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Below is a picture and in it you are asked a question that you have to answer. The only question is, which of the people in this picture would you help first?

Now that you’ve answered this question, let’s see what aspect of your own personality is brought out by the person immediately chosen to help.

If you decided to help

No. 1 (Blind Lady) first then not only you but also your elders deserve to be congratulated as it shows that you were brought up in a very good environment. It is where love and respect for humanity is given the highest priority. You are strongly against social inequalities and injustices while you can more easily do things that others try to avoid and get rid of.

If your first choice to help is

2 (crying baby), you are very sensitive and probably have a very broken heart. However, you are so refined in temperament that you treat those who treat you badly even with kindness. Your friends are lucky because they have a friend in your form who understands their feelings and stands by them in difficult times.

Option number

3, the decision to be the first to help an injured person with crutches, shows that you desire a happy life and enjoy the invitations of friends and family. However, you are not particularly interested in accepting responsibilities and only do as much work as you are asked to do. Despite all this, you are considered a leader because of your gregarious nature and many people feel the magnetic attraction of your personality and are drawn towards you.If you decided to help the first number

4 (starved nurse) in the picture, then you are a happy person while your presence at home or office does not cause any stress. You are used to seeing the bright side of life and your focus is more on the beauty of life while you are not interested in world affairs and problems. When you move to a new place or new environment, it doesn’t take long to get to know others and make friends. You are a wanderlust, wanderlust, and wanderlust person who doesn’t like to stay confined to four walls at all.


7 responses to “Check your answer”

  1. I would pick up the crying baby in a matter of seconds, then run the circle of helping the man with crutches while yelling out to blind woman “don’t move; I’m on my way!”, and with baby still bouncing in my arms while stabilizing man with crutches, I also tell the nurse (in same breath as used for reassuring blind woman) “everything will be okay; I’m headed your way!”

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  2. I’d help the man in the crutches, next the blind lady, then the crying baby and lastly the nurse. Great morals ✨


  3. Thank you very much 🙏💙🙏

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  4. You a Nice personality

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  5. Yo también. A la señora ciega.

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  6. I’d have helped the blind Lady

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