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Something to think about

“The vulture is a carrion-eating bird in whose nature Allah has given a thoughtful message.
When he eats, his stomach is full but his hunger is not satisfied, so he starts running and throws up what he has eaten while running. , in the same way he repeats the same action again and again but hunger does not end because he eats forbidden and dead”.
These are the universal principles formulated by nature which are a moment of thought for those who eat haram. There is nothing for you but a hardship. Eating forbidden food will fill your stomach, but your hunger will never end.

May Allah grant us all the opportunity to eat halal sustenance.


3 responses to “Something to think about”

  1. Muy bueno. Las aves carroñeras son muy abundantes en este lío de mundo que tenemos montado. Buen día.

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