Pot Story

It is said that a king passed through an area of his kingdom where people drank water directly from the canal. The king ordered that if a pitcher be filled here for the convenience of the people, it would be better and everyone, big or small, would be able to drink water with ease. Saying this, the king proceeded on the rest of his journey.
When a pitcher was bought on the royal order and placed on the bank of the canal, an official suggested that the pitcher be purchased from the public and installed here on the royal order. It needs to be guarded and an orange sent on guard.
When the order was given to deploy the orange, the abomination came to light that it was necessary to have a mashki to fill the pitcher. And not just one mosquito or one orange can be bound seven days a week, it would be better to hire seven oranges and seven oranges so that this work can continue uninterrupted.
Another hard-working official opined that carrying a jug full of water from the canal is neither the job of a mascot nor of an orange. For this laborious task, seven bearers should be kept, who in turn carefully lift the daily filled jug and keep it closed with a good lid. ۔
Another far-sighted companion suggested that in order to run the work in an orderly manner with so many people, it would be necessary to have a secretary accountant to run the accounting and salary system of all these personnel, to set up an accounting body, to appoint an accountant.
Another insightful official suggested that this could only be ensured if everything was going well. The department will have to be set up.

Another suggestion came that all this is going well, but if there is a fight or an abuse between the employees, then who will settle them and reconcile them? In order to continue the work uninterrupted, in my opinion, a legal affairs department should be set up to investigate violators and dissenters.
After the deliberations of all these departments, a gentleman suggested that a head should be appointed for all these arrangements. A director has also been appointed.
A year later, as is customary, the king passed by this place during a visit to his subjects, and he saw that a magnificent building had been erected on the bank of the canal, covering an area of several canals, with the lights on. The majesty of dazzles the eyes. The board of the Ministry of Administrative Affairs is marked on the front of the building.
When the king entered with his companions, he found a separate world. The building housed several rooms, meeting rooms and offices. In a large office, behind the magnificent wooden table in the armchair, sat a distinguished man with gray hair, with his title on the plaque, “Professor Dr. Flann bin Flann, the winner of two wars “It was written.

Surprised, the king asked his minister the reason for the building, as well as the strange department, the name of which he had never heard of in his life.
The king’s minister replied: Holy man, all this has happened on your orders, which you ordered last year to install a pitcher here for the welfare and convenience of the people.
The king went out even more astonished to see the pitcher which he had ordered to be placed. The king saw that the pitcher was not only empty and broken, but also that a dead bird was lying inside. Countless people are resting and sleeping on the sides of the pitcher and there is a big board in front of it:
“Submit your donations for the repair and maintenance of the pitcher.
From the Ministry of Administrative Affairs

government car
There is government land in the Thar Desert, there is concern that the protection of this land is important so that it is not occupied.
So the post of a janitor is made.
Then a secretary says, how can orders be given to a watchman without instructions ..? So they form a planning division, two officers are placed there. Now the question is how to know if the watchman is doing the right thing ..?
One hundred control department and two officers. A report of a record.
Now their pay grade issues, so a payroll officer has a time keeper.
Now the important question is who is responsible for all these people ..? So an administrator becomes a department, .An administrator is appointed as his deputy and a legal advisor.
Then the Roof Klasra brothers do the story break. The public is told that it costs you crores of rupees a month to guard this barren land. Public protests. The Prime Minister takes notice.
And the watchman is fired. The public is also happy, the journalist brother is also conscious, so the slogans of the Prime Minister are also ringing. Yes, those officers are assigned to other departments.

It’s a story of two different people with a difference of many years but one subject.
Does it have any resemblance to our governments?



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