Think about outcome for 30 minutes before the action

Iqbal, the only son of his parents and the only educated brother of two sisters, got into a fight with a young man of his neighborhood. A scuffle ensued and some abuses were also exchanged. Iqbal came home and sat in his room. He decided to kill his enemy and took out a pistol from the cupboard. Suddenly he remembered a friend’s advice. The friend asked him to visualize the situation after the incident for 30 minutes before taking any such extreme step.
Iqbal fired three bullets into the head of his enemy in imagination and put him to eternal sleep. An hour later he was arrested. At the time of his arrest, his parents and two sisters were crying. His mother fainted. When the case started, the house started emptying. One item after another was sold. It became impossible for the sisters to continue their education and their dreams of becoming doctors were spent in the case file. The sisters’ relationships stopped coming and money started falling on their heads. Parents and sisters visited each week behind bars. The sisters had only one question, what will happen to us now? Who shall we sleep in our brother’s bed? How will we raise the pride of the brother? The brother has no answer. The day of judgment came and Junaid was sentenced to death. The date of execution has been fixed. 25 minutes had passed and Junaid’s body was shaking. In jail he was counting the steps of his death and at home his parents and sisters were burning in the hell of their anguish and torture. Black bandages were tied on Junaid’s eyes and he was taken to the gallows. 29 minutes had passed. 30 minutes were completed as soon as he stepped on the gallows. Junaid was sweating profusely. His body was trembling. He put the pistol back in the closet. He picked up the two books of his sisters from the table and went to the sisters. Addressing the sisters, he said, “My dear sister, it is time for you to study.” Study hard because you want to become a doctor.
A few months later, Junaid got employed in a good post in a bank. Junaid’s two sisters became doctors. They are living a successful and fulfilling life. These 30 minutes of imagination and 30 minutes of trial action saved an entire house from destruction. You must keep this 30 minutes in your life for yourself, this 30 minutes of imaginary torture will save you from lifelong torture!

The silent killer

Nazia, a 28-year-old M.Phil Sociology student, felt a lump in her breast while taking a bath. It felt like a lump when touched. But there was no particular pain. She thought she would discuss it with her mother. I could not remember a few weeks in the same state of indifference. One day, while taking a bath again, I noticed this, so I consulted my mother about it. The mother said that if there is any pain or discomfort, let’s take it to the doctor, she also advised that if there is not much problem, tie an onion and read wazifa together, it will “go away” by itself. Read Wazifa for a few weeks, and tied onions along with light hand massage with olive oil. It was as if Nazia mentally convinced herself that the tips had reduced the size of the bulge. She was satisfied. The bulge remained in place. be quite. Without any discomfort or pain. Like the sea before the storm.

Six months passed like that. Nazia forgot that one breast is swollen. Now Nazia felt a strange pain in her right arm, as if someone was trying to make a hole in her bone. Took pain medication for a few days, and the pain subsided. But as soon as the medicine was stopped, the pain intensified again. Finally consulted a nearby doctor. He said it is a young girl what should happen to her. Prescribed calcium and vitamin D, along with a strong painkiller injection and pills. Again temporary relief came. But as soon as the course of medicine is over, the same tension begins!

Now Nazia was worried that why this pain was not going away. He asked his doctor friend to get an x-ray from the government hospital. Took x-rays to the doctor with the clavicle. He saw the x-ray and said that there is something wrong in it, you can show it in cancer outdoor. And so my first meeting with Nazia was arranged.

Nazia greeted me and while holding the x-ray, said that she has a pain in the arm bone. When I saw the x-ray, instead of asking about the bone, I asked her, “Do you feel any lump in your body”, to which she replied that yes, it was just a lump in the breast, but it got better with the stipend and massage. , but “a little” is still there. Alarms started ringing as they checked the “slight” bulge. I prescribed Nazia a biopsy, bone scan and CT scan. In the report, there was a very aggressive breast cancer of the fourth stage, which had spread not only to the bones, but also to the liver, lungs and adrenal gland.

The duration of Nazia’s treatment was about eighteen months. He spent the last four months of his life in great pain. In the bed in the presence of disability, she used to talk about her heart sometimes. She wanted to get married. I wanted to complete my degree. I wanted to be a mother. I wanted to live something else. But the decision of fate was something elsePerhaps there are many Nazis around us. Because one out of every nine women suffer from it in their lifetime. Women need to be told and advised not to delay in consulting a doctor if there are breast changes. If we catch this disease in its early stages, there are good chances of eradicating it by the grace of Allah. If you are a woman and have any of the symptoms shown in the picture, see a doctor immediately. If you are a man, tell your women not to value the shame of hesitation, and even sexual desire, over life and health.



  1. Qonyike says:

    We should definitely look before we leap. We should never undermine any illness or change in our body. Well said!

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  2. Asghar ali says:

    Thank you for beautiful comments

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  3. vermavkv says:

    Very useful advice..

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  4. I love the advice to think for thirty minutes. The story of Nazia is a sad one. Thank you for sharing her story with us and reminding women not to wait to seek medical treatment.

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