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God’s signs in the mosquito.

The mosquito, which we think of as a minor insect, is the most dangerous insect, killing millions of people every year. , that is why it is called Deadliest Animals on Earth. This mosquito caused the death of Alexander the Great.
There are about 3500 species of mosquitoes and only 200 of them are female mosquitoes that bite to drink blood and they bite all kinds of animals such as snakes, frogs, birds. , horses, cows, humans, etc. The rest of the male mosquitoes get their food from flowers, leaves, etc. According to modern research, the existence of mosquito is even before the existence of man, it has been living on earth for 100 million years.
A mosquito lives up to 5 or 6 months, it has three hearts, two brains and two eyes, and each eye has about a thousand lenses that can see independently in different directions. A mosquito beats its wings 260 times a second, yet they can only cover a distance of one to one and a half miles in an hour. A female mosquito lays 200 eggs at a time.

The most special thing about mosquitoes is their blood-sucking method. There are 6 needles (Six Needles) in the mosquito’s mouth, each of which has its own function, with the help of which they suck only the required blood and do not drink bad or unnecessary blood. When a mosquito bites a part of a human, it first smells the part with its saliva, then injects its six needles into the part and starts drinking blood. And its saliva acts as a pain killer due to which pain is not felt when biting. This whole process is like a device like Neural Implantation Device, man has also made this device by looking at the mosquito.
The mosquito has very sensitive thermal receptors, with the help of which it understands the presence of any organism and the heat emitted in different colors and recognizes the organism based on this heat. Due to which the mosquito feeds the organism even in the dark. And also recognizes the blood vessels inside the body.

Only female mosquitoes drink human blood and these female mosquitoes cause the death of millions of people every year. This is the special thing about female mosquitoes compared to male mosquitoes.

Can such a small and amazing creature be created by chance? Can such a surprising system in his body be the result of a blind evolutionary process?
When the example of mosquitoes etc. was described in the Holy Quran, the polytheists used to object that if this is the word of Allah, then how can there be an example of a despicable creature like a mosquito in it, what is so special about it…

After this explanation, you may now understand this verse:

Indeed, Allah does not leave the Lord like this, so what is the truth about those who are secure in their lives? ۚ And as for the disbelievers, they say, “What is the will of Allah in this way?” Yazil with him except al-Hafasiqin.

Yes, Allah does not shy away from giving parables of a female mosquito or something even more despicable to those who accept the truth. It has come from the Lord, and those who do not believe hear them and say, “What does Allah have to do with such parables?” In this way, Allah causes many to go astray with a single word, and guides many to the right path, and He causes astray only those who are transgressors.

Al-Baqarah, verse: 26.


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