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How to become more productive

Where you start to be a more productive person well setting rules for yourself promises, deadlines, to dos even will you start with one simple thing and that is nothing except your mental energy to get work and other important business stuff done but it requires discipline and energy. So how do you stay consistent and disciplined when working on a hard project for work. Or maybe just a school project where you go. oh well maybe I will just do this tomorrow. then tomorrow comes by knocking on the door with the project saying is it gonna be today. But then you go nope tomorrow. Yup that is procrastination. but the thing you want to know is how to fix it. My frist tip for fixing procrastination and staying consistent with any type of work. And it has worked for me is I would write it down in a notebook or journal dose not matter and I then would picture how happy I’d be once this project that im working on is finished then I’d write down a to do for this project and keep it and just every time I saw this paper and wanted to procrastinate I knew I couldn’t. Bec how important this is and thinking about getting this project out of the way for bigger things to come in life. Now if that doesn’t work the paper to do and visualization method then I could tell you a couple other tips that might just work which is being motivated to get this school or work project done. Put on some music and make sure you’re space is nice then just work and figure it out as you go and it’s that easy to the point where it’s all about being disciplined and motivated to get work done so you don’t procrastinate. And I just want to talk about one more thing that is what a productive life looks like before you can be productive with work make sure your life is productive and net otherwise everythings a mess and you can have a nice productive life by having balance in everything you do balance it all out balance really is the key to a productive life. And with balance comes to what you eat what you put in your body working out sleeping drinking the right amount of water having a morning routine or a night routine taking care of your mental and physical health. So balance comes with everything in simple ways.


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