Spin the money to eachother

A tourist entered a hotel in a town and asked the owner to show him the best room in the hotel. The owner gave him the key to the best room and allowed him to see the room. The tourist put an advance of 1000 on the counter and went to see the room. At that time, the butcher of the town came to take the money for the meat from the hotel owner. The hotel owner picked up the same sum and gave it to the butcher, because he hoped that the tourist would definitely like the room.
The butcher took the hundred dollars and immediately gave the money to his animal supplier.

He was in debt to a doctor with an animal supply from whom he was treating, so he gave the hundred pounds to the doctor. Coincidentally, that actor was staying in a room in the same hotel, so he paid the owner of the same hotel.
He went straight to check the room with the waiter’s bill still lying on the counter. The prospective customer came back and told the hotel owner that I didn’t like the room. After saying this, he picked up the number of his hundred and left.
In this story of economics, nobody earned anything and nobody spent anything.

How many people of this town will be freed from debt in the town where the tourist used to visit.
The result of the study is that
Don’t miss money, don’t sit on it like a snake.
That is the welfare of the people.

Driving rules and religions

All religions have the principle that walking on public roads and riding a vehicle is permissible on condition that the pedestrian guarantees the safety of others. ۔
Consider! If a person breaks the signal and drives the vehicle forward, or he leans against the vehicle in front where it is forbidden to do so. Apparently this is a minor irregularity but in reality there are four major sins in this minor act.
1- Breaking the law 2- Breaking the promise 3- Harassing someone 4- Misuse of road
We are committing this sin day and night without any difficulty and we never think that any sin is being committed against us.
Apparently driving is a job about which the common man does not even think about what religion instructs us about this job. The principle in this regard is that it is permissible to walk on public roads and ride a vehicle with the guarantee of others to avoid any work which may cause inconvenience or danger to another person.
It is also important to take care of these issues while driving so that we can save others from harm.

  1. Walk comfortably on the road where water etc. accumulates so that unclean water does not fly and fall on the clothes of pedestrians or cyclists, motorcyclists. In this way they will suffer and sometimes their clothes will become unclean.
  2. Check things like gasoline, brakes, clutches, indicators before putting your car on the road so that you or others do not get in trouble. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. …