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Word and voice

A voice is a word to speak and a noise to hear, but it is a great thing because its presence is a proof of being alive, otherwise the stones are also silent, they do not listen to anyone and do not tell anyone anything. Then the soil which produces sustenance for all is considered lifeless. If you consider, the behavior and attitude of the soil towards us is very good. Loves more than mother. She also gives food and hides it in her lap after death. But because of the lack of words and sound, it is called inanimate means dead. You must be thinking that movement is a sign of life. But I will say that air also moves but is lifeless. But they are treated like dead bodies. Animals are considered fully alive because they speak. They also understand love and anger behavior and express similar behavior, but never join us in our gatherings, celebrations, sad and happy occasions.

Do you know why?

Because they have soul and voice and behavior but no words.

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