When a boy steals a girl’s respect, the girl’s mother immediately gets to know, but she tolerates it silently. But after the marriage, when the husband comes to know that my wife has done something before the marriage, then the end reaches divorce. Where the girl consents, she places her honor at the boy’s feet, the boy plays with her and goes in search of a new victim, and the girl’s life is ruined. All the girls should take this thing out of their minds. If you do something wrong, then the mother will not know and the husband will not know after getting married. You are completely deceiving yourself. The mother and the husband know everything in a second but the mother tolerates it because she is the mother but the husband does not tolerate it in any case, he stays after giving divorce and even if he does not divorce, the life of this woman is very useless and Helpless, despicable, so take care O daughter of Hawa….. Love is not a name for giving flowers, the one who truly loves, he calls for marriage, he does not call for meeting in the streets, nor does love need any flowers, nor does he call for meeting in the parks. Don’t waste the name of this lovely word! Sorry if anyone finds my post offensive.



  1. Asghar ali says:

    May be in america something batter then other

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  2. pkadams says:

    What you are describing is called a double standard and it’s always been a thing. But in America, few people still have self-respect and the morals to save themselves and treat women with honor. God help us.

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  3. Asghar ali says:

    Every person have feelings but deffirante

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  4. Asghar ali says:

    This is your bigness.thank you

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  5. Asghar ali says:

    This is your bigness.

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  6. vermavkv says:

    That is the genuine problems sometimes facing in our society.

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  7. Qonyike says:

    Not at all. You’re being expressive of your feelings, and that’s nice👌

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  8. People who state their opinions are not offensive. Just because I may not agree with someone’s opinion, I am not offended by it.

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  9. And, what in the case of rape and incest?

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  10. I love the raw honesty in this piece.

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  11. Happy Maurya says:

    This is a Beautiful posts. I strongly agree with your opinion.

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  12. Sometimes even a small opinion of ours may seem offensive in a few people’s eyes but it may be a good calling for others to change for the better.

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  13. aparna12 says:

    It’s very interesting and thought provoking. We should think twice before getting into a relationship and not blindly trust a stranger simply because he or she claims to be in love with us. I agree with your views. Good post.

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