Dangerous woman

I heard that the woman you were married to was a very dangerous woman, and you divorced her out of fear, “said one of the silent old men sitting on a chair under a tree.
“God bless her, she was a very good woman,” he said angrily
Without getting angry, a satisfactory answer came from old man.
A young man said in a slightly louder voice, “But people say that she was a very dangerous woman. Old man remained silent for a while and then said.
“She is OK. She was really dangerous and I divorced her out of fear.”
“It’s against masculinity, where’s the bravery to be afraid of a woman?” The young man said enthusiastically …
“I wasn’t afraid of the woman, I was afraid of ‘her’ as far as she had access” was the calm answer …
The young men looked at each other in amazement.
Such women should be in hell … La Houl Wala Qawa .. Where is a decent man like you? Where is that woman? Well, what did she leave? The curiosity was gone, now everyone began to disperse in turn. Those who left had read the title, had to make up the story themselves.
“I thought he should be in hell, that’s when I gave him a hell of a life.”
This is when I was employed by the government for one rupee a month, my mother wanted me to get married. Relationship was found, the daughter of a peanut seller, my mother liked, polite, beautiful and a quiet nature. I objected to the relationship that she was the daughter of a peanut seller. The child of the laborer is worried about the stomach, not the training, the training is done in large families where poverty is unable to snatch the light from the eyes. What will she train my children? But my mother liked that girl so much that she didn’t want to hear anyone else’s name.
Then she got married and came to my house. At the time of departure, her father said to me, “My daughter is straightforward, she has no special knowledge of worldliness. If there is any mistake, forgive me. Will keep you happy “, she was exactly like my mother told me. Polite, strong and obedient. “

My company with friends outside was not good. During working hours, he ate out of the house, sat among friends, played games till late at night and then went home. I didn’t care what she ate or drank. In those days my mother also passed away.
One day, after losing a lot of money in gambling, when she came home tired, she said, “You eat out, I feel hungry. If possible, give me a ration once a month. I don’t have to go to the market every day.” Will “- what? This peanut seller’s daughter has demanded so many times from me – I got angry.
“Are you the daughter of a very big father that you need rations and expenses for the whole month, have you seen your times?” I couldn’t imagine that he needed bread in any case to survive!
She was physically weak, could not stand the beating, regretted it or was lying in bed for two days. I didn’t even care.
Then he started Sina Prona at home, his handicrafts came in handy, so his bread was arranged and I became even more indifferent to this thought.
One day a neighbor stopped me and said, “During the day, when you are not at home, there are voices coming from your house.” Anger was out of control, I just didn’t want to kill him, but I was just in the throes of an opportunity.
One night last night my eyes were opened to the sound of someone speaking, everything lying in the courtyard in the silver night was clearly visible, I got up and came to the door. Now the voice was more clear. She was saying:
Owner! There is flour in the house for a loaf of bread in the morning, he will eat a loaf of bread and go away, thinking that I will be hungry all day long. When you gave me your hand, you started getting disgrace and pain along with the bread. Now give me the bread only … Your deputy turned out to be a traitor. “She was complaining to me? But to whom?

I came out and saw her sitting on a bed in the middle of the courtyard talking to herself. There was no one. The earth came out from under my feet, she was complaining to me about God, at that moment I felt like another creature. She spoke very little but with whom she spoke so much, today I understood. She was the daughter of a very big father. Casey was a woman who knew God in spite of poverty, my body was trembling with fear.
As soon as the day dawned, I packed my things and left him at his house. When my father-in-law asked me the reason for the divorce, I said in fear.
“She is a very dangerous woman, she complains to me in the big court. I am afraid that the king will not kill me one day if he gets angry” – the fact was that I could not do justice to her.
Her father was standing on the doorstep. When I turned around, he said, “I told you that he doesn’t know worldliness, he just knows how to keep the ‘owner’ happy”, he meant God and I understood myself.
When I returned home, it was revealed to me that this was what he had asked for at night.
I cried uncontrollably, his shadow was very big, as far as he could reach, he was the Lord of the two worlds. The one whose bread was heavy on me could not do for him. I was really scared. I am still afraid that he may have insulted me.
People are right !! Where am I ?? There was moisture in the old man’s eyes.
“I could not recognize her with my naked eyes. I was not afraid, although I should have been afraid. Her owner had already told me to fear God in the matter of women.



  1. Ruqia Ismat says:


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  2. Asghar ali says:

    Thank you so much for point out

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  3. Ruqia Ismat says:

    Yes, there are some confusing words. The story is very deep and spiritual and needs some editing.

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  4. larry says:

    This is an interesting story but the gender are very mixed. HE is the husband and SHE is the female or wife but the text puts everything in the masculine HE when in fact you mean SHE. Also as this is your blog you may want to explain who you are and where you are. Where do you live? What country? What culture do you belong to? It is important for your readers to know this about you.

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