coolness of the waves and lights.
God is not afraid of them, nor do they grieve
It is important to consider here what is the status of man among other creatures?  And if it is superior to all creatures, then why?  Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
We offered our trust in the heavens and the earth and the mountains.  He refused to take the trust and said that if we take the trust this time, we will be shattered.  Man picked it up.  Indeed, it is cruel and ignorant. “
This instruction of the Holy Qur’an shows that after the creation of the universe, Allah Almighty presented His trust and His special blessing to all creatures.  Everyone knew that they could not afford this great burden of trust.  But man agreed to be the trustee of this trust and he accepted the special blessing of Allah.  Despite the fact that he has the special blessing of Allah Almighty and this trust distinguishes him from all other creatures, it is noteworthy that Allah Almighty is calling him a tyrant and ignorant.
According to creative formulas, every creature of Allah is conscious and conscious and is established, alive and active by its God-given abilities.  The talk of the heavens, the earth, and the mountains draws our attention to the fact that, like man, all the particles within the heavens, the earth, and the earth, and all the creations and mountains above the earth, are conscious.  Just as the intellect works inside man, so do the mountains have intellect, because instead of confessing or denying something, it is a proof of self-understanding and consciousness.  Reflecting on the Holy Scriptures makes it clear that a life without insight is interpreted as cruelty and ignorance.  The mountains, the heavens and the earth decided after thinking that they could not afford the trust.  In this way they got out of the realm of oppression and ignorance.
Man is only a sight from the trust of Allah Almighty. If human life is studied, it is not unreasonable to say that man is less intelligent and short-sighted than the dust particles.  The sketches of the demonstrations that come to light by looking at the abilities and forces of the earth are the signs of Allah Himself instead of their place.  The earth is one, the sun is one, and the water is one, but when the earth is attracted to creation, it spreads such colors that the intellect is stunned.  After the same water is absorbed in the womb of the earth, it appears in so many creations that there is no number of them.  There seem to be numerous molds in the belly of the earth.  The mold in which the water settles takes on a new look.  Sometimes it becomes a banana, sometimes it becomes an apple.  Somewhere it becomes a grape, somewhere it becomes a flower, and so on and so forth.  When a small seed is planted in the belly of the earth, the earth nurtures that seed and makes it a strong tree, just as a baby grows in the womb of a mother.
An analysis of man and the earth reveals the same conclusion that the earth is more gifted than man, but in spite of this, it is only by being aware of this trust offered by Allah Almighty that man attains the status of the noblest of creatures.  If he does not know, then surely he is unjust and ignorant.
The prophets have taught us how we can use our intellect to distinguish ourselves from animals.  The method of this is known to us from the deeds of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).  This process is the life of Ghar Hira.  Before the life of Ghar Hira, neither the Qur’an was revealed to the Holy Prophet, nor was fasting and prayer obligatory, nor was the Islamic code of conduct revealed.  The life of Ghar Hira invites us to follow in the footsteps of our Prophet.  From which it becomes clear to us that human abilities are not limited.  That is, a person can be free from the grip of time and space by knowing the formulas of light if he wants to.  The main way to do this is to divert attention from one side to the other.  It is this state of concentration that introduces man to the real man.  This method of teaching is called meditation.
What is meditation? To understand it, it is necessary to state the law of sight.  Man sees in two ways.  One direct and the other indirect.  Indirect observation is when our eyes collide with the material shell of an object and its reflection is transferred to the screen of our brain.  To see directly is to observe the reality of an object without colliding with its material shell.  To see the world of the unseen, one has to resort to direct vision.
The same thing can be said in another way that our life is a mixture of two senses or two brains work inside us.  One is the brain that holds us captive in time and space, through which we simply see, touch and understand matter.  The second mind is that which is free from time space.  Through this mind we are introduced to the unseen world or the world beyond matter.  It is through this mind that we acquire the angels, the arafs, the barzakh and the mullahs, and finally the gnosis of Allah Almighty.  In the language of the Qur’an, the names of these two senses or minds are “day” and “night”.  In the senses of “day” man is confined to time and space.  And in the senses of “night” man is free from time and space.  In the Qur’an, where it is mentioned that the Torah (unseen revelations) were given to Prophet Moses (peace be upon him), Allah says:
We promised Moses that we would add thirty nights and ten nights.  Thus the appointed time of his Lord became forty nights.
