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Store vegetables carefully in the refrigerator

The children were found dead in their beds in the morning.
After investigating the possible cause of their death, when questioned about their food and drink, the children’s mother said that the children did not eat anything outside, but were given a glass of milk as usual at bedtime.
When the container of milk kept in the refrigerator was inspected, it was found that a 3/4 inch baby snake was lying dead at the bottom of the container.
How did it reach the fridge and fall into the jug of milk?

?The family remembered that they had brought spinach from the vegetable market and kept the bundle of spinach in the fridge without opening it.
It is possible that the baby snake fell into the milk jug after coming out of the bundle.
Of course, the cause of death of the children became clear, but the family lost two of their children.
So we should take special care of leafy vegetables and things covered in the fridge while keeping anything in the fridge.
Always keep your fridge clean, do not leave any food open in the kitchen.
Take a lesson from this accident and don’t limit yourself to just reading, but take it forward and do your bit in the service of humanity.


Today’s question

How to store leafy greens in the fridge?

17 responses to “Store vegetables carefully in the refrigerator”

  1. Bonjour

    Avec espoir ce week-end dernier en as-tu bien profité. Moi, à peu près
    C’est avec sourire que je viens auprès des tiens et toi mème t’apporter du bonheur au sein de ta demeure
    Je te souhaite tout le bonheur du monde
    Bonne et agréable journée, bon mois d’octobre
    bise amicale Bernard


  2. Oh, such a scary and sad story!! We clean our veggies before going into the fridge but sometimes in the lettuce leaves you will see something that should not be there inside where the water did not go.

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  3. Bonjour
    Le jour vient de se lever c ‘est l’heure du petit déjeuner
    L’occasion pour moi de te rappeler notre amitié
    Je voulais mettre un peu de sucre dans ton café
    En te souhaitant une bonne journée
    Le soir après ce petit écris pour toi
    Me rends heureux en pensant que tu es pu le lire
    Tu es un ami ou une amie merveilleuse
    Je te destine un petit bisou
    Ton ami BERNARD

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  4. I heard about a huge spider cling home with bananas from Whole Foods store (think it was 2008)

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  5. Absolutely ,thank you

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  6. This is so sad and good reminder to check veggies and clean them right away

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  7. You welcome and thank you

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  8. There have been cases of live, tiny frogs and lizards found in sealed lettuce, mixed salad leaves or kale. According to a science group’s investigation, a tiny bat was found in a salad pack in Florida, and a rodent in another greens bag.
    Good point and warning in sealing or securely covering other food in the fridge.

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  9. Great lesson. I don’t always cover food left in the fridge, so it’s a good lesson for me.☺️

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  10. Very practical and valuable lesson..
    Thanks for sharing dear.


  11. I have seen my mother wash everything before putting them in the refrigerator.

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