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Why did the divorce happen?

The story is based on reality. Many sisters get seduced. The story is the same for everyone with a little difference. God, act sensibly, make your own house a heaven, don’t be
seduced by anyone.) It was last year. A friend was shopping in Gol Bazar His daughter called that father your son-in-law dismissed me _ Alihadgi de de hai __ Come immediately and take me _

After hearing this from his daughter, the friend returned home on his bike.

Apparently it is so much that a heart attack occurred and the servant died _ the time was fixed

There was something that led to the sudden death of a perfectly healthy man — human error must have played its part somewhere.

A few days after the separation, I met the girl and asked, “Bibi, with three children, the husband left you. What happened? Your first cousin was also there.”

I did not understand the reason given by that daughter – there was a long list of accusations, but she could not tell me anywhere what she herself did to improve the situation.

One thing I noticed in particular was that she had an iPhone worth one and a half lakhs in her hand.

The late friend was also my relative. His former son-in-law is highly educated and a school teacher in a respected institution. A few days later, I went to see him specially. Dear, what happened, what made you so compelled?

He said, Sir, I have two sisters, both married in very rich houses, with servants and servants.

Whenever my wife came to meet her sisters – quarrels started in my house – I was insulted for being poor – I am an employee of 40,000 per month – I did everything I could, but now it was unbearable. _

He further said that I loved my wife very much _ I have a mobile worth 3000 _ I gave Begum an iPhone _ Then there was a demand for a car _ I took a car from a bank loan _ I sold my old refrigerator and bought a full size new refrigerator on installments _ Then it was said to the AC _ AC was taken away _ despite all this taunts and taunts _ I had become despised in my own eyes_.

The electricity bill for the month of separation came to 30,000 – what would I do with the total salary of 40,000 – 10,000 was only the monthly milk bill – Begum’s nonsense from above –

I was already fed up with the Begum’s previous unbridled desires–I was completely out of breath–an instant quarrel broke out on that bill–and it came to this climax–

He cried while talking.

After hearing all this I bowed my head _and came back home _thanking Allah that I taught my daughters _my sons to live with at least desires_

At present, the estranged daughter is living in a room above her married brother’s three-marla house.

When the electricity is cut off, the person in this room becomes like a grain roasting in a furnace. There is no bathroom or kitchen upstairs.

A white-skinned and red-and-white twenty-six-year-old girl looks like a fifty-year-old mother in just one year _ I heard that she has also started a job worth nine to ten thousand in a private school.


5 responses to “Why did the divorce happen?”

  1. I think the reason is Not understanding each other

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  2. Thank you
    I think problem created and solved mindset

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  3. It is so difficult for the young to be content with what they have. So many times a poor husband is better than a rich one because he will love and appreciate you more!

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