O,death you have made me a landlord

charming air landed in every house in the morning, it is not possible. In some places, the change of weather has nothing to do with the change of circumstances .In the house of the poor, the weather just changes.
Rental House Rental Rickshaw With two innocent children and an obedient wife, Younis was working hard in the hope of improving his life.
In a town outside the city, the hearth was barely burning. After giving the share to the owner of the rickshaw, all that was left was lentil bread. Her two children were still too young to think. Time passed. The world was transformed into a big graveyard in the blink of an eye. In many countries, after the epidemic, people locked themselves in their homes out of fear, but the poor had no choice but to sit at home and eat and drink.
The poor of the whole world were fighting both epidemics and hunger. But there was still bread in Jonah’s house. Because there was no epidemic on this side yet, there was no crackdown by the government.
Then the ominous hour came for the inhabitants of this city and then hunger swallowed the emotions of human beings. The government announced a lockdown and all institutions were shut down. All types of transport will be banned.
When the owner took the rickshaw back from Younis, the stars danced in front of Younis’ eyes. The conditions of the house and the empty pockets had driven him mentally insane. No one can know.
Dad, what is this lock?
Younis looked at the innocent face of the girl with love and concern.
Dad, I want to eat. Today my friend also ate. Younis could do nothing but make promises to his 8-year-old daughter’s little mountain-like desire. He made many promises and had many dreams. He had only one last thing left. The children fell asleep listening to dreams.
But Jonah was worried about the time to come.
Why are you lost today. The lucky wife asked.
The owner has taken back the rickshaw. The government has banned every ride for some time. The whole city will be closed from tomorrow,
so what will happen now? Sughri said anxiously.
What is acceptable to Allah will happen.
Then the two disappointed men lay down with their eyes closed in search of sleep, imagining the terrible conditions of the future.
The next morning and many more mornings passed. The poor man’s stove was extinguished every day and his dreams and his joys began to turn to ashes in the courtyard every day.
Jonah would leave home early in the morning. His children did not know how many houses his father knocked on every day for two meals a day.
Frightened by the situation, people were now reducing aid. Who knows how long this ominous epidemic will last. He wanted to save what he had.
Younis was raising children on a daily basis with self-respect and self-sacrifice. When did he give up his ego to bring freshness to the yellow faces of hungry children?
The plague had already taken its toll on the city with its own name.
The evening of that day was like Eid in the courtyard of Jonah. After the big days, everyone in the house ate with full stomach and intention. The children slept happily today.
Where did you suddenly get so much rations today? The wife said considering the changing circumstances.
Just got a new job. Understand that Allah has heard. From now on there will be no hunger in the house.
But what is the work?
Just leave it at that. Pray to Allah. Bless your fast.
Nakbakht prayed from the heart.
Now lentil bread was running in the house. The children had stopped crying. There was also rations in the house.
Dad, I want to eat kalfi. The daughter reminded me of a promise many days
ago. Yes, my daughter, we will go today.
In the evening, the family of four set out in search of Qalfi. Finally, in a place in the town where the people of the administration rarely came after nightfall. A locker was seen.
Younis’s happiness was evident from the radiance of the children’s faces. Everyone ate two locks. The children were having such a great time for the first time in their lives.
Dad, this is so much fun. I have to eat every day. The little son finished the lock and sucked his fingers.
Yes, my son will eat tomorrow too.
The poor family ate and drank well that night. Even in the senates of the city, the wheel of life in this house was turned by the hot weather.
When the city was beginning to look like a graveyard. When man had considered the existence of human beings as death. The angel of mercy had descended on this house.
When Younis woke up the next morning, his body was a little hot. He ate breakfast and left for work. He spent the whole day busy, but when he returned home in the evening, his body began to burn like fire.
The youngest gave him food and medicine but the fever did not subside. The next day Younis could not go to work. In the afternoon he came out of the poor man’s hut and stopped the car.
The locals were shocked.
A few government officials, wearing full masks, were found hiding in the vehicle.
Younis knocked on the door. Sughri opened the door.
Please tell, who are you? The little car and so many people were shocked to see.
Where is younis Didn’t he come to work today?
He is a little unwell. Sughri replied
Tell him to come to work. Otherwise, many of the dead will not be buried today. No one is ready to touch the people who have died from the plague. If Jonah does not come, who will bathe the dead?
On hearing this, Sughra lost consciousness.
When did the government people return. He did not know. But there was no life in his footsteps.
Jonah, do you bathe and bury those who died of the plague? Sughri came in and asked
yes. But who told you?
Some Babu people had just come out.
Look at the name of your Jonah. The big Seth people are behind me today.
But what if something happened to you?
Oh, nothing will happen. Sixty people are just scared. There is nothing wrong. Pray that I will get well.
Younis could not go to work for the next two days. His condition was not improving. Both the children were suffering from cold, cough and fever.
Two government ambulances came and stopped that day. A few white coats came out from inside. The hut was surrounded as if something terrible was going to happen to it.
Shortly afterwards, Younis, his wife and children were being taken from the village to the epidemic center. Their home was sealed off.
When Yunus and everyone else were tested, the fears turned out to be true.
Within a few days, Younes, his wife, and their children, one by one, went far beyond hunger.
The bodies of sixty people were handed over to the graves and the bodies of Younis and his innocent children, who were fighting with hunger, were handed over to the graves by the employees of the municipality.
Fighting hunger was more difficult than fighting epidemics. Younes spent the last few days saving his children from starvation. For the other, they became cold. When burying the dead, shrouding became like war, Younis used to decorate the corpses daily for the innocent desires of the children and send them on the journey to the hereafter so that the weak hearth of his house would burn.
Eventually he overcame hunger and freed himself from this cycle and went to a country with children where no one is watching over his desires. Where children do not have to go through hunger and poverty. Where all the orders of children are fulfilled.
Poor Jonah could have given more than that to the unfortunate flowers in his yard.



  1. Pooja G says:

    Heartbreaking but wonderfully written.

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  2. valy71 says:

    Tristemente vero, davvero bello e pieno di sentimento!
    Have a good day! ❤

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