1. swabby429 says:

    Don’t take yourself too seriously.

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  2. Asghar ali says:

    Thanks to all

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  3. Asghar ali says:

    No different both means is same

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  4. pkadams says:

    Are you saying Allah and God are different? Just clarifying 1 and 2.

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  5. Asghar ali says:

    1:Allah is the One who created this universe
    2:God is the one who made the first man without parents
    3:Allah is the One who does not let your heart rest after you sleep

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  6. pkadams says:

    Do you mind if I ask which God ?

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  7. Never lose hope!

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  8. azurea20 says:

    Yo prefiero olvidarme de los dioses y tener presente a los hombres. El mundo, al amor, la justicia, la solidaridad. Sentirme una con “El Todo”

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  9. Asghar ali says:

    Of course you right,I I already follow and worship one God

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  10. pkadams says:

    Do not worship idols. Only the God who created the universe. If you don’t know Him, ask him to show you the truth . All other gods are false . 🙏

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