Spin the money to eachother

A tourist entered a hotel in a town and asked the owner to show him the best room in the hotel. The owner gave him the key to the best room and allowed him to see the room. The tourist put an advance of 1000 on the counter and went to see the room. At that time, the butcher of the town came to take the money for the meat from the hotel owner. The hotel owner picked up the same sum and gave it to the butcher, because he hoped that the tourist would definitely like the room.
The butcher took the hundred dollars and immediately gave the money to his animal supplier.

He was in debt to a doctor with an animal supply from whom he was treating, so he gave the hundred pounds to the doctor. Coincidentally, that actor was staying in a room in the same hotel, so he paid the owner of the same hotel.
He went straight to check the room with the waiter’s bill still lying on the counter. The prospective customer came back and told the hotel owner that I didn’t like the room. After saying this, he picked up the number of his hundred and left.
In this story of economics, nobody earned anything and nobody spent anything.

How many people of this town will be freed from debt in the town where the tourist used to visit.
The result of the study is that
Don’t miss money, don’t sit on it like a snake.
That is the welfare of the people.


A person sitting at a hotel said to another – this child working at the hotel is so stupid – that I will put a note of 100 and 50 – then he will pick up a note of 50 – and at the same time he called the child and holding two notes in front of him said more of them. Pick up the note _ The child picked up the 50 note _ Then both of them laughed _ And the child went back to his work _ The person sitting next to them called the child after they both left _ And asked how old you are _ You don’t know the difference between 50 and 100 notes __ This Hearing this, the child smiled__and said this man often does this to amuse some friend by seeing my stupidity__and I pick up a 50 note__they are happy__and I get fifty rupees__the day I pick up five hundred__that day This game will be over__and so will my income
Life is also like this game–there is no need to be wise everywhere–where being wise affects your own happiness–there is only wisdom to be a fool.


Learn the secrets of making life beautiful and peaceful from the Chinese

China has been a land of wonder and mystery since ancient times, where methods have always been different. The Chinese nation, which rules the economy of the world, has always been a place of wisdom. This nation is very hardworking and peace-loving, one of the proofs of which is the Great Wall of China, one of the wonders of the world. This wall was built to protect and defend China from outside invaders

Forget your age

A person’s age does not stop him from doing anything. Whether you want to enjoy life, learn something new, or experience something new, forget that you are too old or too young for it.Don’t judge someone by his age. Intelligence and wisdom are not limited by age. It is a God-given ability and can be present in any child. Therefore, no one should be judged by his age, but whether he is young or old, try to understand his conversation, whether there are treasures of knowledge hidden in it.

Necessary things for yourself

According to ancient Chinese teachings, a few things should be made an essential part of your life. Don’t deprive yourself of exercise, seasonally hot or cold temperatures, and the scent of trees and grass


The foods that Chinese teachings emphasize include rice, tea, and meat along with vegetables

Keep the kidneys active and the head calm

According to Chinese teachings, in order to be healthy, a person must keep his kidneys active and keep the head calm and cool, that is, avoid anger.

Laugh openly.

Laughter has many benefits. Laughter calms the mind and improves blood flow by removing stress and tension-causing chemicals from the human brain. This principle of ancient Chinese teachings has been confirmed by modern science

Forget the bad times

It is not wise to be sad, worried and disappointed by remembering the bad times. ThisForget the bad times It is not wise to be sad, worried and disappointed by remembering the bad times.


Treat every person, animal and plant with kindness. It will protect against many harms. But remember that if the mind is calm, compassionate feelings will arise, and if the body is healthy, the mind will be calm.

Love others

Love everything in the world and do not associate with those who cannot love others