It is noteworthy that Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) stayed as a mountain for forty days and forty nights, but Allah Almighty is only referring to the night, not the day.  The senses prevailed.
Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
“Glory be to the One who took His servant from the Sacred Mosque to the Al-Aqsa Mosque at night to make him see His signs.”
Night is also mentioned in Miraj’s statement.  Which is an indication that what happened to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) during the Ascension took place in the night senses.  The point is, occult revelations can only be obtained through the nocturnal senses.  It is not possible to enter the unseen with the senses of the day.
Meditation is actually the name of the practice in which a devotee tries to enter the senses of the night and acquire the realities of the universe and the knowledge of Allah Almighty.  In the state of meditation, a person focuses his entire mental attention on one point or one concept.  As centrality is established, man becomes closer to the unseen.  He is even freed from the bondage of time and place and is able to enter the world of the unseen.
Apparently a meditator is sitting with his eyes closed but meditation is actually a way of thinking and that is that the meditator travels in the external senses as well as the inner senses.  Come on!  Now let us find out if the mixed state of meditation exists within us even without a certain style of sitting and a certain way.  Distance from the external senses occurs in our lives both intentionally or unintentionally.  For example, we sleep.  When we are asleep, our brain temporarily disconnects itself from the external senses.
Every human being travels from birth to death in two states.  One state is called awakening and the other state is called dream or sleep.
In the state of waking, time space (time and place) is imposed on him and in a dream he is freed from the grip of time space.
Dreaming is actually a state closer to meditation.  Meditation is an exercise in translating dreams into awakening.
In meditation, a person experiences more or less all the conditions in which he falls asleep or dreams.  While practicing meditation in this way, he becomes absorbed in the events and conditions of the dream in such a way that he is living in the conditions and events of awakening.
The Qur’anic term “establishing Salat” invites us to become mentally attuned to prayer and to become acquainted with the real man.  The word “establishing” along with “salat” indicates that the mental centrality in prayer is established with Allah Almighty.  On the other hand, if there is no mental center with Allah in prayer, then it is not prayer.  Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
“Woe to the worshipers who are unaware of their prayers.”
(Al-Ma’un Para 2)
Allaah also says:
Blessed are the believers who are humble in their prayers.
The saints of Allah, the saints of Allah, have declared that meditation is necessary for attaining humility and submission in Salat and Salat.  By meditating, a servant becomes closer to Allah and establishing prayers with nearness to Allah Almighty, according to the instruction of the Holy Prophet, “Prayer is the ascension of the believer.” According to the instruction of Allah Almighty, man is the noblest of creatures.  Justice and insight require that we find out what it means to be the noblest of creatures.  The ability of human beings to manifest themselves in ordinary life and to be attuned to it by deeds and actions, does not prove that they are noble creatures.  Birth, consciousness, hunger, thirst and desires, whether physical or sexual, I am human, equal to other creatures.  However, apart from the demonstrative life, he has attained a level which is not attained by the heavens, the mountains and the earth, that is, he is the trustee of Allah Almighty.  If a human being is aware of this trust, then no distinction can be drawn between that noble creature, otherwise human beings and other creatures.  It is utter cruelty and ignorance to be unaware of the special blessing of Allah Almighty.
In order to benefit from this special reward given by Allah Almighty, it is necessary for us to have the knowledge of our own caste.  In Sufism, this knowledge is called self-awareness.  Through self-awareness, the door of knowledge that opens on man, through which the servant’s relationship with Allah is finally strengthened, and when a servant steps into the circle of stable relationship, he is free from this trust.  Achieves what Allah Almighty has promised him


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