Above your research

A hunter put a piece of meat in a noose and threw it into the river. A fish ran to eat him. There a big fish stopped him not to touch him, there is a hidden hook in it which you cannot see. As soon as you eat the herb, that thorn will stick in your throat, which will not come out even after a thousand attempts. A hunter sitting outside will be aware of this thin cord of your longing. He will be happy if you suffer, he will pull you out with this thin string, he will cut you into pieces with a knife, he will cook you in boiling oil on the fire with spices, 10, 10 fingered people will chew with 32, 32 teeth. will eat you This will be your end.
Saying this, the big fish left. The little fish started exploring in the river, there was no hunter, no fire, no boiling oil, no pepper, no man with ten toes and thirty-two teeth, nothing. The little fish started saying that this big fish is illiterate, ignorant, talking of the stone age, there is no truth in his words. I have done my own research, there is no truth in any of the things he said, it is my observation that he believes in the so-called unseen things that he has heard. .
So, based on his observation, he put the bait in his mouth, bit the hook, the fish squirmed, the hunter pulled the line and pulled it out.
The Prophets, peace be upon them, have explained in detail all the unseen situations and events that happened to humans after the thorn of death. Wise men like big fish started living by obeying the words of the prophets. The small fish ideologues left the path of the prophets and followed their own path of outward exploration.
After the thorn of death, all situations will come to light.
The fish came out of the water and did not return
Man left the world and did not return
This is the only time, if you understand…



  1. Great analogy! It behoves the younger ones to listen to the wisdom imparted by their elders.

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  2. Qonyike says:

    Beautiful lesson. Never stray from the teachings and morals of an older and wiser generation.

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  3. Thank you so much. In a world of such evil it is encouraging to understand that man is only man in his flesh. Man is evil.


  4. bernard25 says:

    Bientot la fin du mois et Novembre sera là
    Tiens de ce jour je t’ai composé une recette pour avoir une bonne journée, te dire bonjour
    Quelques Ingrédients : sourire, rires, bonne humeur, gaîté
    Cette préparation il suffit de bien mélanger tous les ingrédients en quantité égale et verser le contenu dans votre vie Mon résultat final : une merveilleuse journée, bise amicale Bernard


  5. vermavkv says:

    Very nice and inspirational story.


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