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Children are a mission

Children are a great blessing of Allah. But with this, it is also a great responsibility placed on the parents. Unfortunately, most of the parents today are unaware of this fact. As a result, they are causing both God and society to be bad people.

Generally, for people, their children are only the subject of love. They are ready to say yes to their needs. Pampering the children, taking care of them, piling clothes and toys for the children, fulfilling their every legitimate and illegitimate desire becomes the purpose of their life. For such parents, their children are a toy in the beginning, but gradually they themselves become a toy in the hands of their children. The children play the jingle of desire and the parents dance on this jingle like a monkey.

Such parents often neglect their responsibilities in terms of education and training. According to such people, the only responsibility towards their children is to enroll them in an English medium school. They are not familiar with the concept of educating children. Instead of training based on teaching good manners and attitudes, education of goodness and reputation, consideration of the big and small and guarding the rights of God’s servants, these people hand over their children to TV, mobile phones and the Internet. give Because this is an immediate and quick-acting recipe to get rid of children’s stubbornness and mischief. But this prescription often distorts his character and personality.

When such children grow up, they cause the wave of interest and desire to grow in the society. Deprived of high qualities such as patience, selflessness, sacrifice, simplicity, contentment, forgiveness, trust, honesty, justice and good nature, these people fill the society with corruption. These people not only cause pain to other human beings but also make their own parents suffer due to their old age. It is like a monetary punishment of the parents for the negligence that they have done in the matter of training their children. Negligence in the education of children is such a great crime in the eyes of Allah Almighty that Allah Almighty does not even wait for the Hereafter to punish him.

On the contrary, those who make the higher education of their children the mission of their lives, their children prove to be the coolness of their eyes both in this world and in the hereafter. For such parents, their children are not a toy but a There is a heavy responsibility and a sacred mission. This mission starts with the birth of the child. He makes every possible sacrifice for this mission and continues till his death.

They definitely bring toys to their children, but they do not become toys in their own hands. They try to fulfill their children’s innocent wishes as much as possible, but at the same time, they also encourage children to be patient and simple. They definitely give high and good education to the children, but they do not neglect their training. They trust their children, but they do not allow them to misuse TV, mobile and internet, despite their stubbornness. They do not hinder the freedom of children, but they do not fail to teach them the lesson of God’s servitude.

Children have been called a test by Allah. The only way to be a leader in this test is good training of children. This should be the main mission of every mother and father..!!

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5 responses to “Children are a mission”

  1. Yes, Bad parenting is detrimental to the society. Well said 😌

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  2. Absolutely sometimes parents become toys to their children in stead of that parents need to teach them some good values of life. Beautiful article.👌👌

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