Health care in home

Instead of going to the hospital with the following diseases, take these medicines from the nearest medical store and use them at home.
Support the government to protect yourself and your family. Thanks

For headache and fever

Panadol, Panadol Extra, Releif

For cold, flu

Arinac Fort

For stomach pain, motion etc

Flygel, Imodium, ORS

For pain in any part of the body

Caflam 50, Spasrid, Rotec etc

For high blood pressure


For vomiting etc

Gravinate tablet

For gas problems

Gaviscon syp
Mucan syp

Acidity for heartburn and indigestion

Risek 20, Zantac

For wounds etc

PolyFax, payodin, bandage

For tooth or molar pain

CalmoX 625 mg
Caflam 50

For abscesses

Double sptran

For quick relief of fever in children/adults

Brufin syp

For newborn fever

Panadol Drops

Nausea for abdominal pain or lack of motion or for gas in the stomach

Colic Drops or colic EZZ

In case of injury from applying pampers to newborn baby for a long time

Hydrozole Cream

For cough

Pulomonol syp

Thanks to all readers



  1. Thank you for all your “likes” on my blog. I wish you had more posts so I could “like” them, too and comment. Many thanks🙏🏽


  2. Very helpful!! How do you know about all these meds?

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