The wisdom of the woman

A woman said to the devil: Do you see the man who works as a tailor?
Can you pray for his wife’s divorce?
The devil said yes and it is simple!
… So the devil went to the tailor and was seduced from different directions,
But the tailor loved his wife so much, not even thinking, the devil came back and gave up.
The woman said: Now look what happens!
The woman went to the tailor and told him that I want a beautiful piece of cloth. My son wants to give a gift to his girlfriend, so the tailor gave him this piece.
Then she went to the tailor’s house and knocked on the door. The tailor’s wife opened it. She said to him, “I want to come to your house for help.”
So the tailor’s wife said to him, come.
The tailor’s wife will pick up things in the kitchen
The woman put the piece of cloth behind the door and came out!
When the tailor came home, when he saw the cloth, he immediately remembered and remembered the woman’s story about his son’s mistress.
(So he immediately kicked his wife out of the house)
Satan said: What kind of woman are you?
A woman is innocent. You have a more evil mind than me
The woman said: Wait and see my good deeds
The devil said: How ?!
The next day the woman returned to the tailor
And she told him that she wanted the same clothes as yesterday
Because she went to a poor woman’s house to pray and she forgot
And ashamed to go back!
After hearing all this, the tailor became angry with himself
And then the tailor immediately called his wife back.
The devil is in the mental hospital now
Intensive Care Unit
Room 1
Visiting is prohibited due to his mental condition.